WWE 205 Live 2.21.17: Spewin’ Snark Recap w/ Cameron Dougharty


The booking of 205 Live continues to out shine most of the Raw booking. A month ago I would have told you 205 Live would be scrapped by fall. Now, the cruiserweight roster can easily feature two different feuds on each pay per view.

Akira Tozawa v. Brian Kendrick

Kendrick and Tozawa are two guys that could be inserted into the Cruiserweight Title picture at any moment. However, this personal feud has grown into something much deeper than the title, for now.

Kendrick wins via count out after Brian tied Akira’s leg to the outside apron. The animosity growing between Kendrick and Tozawa is something that should boil over at a pay per view. By the looks of it, it just may. ***

Noam Dar v. Mustafa Ali

Both Noam and Mustafa continue to show off their individual athleticism each and every time they are out in front of the WWE Universe. Will they break through or, as I mentioned last week, will the very deep 205 Live roster keep them jockeying for position?

Noam wins a match I personally think he needed to. Dar has all the intangibles to be a star in the WWE, now just drop the Alicia Foxx thing and the sky could be the limit for the Scottish Supernova.

Austin Aries has been medically cleared to return to the ring. I love the idea of him against Neville for the Cruiserweight title at Wrestlemania but boy oh boy would he shake things up at NXT. ***

Jack Gallagher v. Tony Nese

Tony Nese’s size and stature is something Vince McMahon should drool over. His wrestling abilitiy is something the fans of professional wrestling could drool over. The guy is a star and should be featured on Smackdown Live.

What a outstanding match between Gallagher and Nese. These two should get 15 minutes on Raw this week and do it all over again; seriously, watch this match. Typical, the Smackdown Live crowd either leaves or is completely dead for the 205 Live taping; not tonight. Gallagher wins a match that defines Cruiserweight wrestling in the WWE. **** 1/2 stars

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