Quick Hits: WWE Smackdown Live 2.28.17

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-Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan are watching the tape of last week’s battle royal. They say it’s inconclusive, even though it totally isn’t. AJ tries talking them out of the match and runs down Harper, who of course is standing right behind him.

Miz TV w/John Cena

-Maryse is looking Donald Trump Orange tonight.

-John Cena comes out and Miz demands his mic get cut. Miz says that Cena cost him ten years of opportunities.

-Miz apparently doesn’t remember beating John Cena at Wrestlemania. Probably because he got knocked the fuck out during that match.

-Miz talks about becoming just the other guy because Cena knows how to manipulate things. OOOOHHHH BACKSTAGE POLITICS.

-Miz says that the second Cena got the call from Hollywood, we stopped seeing him. Miz calls Cena “Barely Decent” Cena and he is no longer Super Cena.

-Miz says since Cena left, he is the one doing everything he can to make Smackdown must see.

-Miz says he eliminated Cena from the battle royal because he wanted Cena to feel how it felt to get something taken away from him.

-Cena calls out Miz for delivering the same damn promo everyone else has to him over the last year. Cena says he will turn Miz’s theory into crap.

-Cena says if he was really pulling the strings backstage, he wouldn’t be standing toe-to-toe with The Miz, he would be doing that with The Undertaker.

-Cena says Miz stole Chris Jericho’s personality, Ric Flair’s figure four, and what AJ Styles has been saying over the last two months.

-Cena says Miz blames everyone else while he keeps fighting.

-Cena tells Miz not to bring a knife to a gun fight. And while Miz isn’t the Undertaker, if he calls him out again, Miz will be a dead man.

-Maryse calls Cena a control freak and says he has a huge ego. And you know what they say, bigger the ego smaller the package.

-Maryse slapped Cena. He says she just made the biggest mistake of her life. Nikki Bella runs out and Miz and Maryse bail. Nikki says that if you mess with her man, she will break you bitch.

-That segment went 20 minutes, and I wasn’t bored by it one bit. Seriously, it was great. And they just made me interested in this match for the first time since it was announced. Great job by all involved.

2 out of 3 Falls Match: Becky Lynch vs Mickie James

-Some early armbars to start. Mickie moves out of the way of a springboard kick, but Becky catches her with a baseball slide sending Mickie into the barricade.

-Mickie is in control back from commercial. Becky tries escaping a headlock but Mickie catches her with a knee.

-Becky comes back and goes for the Straight Fire Forearm, but Mickie stops her and sends Becky into the turnbuckle. Mickie hits the Mickie DDT and gets the fall to go up 1-0.

-Mickie is in control back from the second commercial. But Becky ducks a Mickie axe handle. This allows Becky to roll up Mickie to get the fall and tie things 1-1.

-Becky hits the Bexploder suplex but Alexa Bliss distracts the ref.

-Mickie charges at Becky but Becky moves and runs into Alexa. A couple of countered roll-ups leads to the Disarmer from Becky as Mickie taps.

WINNER: Becky Lynch- Would have liked to see what these two could have done if they went all the way to the 9 p.m. start of the hour. Solid match nonetheless.

-Alexa calls out the new backstage interviewer for asking her about Becky Lynch and not her becoming the first two time Smackdown Live Women’s Champion. Alexa makes her ask but then stops her. Alexa thanks herself, then Naomi and her awful knees. Natalya comes in and says she knows this is about Alexa, until she takes the Title from her.

Luke Harper vs AJ Styles

-Styles applies an early headlock but Harper just lifts him up with no hands. Harper then catches Styles with a dropkick.

-Harper slams Styles into the steps, then a post, then the announce table.

-Harper throws Styles back into the ring but he rolls to the other side, takes out Harper’s leg then hits a Pele Kick on Harper.

-Harper shoves Styles away then knocks down Styles, hits a senton over the top and connects on a boot for two. He then hits a suicide dive to the outside.

-Styles reverses a powerbomb into a hurricarrana, but Harper comes back with a Dragon suplex.

-AJ Styles hits an enziguri followed by a Phenomenal Forearm. Harper gets his foot on the rope at two, but the ref doesn’t see it and counts three.

-Shane McMahon comes out and says Harper’s foot was clearly on the rope, and restarts the match.

-Styles confronts Shane on the outside. Harper charges at Styles with a boot but Styles moves and Harper hits him with a boot.

-Styles takes out Harper then hits a springboard 450 splash for the win.

WINNER: AJ Styles- That was weird and somewhat short. And I know the Styles/Shane interaction, but how do they get to AJ/Shane at Mania without AJ looking like an idiot for giving up a Title shot? Plus, they have a guy the fans want to cheer in Harper and kind of jobbed him out. Weird sequence of events here.

-John Cena and Nikki Bella talk with Carmella and James Ellsworth. It leads to them deciding on having a match next week.

-Dean Ambrose is out. He says Corbin has left him for dead the last couple weeks but that isn’t stopping him. He tells Corbin to come out there.

-Corbin says he isn’t coming out there. He says Ambrose is a deer standing in the middle of the road and he will run Ambrose over. Corbin says Ambrose cost him something and now he will take everything Ambrose.

Chairs Match: Dolph Ziggler vs Apollo Crews

-Crews hits a nice moonsault from the apron.

-Apollo hits a standing moonsault on Dolph with a chair on him.

-Ziggler eventually drops Crews on the chair for a win.

WINNER: Dolph Ziggler

Bray Wyatt/AJ Styles/Randy Orton Closing Segment

-Bray said it didn’t matter who was facing him at Wrestlemania. They were going to meet the same fate.

-Randy Orton appears on the screen. He saud Bray gave him the keys to the kingdom, and here he is.

-Orton said it is Bray’s world, but it isn’t his. And it never was. Orton said once you join them, and it is the right time, screw them.

-Orton, in Bray’s shack, says Sister Abigail was put to rest right under his feet. Orton said or whatever is left of her. Orton says Bray fears he might destroy what makes him tick.

-Orton said in just a moment, he will become the master and Bray will become the servant.

-Orton takes a handful of gasoline cans and dumps them all around and in the shack. He must have used the bonus points on his gas card. Orton sets the shack on fire and poses as Bray freaks out in the ring.

-Well, there is the turn everyone was waiting to see. It wasn’t bad. They went a little overboard with the theatrics but I was okay with it. Again with everything, the follow up will be key in everything. I’m assuming we get some kind of Styles/Orton match next week, which then leads to Styles getting pissed at Shane and setting up their match.

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