WWE NXT: 2.15.17 Spewin’ Snark Recap w/ Cameron Dougharty

NXT Logo - 2012
The WWE loves to troll their fans. ‘Let’s bring in Nigel McGinness but keep Percy Watson and they’ll totally hate us.’ Jerks.

Authors of Pain v. Lance Anoa’i & Garrison Spears

A squash match if there ever was such a thing. Akam and Rezar have the tangibles to be a tag team to remember, it’s just going to take more than Paul Ellering and A WHOLE LOT more work.

Billie Kay & Peyton Royce v. Liv Morgan & Ember Moon

The WWE has made a lot of right moves as far as male talent goes in NXT but the lack of bringing in top female names continues to surprise me. Outside of Asuka and Moon the women’s division is, frankly, weak.

Royce and Kay win the match in the typical villain fashion. Sneaky, weak looking heels isn’t ‘cool’ ladies, watch some Charlotte promos or something.

Oh look, the WWE is going to make Roderick Strong a baby face. Getting the fans behind Roddy will do wonders for his eventual turn to full blown jerk mode.

UK Championship Match: Tyler Bate (c) v. Trent Seven

‘The WWE Presents: Comedic filled, technical, independent wrestling.’ A headline I thought I would never write or the WWE would produce.

Bate retains the title after a **** match. It still puzzles me how Tyler is only 19 years old, that kid has a future in the wrestling business. What Tyler can do in the ring his counter part, Trent Seven, brings with the strong style and believable facial expressions. Dear Triple H, get these guys on NXT full time.

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