JC’s Top Rope Report: Kevin Owens vs Chris Jericho Should Main Event Wrestlemania

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This past Monday we saw one of the best segments in the recent history of Monday Night RAW. The Festival of Friendship segment was so well done. Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens have constantly been the best part of RAW for the last few months. When Owens and Jericho were on TV, you knew that you would at least get one entertaining segment on RAW.

Jericho was his over the top self during the Festival of Friendship. And you could tell that as the segment went on that something wasn’t right with Kevin Owens. Owens, if you remember, had a talk with Triple H earlier in the show. Whatever Triple H said to Owens, it set up what was one of the best done turns in the WWE. Owens and Jericho were heels, but the crowd respected them and were constantly entertained when they were out there.

You almost felt like Jericho was “breaking kayfabe” at one point when he was talking about how much he enjoyed working with and teaming with Owens. And that made the eventual reveal of Owens turning on Jericho even more heart breaking. You could hear the audible gasp in the audience when Jericho asked “Why Is My Name On The List?” and the subsequent reveal that it was the “List of KO.” The audience was in pure shock and disbelief. These two great friends that ran RAW for the better part of a year were breaking up. And a day before Valentine’s Day!

Owens was also great in the segment. The look on his face after delivering the apron powerbomb to Jericho was a look of getting a monkey off his back. While Jericho thought he was helping Owens, Owens might have felt that Jericho was holding him back. And of course, Owens throwing Jericho through the TV was reminiscent of Jericho turning on Shawn Michaels and throwing him through the Jeritron 5000.

What you have now is a heel that almost the entire wrestling world of the WWE hates. Sure, there will be the smarks that will cheer Kevin Owens regardless. But pretty much anyone that watched the Festival of Friendship this past Monday is extremely sympathetic to Jericho. Jericho came off genuine during the segment, was showing his support for his best friend, and was promptly beaten down by him. The heat for Owens should be great this coming Monday. Owens is a hated man. And the crowd will be rabid for Jericho’s revenge.

And that is why Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owns for the WWE Universal Title should main event Wrestlemania 33.

Jericho continues to reinvent himself over all of these WWE runs. And this current one might be his best. He’s gotten over “The List” and the terminology of “You Stupid Idiot.” The story is the best one the WWE will have going into Wrestlemania. Jericho helped Owens retain the Universal Title on numerous occasions. You could pretty much say that if it was not for Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens wouldn’t be Universal Champion. And Jericho never got his shot at the Title. And he should get it at Wrestlemania.

Goldberg shouldn’t be Universal Champion. There is no reason to make his match with Brock Lesnar for the Title. What is that build going to be like? We get Goldberg cutting a promo one week, then Lesnar and Paul Heyman the next, then so on until the last RAW before Mania. Goldberg and Lesnar never put in even half the work that Owens and Jericho did in that segment Monday. I would think everyone at HTCWrestling would agree with me that they are sick of part timers taking the top spots at Mania. Jericho has turned into more of a full time guy at this point. And at this point, a potential Jericho/Owens fight will probably have more heat and energy behind when compared to another Goldberg/Lesnar match. And it would be ridiculous for Lesnar to luck into a Title shot after looking like a fool during his last two matches.

If the WWE doesn’t have Owens and Jericho fight before Mania, then the reaction when they finally start coming to blows at Mania will be off the charts. The crowd will be firmly behind Jericho, hoping he gets to extract his revenge against his former best friend. Out of all the rumored matches to take place at Wrestlemania this year, I don’t think there is a match that will come close to this one in terms of anticipation and match heat.

Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens busted their asses to make this pairing and angle work over the past six months. It is time to let the payoff come on the biggest stage possible: the main event of Wrestlemania.

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