Quick Hits: WWE Smackdown Live 3.7.17

-A recap of Randy Orton’s arson is shown. Still not arrested yet.

-Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon literally run down everything that has happened over the last two weeks. Were they this short on time when they planned out the show?

-And it ends with them telling us about the match we already know about. Thanks guys.

Carmella and James Ellsworth vs John Cena and Nikki Bella

-Ellsworth calls himself the Mac Daddy and I’m just done.

-Cena and Nikki don’t come out together, obviously citing tension between the two.

-Miz and Maryse come out, and the distraction leads to a Carmella superkick on Nikki.

-Nikki makes the hot tag to Cena. Ellsworth refuses to get in the ring. Carmella makes him and pushes Ellsworth into Cena who gets taken out.

-Carmella pushes Cena, which leads to Nikki punching Carmella. Double Five Knuckle Shuffle and STF for the win.

-Miz and Maryse attack after the match. Miz says Cena/Nikki’s relationship isn’t true love if you have to sign a contract. Miz calls out their relationship as convenient and nothing but a fake WWE romance.

-Maryse takes the mic and says “Break that bitch!”

WINNERS: John Cena and Nikki Bella- Another strong segment, this time with Miz and Maryse stealing the spotlight. Why is the WWE getting me to care about this feud???

Dean Ambrose vs Curt Hawkins

-Hawkins wants the match versus Ambrose he didn’t get last week.

-Ambrose comes out and says he was going to call out Corbin, who again says he doesn’t to anyone. Ambrose says he is going to come to Corbin. He then delivers Dirty Deeds on the outside.

-Mojo in BUSINESS ATTIRE announces he is in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. Dolph says Mojo has to earn his Wrestlemania moment and it isn’t handed to you. Mojo asks where Dolph’s is.

-Ambrose is looking for Corbin backstage. Corbin throws a security guard into Ambrose then attacks Ambrose with a pipe. Ambrose says good talk, so Corbin kicks him then attacks him with a forklift but comes just short of running him over.

Alexa Bliss Blissertation

-Alexa runs down her possible opponents for Wrestlemania. She says Naomi is feeling the ow, and it won’t be Chucky, better known as Becky Lynch.

-Becky comes out and says she will be the one to take the Title at Mania. Out comes Natalya to say the same thing.

-Alexa asks Natty if she got into some catnip. Mickie says Alexa is going to face her. Alexa looks puzzled and Mickie thought they had a deal.

-Daniel Bryan comes out and says Alexa will defend her Title against every available woman on the Smackdown roster. He then makes a tag match with all the women in the ring.

Alexa Bliss and Mickie James vs Becky Lynch and Natalya

-Natalya gets the upperhand on Alexa early on. Natty slaps Becky across the chest to make a tag.

-The heels continue to dominate over Becky Lynch as we go into commercial.

-Becky is finally able to land an enziguri on Bliss. Mickie is tagged in but Becky goes to work on her. After the straight fire forearm, Natalya comes in and German suplexes Becky.

-Alexa tags herself in and covers Becky for the win. After the match, Mickie hits the Mick Kick on Alexa.

WINNERS: Alexa Bliss and Mickie James- Well it is every women for herself at Wrestlemania and this planted the seeds for that. The talking between the women was cringe worthy at times. The match was okay.

AJ Styles vs Randy Orton

-A feeling out process for both men to start. Orton knocks down Styles a couple times and then throws him hard into the corner.

-Styles catches Orton with some hard kicks to the leg in the corner, but Orton recovers and hits a t-bone suplex.

-They go to the outside where Orton drops Styles back first on the barricade.

-Orton takes his time coming back in the ring and gets chop blocked by Styles into commercial.

-Orton gets a bit of a comeback going but Styles pulls Orton’s feet out from under him and Orton lands on the turnbuckle.

-Styles goes for the Styles Clash but Orton escapes. Styles rolls through and applies the Calf Crusher on the bad leg of Orton but Orton gets to the ropes.

-Orton knocks Styles off the ropes and hits the middle rope DDT.

-Styles blocks the RKO with the Pele Kick.

-Styles teases the Phenomenal Forearm but Styles stops himself as Orton was going for the RKO. Styles then goes for the 450 splash but Orton moves. Orton then tosses Styles in the air and hits the RKO for the win.

WINNER: Randy Orton- So its Orton/Bray at Mania. Very good match and a nice ending sequence with Styles stopping the first time, knowing the RKO was coming. Now it will be interesting to see how they force Styles/Shane on our hands, especially considering Shane supported Styles earlier over Orton. It just seems like this is a match with no flow to it at all.

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