Quick Hits: WWE Elimination Chamber 2017


Mojo Rawley vs Curt Hawkins

-These might be the only two guys on the Smackdown roster not on the main show outside of Kane.

-Mojo is a guilty pleasure of mine. But I have to believe the WWE dumps him if they don’t land a Gronk appearance this year.

-Hawkins sneaks in an eye poke with the ref distracted but only gets two.

-Mojo wins with the Broski Punch? and a tilt-a-whirl slam. At least he’s cut out the butt offense.

WINNER: Mojo Rawley

Becky Lynch vs Mickie James

-Mickie and Becky lock up and roll all the way to the outside before breaking it.

-Becky runs Mickie into the post then kicks her off and hits a flying forearm to the outside.

-Mickie suckers Becky into a DDT as Mickie is coming back into the ring.

-Mickie is now in control and is working over the arm of Becky, which is obviously Becky’s game.

-Becky gets her comeback going.

-Mickie escapes a pump handle slam and Mickie connects on the Mick Kick but only gets two.

-Becky goes for the armbar, Mickie counters, but Becky bounces back into a pin for the win.

WINNER: Becky Lynch- Perfectly fine opener with these two. They kept it on the mat for the most part. Would have liked to see another couple minutes.

Dolph Ziggler vs Kalisto and Apollo Crews

-Crews gets a mini-pop, which may be the first time that ever happened.

-Ziggler attacks Kalisto on the way to the ring and tosses him into the LED board and breaks a piece of it.

-The crowd chants for Ziggler because the WWE did a terrible job making us care about Crews.

-Ziggler’s been in control most of the match. This is where the crowd would get behind Crews for a comeback but the WWE has done a terrible job making us care about Crews.

-Kalisto walks back to the ring and Crews catches Ziggler with a nice enziguri.

-Kalisto gets the tag and lands some shots. He catches Ziggler with a kick then Apollo makes the blind tag and hits a sitout powerbomb for the win.

-After the match Ziggler takes out Kalisto then puts a chair on both of Crews ankles and slams it into them.

WINNERS: Kalisto and Apollo Crews- The whole booking of this feud was stupid. Ziggler is the heel but in a handicap match. And the WWE can’t do a good job building up Crews.

Tag Team Turmoil For The Smackdown Tag Team Championship

-Heath Slater and Rhyno start with Breezango.

-Breezango are dressed like sexy navy men.

-The crowd pops for Rhyno and chants ECW. Remember that promotion died 16 years ago. I’m not counting the ECW remake.

-Fandango stands over Slater and pulls out some fashion tickets and dumps them on Slater which is the best thing we’ve seen so far.

-Rhyno hits a Gore on Fandango and eliminates Breezango.

-The Vaudevillains come out and are met by a Heath Slater dive to the outside.

-Slater and Rhyno make quick work of the Vaudevillains and out come the Usos.

-The Usos use the blind tag to their advantage this time and eliminate Slater and Rhyno as American Alpha comes out.

-American Alpha hit double German suplexes on the Usos.

-Jason Jordan gets the hot tag and goes to work. Gable makes the blind tag and rolls up Jimmy Uso to eliminate them. After that the Usos take out American Alpha before The Ascension comes out.

-Ascension comes out and hits the Fall of Man but Chad Gable breaks up the pin.

-American Alpha finally succeeds in hitting Grand Amplitude for the win.

WINNERS and STILL Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions: American Alpha- With so many teams there was just no way to get a good flow going to the match. Was really expecting a Revival debut there at the end. Because there was no way The Ascension was going to win.

Natalya vs Nikki Bella

-Nikki Bella is wearing Phoenix Suns colors even though they are awful this year.

-Natalya is taunting Nikki by keeping her down on the mat and telling her she is the better wrestler.

-On the outside Natalya slams Nikki into the post and continues to spam the taunt button trying to build up her finisher.

-Nikki starts a comeback. She hits a Spinebuster that would make Arn Anderson roll over in his grave.

-Natalya hits a superplex and applies the Sharpshooter Nikki counters to the STF but Natalya gets to the ropes.

-Both women brawl on the outside. Nikki tries getting back in the ring but Natalya stops her and we get a double countout. Natalya attacks her after the match. She leaves but Nikki charges up the ramp and spears her. They brawl before Natalya runs away.

RESULT: Double Countout- All of the build and that long match just for that finish? That was dumb. Felt like a waste and is likely building to another match on Smackdown. So why watch the PPVs then?

Luke Harper vs Randy Orton

-Harper catches Orton with a nice dropkick. He goes to the top but Orton knocks him off with a right hand.

-Orton slams Harper into the announce table then backdrops him on it and lands on Otunga. A+

-Harper catches Orton with a big boot after a lot of Orton offense. Harper escapes Orton’s DDT and catapults him into the middle rope.

-Harper hits a dive to the outside then pays Orton back with a backdrop on the table.

-Orton hits a superplex followed by a full nelson slam for two.

-Harper hits two superkicks in a row after blocking the RKO but only gets two.

-This time Harper with a kick to the gut and sitout powerbomb for two.

-Both men exchange punches, Harper goes for the discus clothesline but Orton hits the RKO instead for the win.

WINNER: Randy Orton- It took awhile for the match to get going but when it did it finally was good. I would have put Harper over there. A loss wouldn’t have hurt Orton at all. But when the announcers started talking about how good Harper looked you knew a RKO was coming sooner or later. Hopefully the WWE does something with Harper to follow this up.

-Natalya attacked Nikki Bella backstage and Nikki fell backwards and got baby powder in the eyes of Maryse. So there is how the build to our shitty mixed ta match starts.

Smackdown Women’s Championship: Alexa Bliss (c) vs Naomi

-My feed is cutting in and out here. Looks like just basic stuff from what I’ve seen in the brief time I have had the Network.

-Naomi hits the Rear View but only gets two.

-Alexa goes for the win but she has her feet on the ropes. Also Naomi didn’t properly roll over and get her shoulders down.

-Alexa goes for Twisted Bliss but Naomi gets her knees up. Alexa then awkwardly rolls into position for the split leg moonsault for the win.

WINNER and NEW Smackdown Women’s Champion: Naomi- The only reason Naomi won was so she can do her stupid entrance in her hometown at Wrestlemania. And she had a really sloppy match to boot. Taking the Title off Alexa there was stupid if you ask me.

Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Title: John Cena (c) vs AJ Styles vs Bray Wyatt vs Dean Ambrose vs Baron Corbin vs The Miz

-The new Chamber is more square in shape. They also put pads on the ground, taking away 75% of the belief that the Chamber actually hurts.

-Cena and Styles start off. I’m glad they gave us this before both are stuck in shitty Wrestlemania feuds.

-Lots of stalling from these two actually. But then Cena comes out of nowhere with a Code Red.

-Dean Ambrose is the third guy in.

-Ambrose cleans house then goes to the top of his pod and jumps off, hitting an elbow on Cena.

-Double German suplex by Cena on Styles and Ambrose.

-Cena uses Styles to kick away Ambrose, Styles enziguris Cena, Ambrose bounces off the ropes to clothesline Styles as Bray Wyatt comes in.

-Styles goes for the springboard but Bray grabs him and throws him into the wall.

-Cena and Styles climb the chain fence. There is now a divide on the wall. They exchange punches but Styles knocks Cena off.

-Bray mounts Ambrose in the corner. Styles comes down from the top of the pod and headbutts Bray. But bray tosses him over his shoulder as Ambrose powerbombs Bray.

-Corbin comes in and goes to work on Ambrose and Wyatt. He hits the End of Days on Cena and Styles.

-Miz’s pod opens an he looks scared to come out a Corbin waits for him in the ring. Ambrose comes from behind and eliminates Corbin.

***Baron Corbin Eliminated***

-Corbin attacks Ambrose after and throws Ambrose through a pod. Miz finally comes out of his pod and pins Ambrose in the ring.

***Dean Ambrose Eliminated***

-Miz delivers Daniel Bryan kicks to Cena and Bray. He then hits corner dropkicks and his corner clothesline.

-Miz goes to the top after hitting the Skull Crushing Finale on Bray on the outside. But Cena catches him and hits the AA to eliminate Miz.

***Miz Eliminated***

-Styles and Bray form a brief alliance before Bray turns.

-Cena hits a double five knuckle shuffle. Cena AA’s Bray, Styles escapes and hits a Styles Clash on Cena for two.

-Cena moves out of the way of a Phenomenal Forearm, Cena hits the AA but only gets two.

-Cena climbs to the top of the pod and hits a crossbody onto both Styles and Bray.

-Another AA attempt for Cena. But Bray escapes and hits Sister Abigail to eliminate Cena.

***John Cena Eliminated***

-Offensive exchange from both men. Styles escapes Sister Abigail then charges at Bray with offense. But Bray hits a hard clothesline for two.

-Styles hits the Pele Kick and the Springboard 450 for two.

-Styles goes for the Phenomenal Forearm, but Bray catches him and hits Sister Abigail for the win.

WINNER and NEW WWE Champion: Bray Wyatt- They made Bray look really strong in that match. He eliminated both Styles and Cena. The match was very good. Corbin looked good in his brief appearance in the match. They planted the seeds for Corbin/Ambrose there as well which was good. The match had a good flow to it and I liked the new structure as it added a few new spots to the match here and there.

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