Tim Reviews Evolve 80

Before I start, I want to say that one of the first things that needs to be mentioned is that the quality of the stream was perfect. There was some audio mixing issues right at the beginning where the theme music was blaring and you could barely hear Lenny Leonard, but they fixed that by the end of the second match. Picture quality wise, this was a great show and if they can keep it up for the whole weekend, FloSlam is going to have a great week.
Now, on with the show!

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The Midcard’s 15 Minutes: Cam’s Top 5 Wrestlemania Matches Of All Time

WrestleMania 33 is just days away. Outside the Universal Title and presumed ‘main event’ of the Ultimate Thrill Ride, the build for every other match hasn’t quite been Shakespeare but it would make 1998 Vince McMahon proud. Will any of the matches on this year’s biggest show be remembered among the WWE’s top WrestleMania matches? (Cough) Chris Jericho/ Kevin Owens, anyone?

There has been an entire catalog of great wrestling matches and stories told throughout the first 32 years of Wrestlemania’s existence. Narrowing it down to a list of five was not only difficult, I lost sleep. My first child will be born in two weeks, you better believe I’ll stay up countless hours telling her how I got it all wrong.

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JC’s Top Rope Report: What If Vince Russo Booked Wrestlemania 33? (Satire)

I wanted to have some fun this weekend with Wrestlemania fast approaching.

A good majority of wrestling fans aren’t too happy with how Wrestlemania is shaping up. The build, especially on the RAW side, has left a lot to be desired.

But could you imagine if Vince Russo was put in charge right now and decided to book the show? Let me tell you how that would play out…

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Tim Previews Wrestlemania Weekend!

It’s 1:15 PM on Wednesday, March 29, 2017. This is the last day before the storm of WrestleMania week/weekend begins. Even though WrestleMania looks mostly awful, there is still plenty of reason to celebrate professional wrestling this week. Mania week has kind of become almost a holiday of sorts for fans of pro wrestling, and there is usually something for everyone during the week. If you are a WWE fan, obviously, WrestleMania is for you. If you like old school wrestling, there’s the Hall of Fame and Wrestlecon. If you are a die-hard wrestling fan, which is how I would describe myself, there are DOZENS of shows you can watch over the weekend. In the past, the only way to see a majority of these shows was to be in the town and catch the shows live or watch them on DVD later down the road. However, thanks to living in 2017, the last few years have changed that and there are over 1 dozen shows available to watch online through Flo Slam, WWN Live, WWE Network, and the ROH website.

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Tim Watches The Worst Of The WWE Network: Wrestlemania 15

It’s WrestleMania season!! That magical time of year where everyone tries to forget how awful the current WWE product is and spends thousands of dollars to attend the show or devotes 7 plus hours on what is usually one of the first nice Sundays of the year to watch a show that will either remind you why you love wrestling or, in more recent years, remind you why you are starting to hate it! Everyone likes to bust out the “it’sWrestleMania, it’s always good!” arguments this time of year, so it’s time to bust that myth with the worst WrestleMania of all time!! And you know who booked it, BRO!

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The HTCWrestling Podcast Previews Wrestlemania 33!


Join Justin C and Cam as they preview the ULTIMATE THRILL RIDE known as Wrestlemania 33! We run down the entire card and give our thoughts as to who will walk out Universal Champion, what is next for Roman Reigns, and how the WWE got us to care about this mixed tag match?

Quick Hits: WWE Smackdown Live 3.28.17

Shane McMahon/AJ Styles Contract Signing

-They are in Richmond, and I would say the crowd is pretty firmly behind Styles. Assuming that’s the same this Sunday.

-Shane said him and Daniel Bryan set a vision to make Smackdown Live a place where every wrestler could perform to their fullest potential. He says Styles is one of the best wrestlers to ever set foot in the ring. Duh.

-Shane said it was Styles ego that is hurting him. And his ego was causing him to miss Wrestlemania. Wait, if Styles is the best wrestler in the world, shouldn’t Shane have him in a match at Wrestlemania??? Shane said if AJ lets his ego get to him, then it will be his hand raised at Wrestlemania.

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Quick Hits: WWE RAW 3.27.17

-During the opening intro a bunch of Undertaker titantron clips played. He’s hacking RAW.

-Bayley comes out to talk about being excited for Wrestlemania. You know, I don’t think these promos are going to work for her in the long run.

-Here comes Charlotte to rip on Bayley and tells her Sasha is the only reason she is Women’s Champion. Sasha comes out and Nia does as well.

-Somewhere Teddy Long is itching to make a tag team match.

-Sasha attacks Charlotte and apparently a tag match was already on the horizon as we go to commercial.

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JC’s Top Rope Report: It’s Time For The Undertaker To Rest In Peace

It happens in almost anything you watch. It is especially the case in sports. You have a favorite that you followed during their entire career. You enjoyed the great times but stuck with them during the down times. But when the end of the road is coming, most of the time you see it before the performer. You don’t want it to happen, but you know it is time for your favorite to hang it up and retire.

And I think we have reached that point with The Undertaker.

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Tim Reviews Beyond Wrestling: Seven Years Of Bad Luck


Recently, I began doing something amazing. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and attend a live wrestling show in January. This wasn’t the first show I’ve been to, far from it, but it was the first I went to alone in years. I struggle with a bit of social anxiety when I am in large crowds by myself. My wife usually attends shows with me if I go, but when the show was on a Sunday afternoon, it’s not easy to get someone to watch your two kids. There had been plenty of shows in my area before, but this one was different. Matt Riddle, a wrestler who is quickly becoming one of the hottest wrestlers on the indy scene, was going to be wrestling Brian Cage. There were other wrestlers advertised, but it didn’t matter. Matt Riddle was wrestling Brian Cage 15 minutes from my house. I had to go

That is how I was introduced to Beyond Wrestling.

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