JC’s Top Rope Report: The Wrestlemania Of Missed Opportunity

Last year’s Wrestlemania sucked. Lets get that out of the way right now. From an entertainement standpoint, this year’s Wrestlemania should blow last year’s away. The wrestling alone on the show with the matches already announced should be good. Jericho/Owens and Neville/Aries, if given time, should be very good matches. And we all know AJ Styles can pull a 3 star match out of anything. So wrestling wise this year’s Wrestlemania will easily top Wrestlemania 31, or Wrestlemania Star if you remember.

My issue with this year’s Wrestlemania, the ULTIMATE THRILL RIDE, is that it isn’t living up to its fullest potential.

The current WWE roster might be the most talent it has ever been. AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, Sami Zayn. The wrestling talent is great. Then you have the veterans like John Cena and Chris Jericho who have been around forever but might be doing some of their best work in recent memory. Cena’s been on fire since his run with the United States Title. And Jericho’s continuous reinvention of himself continues to amaze me. Even the people I myself have problems with (Roman Reigns, Enzo and Cass, Dolph Ziggler) each bring something to the table in their own unique ways.

So with all that, there was no way the WWE could screw up this year’s Wrestlemania right? RIGHT?

Well if you have been a WWE fan as long as me you know that the answer is YES, the WWE could find a way to screw this up.

It starts at the top with Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg. I’ve talked about it for months, but having a Title fought over between two part timers who are barely on the show does nothing for me. Goldberg shouldn’t have beat Kevin Owens. And Paul Heyman can’t work his magic to get me interested in this match. You can’t rely on part timers forever. And if the rumored Lesnar/Reigns Wrestlemania 34 main event is real, Lesnar possibly being Champ for a year makes this even worse.

Then you have AJ Styles. You could make an argument that Styles is the best wrestler in the world right now. So you naturally want him in a match at Wrestlemania with another great technically sound wrestler right? Nah, lets put him in a match with Shane McMahon. The thinking, of course, is that being in a match with a McMahon at Wrestlemania is big! No, not against 2017 Shane McMahon. And not when it is someone like AJ Styles. With all the hard work Styles did in 2016, he should be main eventing Wrestlemania as WWE Champion. I don’t care if he wasn’t a WWE guy from the beginning. This is a waste of the talents of AJ Styles.

How about John Cena? Cena is in the twilight of his career. Wrestlemania wise, I think he will be around for awhile. But he is getting more and more Hollywood opportunities so he isn’t a full timer any more. And we have always wanted a dream Wrestlemania match between Cena and The Undertaker, who is fast approaching his last Wrestlemania. So what happens? Cena gets put in a mixed tag match. This would have been fine for a Smackdown only PPV. Hell, I might have been okay with it at SummerSlam. But not Mania. And I don’t think this storyline has been awful so far. But this isn’t a Wrestlemania match. And with the way The Miz has been performing, you could make an argument this is a waste of Miz at Wrestlemania too.

Back in February I made the following Wrestlemania 33 card:

John Cena vs The Undertaker

AJ Styles (c) vs The Miz- WWE Title

Kevin Owens (c) vs Chris Jericho vs Finn Balor- Universal Title

Samoa Joe vs Shane McMahon

Goldberg vs BRAUN, Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar

Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt

Seth Rollins vs Triple H

At this point I would probably take Finn out of the Universal Title match, since it doesn’t look like he will be at Mania. From a character perspective, Samoa Joe facing Shane makes sense. And this uses part-timers in the proper way, helping put over other talent.

There are so many different ways that the WWE could have gone about with this Wrestlemania. While the wrestling may be better than last year’s show, the booking and storylines leading up to it have been a complete waste. With the amount of talent the WWE has, they have no reason to not book a compelling Wrestlemania. But instead we are left wondering what could have been.

And I didn’t even mention until now how the WWE has SHINSUKE NAKAMURA on its roster for a second straight Wrestlemania and haven’t used him on the biggest show of the year AGAIN.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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