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Tim Reviews Evolve 80

Before I start, I want to say that one of the first things that needs to be mentioned is that the quality of the stream was perfect. There was some audio mixing issues right at the beginning where the theme music was blaring and you could barely hear Lenny Leonard, but they fixed that by the end of the second

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The Midcard’s 15 Minutes: Cam’s Top 5 Wrestlemania Matches Of All Time

WrestleMania 33 is just days away. Outside the Universal Title and presumed ‘main event’ of the Ultimate Thrill Ride, the build for every other match hasn’t quite been Shakespeare but it would make 1998 Vince McMahon proud. Will any of the matches on this year’s biggest show be remembered among the WWE’s top WrestleMania matches? (Cough) Chris Jericho/ Kevin Owens,

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Quick Hits: WWE RAW 3.27.17

-During the opening intro a bunch of Undertaker titantron clips played. He’s hacking RAW. -Bayley comes out to talk about being excited for Wrestlemania. You know, I don’t think these promos are going to work for her in the long run. -Here comes Charlotte to rip on Bayley and tells her Sasha is the only reason she is Women’s Champion.

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