JC’s Top Rope Report: The Resurrection Of The Miz

Sometimes you just have to admit when you are wrong. About a year ago I was ready to write off The Miz. He became one of the least interesting characters in the WWE. What the hell else was there for The Miz to do? Could he really make himself a relevant character in the WWE again? I didn’t think so.

But then the brand split happened, and The Miz found a way to give his career a second life.

Even before the brand split, Miz was starting to gain traction again. When he was paired on screen with his wife Maryse, you could tell there was an extra kick in Miz’s step. It seemed like he was happy to be on screen with Maryse and working angles with her. But I still didn’t expect much from The Miz going forward.

Then one little promo happened on Talking Smack that became the buzz of the wrestling world. Daniel Bryan was mocking Miz for being a coward. And Miz went off. If you are reading this then you likely saw it. Miz called Bryan a coward himself for not coming back to the ring and said he was not soft in the ring. Scripted or not, the passion Miz put into that promo got the wrestling world talking about him. When was the last time Miz had the wrestling world talking about him?

Miz went on to have a successful program with Dolph Ziggler. I call it successful because he got me to care about a Dolph Ziggler program. They also elevated the Intercontinental Title during this program. And that was key. The fact that Miz had the IC Title on him during this resurgence helped the prestige of the Title again.

Throughout this time The Miz continued to have an on screen feud with Daniel Bryan. Miz using Daniel Bryan’s moves is a great touch in the ring. He knows Bryan can’t do anything about it because Bryan will never step back foot in a WWE ring. So what is Bryan going to do? I’ve been waiting for Bryan to send a proxy to fight his battles against The Miz. But if that hasn’t happened yet, why would the WWE wait so long to do it? Daniel Bryan deserves credit here as well. His reactions on Talking Smack whenever Miz rips on him are great. Sometimes you wonder if Bryan really is getting frustrated by everything The Miz is doing. But the main thing Miz is doing is generating great heat by ripping on the fan favorite Bryan. Can you imagine what a Daniel Bryan/Miz match at Wrestlemania would have been like?

But unfortunately we can’t get that match at Wrestlemania. If it were me, I would have done one of two things with the Miz. The first being have him win the Royal Rumble and face AJ Styles at Wrestlemania. The second would have been to have Nakamura, the King of Strong Style, debut to fight Miz, the King of Soft Style according to Daniel Bryan. Those two matches would have been good for the Miz in my opinion.

Unfortunately my opinion doesn’t matter to the good folks at the WWE. And the WWE decided to book The Miz in another match at Wrestlemania. That match, of course, is a mixed tag match with Miz and Maryse taking on John Cena and Nikki Bella. Now when that match was first announced myself and the majority of the wrestling world let out a big collective groan. Really? REALLY? We are wasting John Cena’s late years in the WWE on THIS MATCH??? A John Cena/Undertaker match is sitting there staring you right in the face. It is the last big time Wrestlemania match you can probably do. But we don’t get it. Instead, Undertaker gets to (likely) put over the Big Dawg and Cena is stuck working with his girlfriend.

They finally started getting serious with the program over the last couple weeks. At first we just had interactions with Nikki Bella accidentally bumping into Maryse. Things went into complete motion after Maryse cost Nikki Bella her match against Natalya. Then they had a Miz TV segment two weeks ago with Miz going right at Cena, calling him out for his hypocritical behavior. Cena came right back, calling out the Miz for stealing his character from different people. It was a good exchange that ended in Nikki Bella coming out to take down Maryse and telling Maryse that if she messed with her man, she’d “break you bitch.” Ooooohhhhh

Miz and Maryse got the better of Cena and Nikki this past week on Smackdown. They took out Cena and Nikki after their match. Then Miz and Maryse owned Talking Smack yet again. Miz went after Daniel Bryan again, ripping on Bryan for not being able to wrestle. Miz then said Cena stole things, like his girlfriend from Dolph Ziggler. Then Maryse went into Nikki Bella.

It’s been a great start to this feud. That can be attributed to a few things. The Smackdown writing team to start. But it also can be attributed to how great Miz has been since the brand split. Miz has emerged as one of the best heels and characters in the company. Miz does a great job of getting people to hate him. In one years time, Miz went from having “go away” heat to actual heel heat. That doesn’t just happen overnight. Miz put in a good amount of work to resurrect his character.

You could make an argument that Miz’s character now is better than what it was when he was WWE Champion. And you can absolutely make an argument that Miz’s hard work has warranted him another run with the WWE Title. People always crap on Miz’s first WWE Title run, but I will defend it every time. First off, his character was HOT leading up to and after winning Money in the Bank. His MITB cash in was one of the better ones. His win almost made you forget about how awful the downfall of the Nexus became. He got a decent program out of Jerry Lawler. It’s not Miz’s fault he was booked as an afterthought in the WWE Title match with John Cena. The WWE focused more on Rock/Cena then Miz/Cena. It would have happened if CM Punk were Champ too. Then Miz was great again in his team with R-Truth (the only time you’ll see me type great to describe R-Truth, though his mini title program with Cena wasn’t bad). But Miz was blamed for the bad Survivor Series buyrate despite not being booked as a serious threat leading up to the match. They were great at Hell In A Cell and then nothing.

The Miz deserves a ton of praise for everything he’s done post brand split. I don’t know if I have ever done such a complete 180 on someone like I have with Miz. Honestly, I don’t think there’s been a single bad Miz segment since coming to Smackdown. Can the Miz keep it up? Nothing suggests that he can’t. Miz deserves to be recognized for all his hard work. And he should be rewarded with another WWE Title run during the summer.

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