Quick Hits: WWE Smackdown Live 4.11.17

-Kevin Owens is out to start the show. He is now on Smackdown Live. He says Canada is much better than the United States.

-KO says that if anyone has a problem with him to come out and settle it in the ring. KO says he is here only for him and to be the face of America.

-Baron Corbin comes out to represent America!

-Not really, Corbin said last week he beat Dean Ambrose so badly that Ambrose ran to RAW. And since KO lost to Ambrose, that means Corbin can take him. Logic!

-Corbin says that he deserves a Title rematch and wants a US Title match. Sami Zayn comes out which means him and KO will fight FOREVER.

-Here comes AJ Styles now. He says that Smackdown Live is the house that AJ Styles built and he is still there.

-Daniel Bryan comes out. He says the US Title can’t be defended until after Payback. But tonight there will be a #1 Contenders Match for the US Title between Styles, Zayn and Corbin. The US Title seems a bit below Styles no?

Randy Orton vs Erick Rowan

-Orton headbutts Rowan off the top rope then does the Garvin Stomp. On the outside, Orton tosses Rowan into the stairs.

-Orton goes for the RKO but Bray Wyatt appears on the screen. Bray tells Orton he will see him again very very soon.

-Rowan ends up on the outside and hits Orton with the steps and the ref calls for the bell.

WINNER via DQ: Randy Orton- Cross-brand Boogity Boo! Three weeks can’t come soon enough. I don’t need anymore Bray Wyatt on Smackdown.

Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship: The Usos (c) vs American Alpha

-American Alpha takes out the Usos early on.

-Jey misses a splash an hits his head on the post. Jordan makes the hot tag and Gable lands some suplexes and follows it up with a moonsault for two.

-Gable applies an armbar to Jey in the ropes but Jimmy hits Gable with a superkick.

-Jey goes to the top but there is an awkward sequence where the ref counts 3 but says Jey kicked out after the Gable roll-up but I don’t think it was before 3.

-AA hit the Frankensteiner but the count gets broken up. The Usos go for dives to the outside but get caught and AA hit dueling belly-to-belly suplexes.

-The Usos make a blind tag in the ring then catch Gable with a splash for the win.

-After the match, the Shining Stars (LOL) come out and beat up American Alpha.

WINNERS and STILL Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions: The Usos- Fun final sequence there. I feel bad for American Alpha getting jobbed out then put into a feud with the Shining Stars.

Mojo Rawley vs Jinder Mahal

-Gronk was there again. He threw a beer in Jinder’s face this time and Mojo won the match.

WINNER: Mojo Rawley

Shane McMahon Addresses The Smackdown Live Women’s Division

-Shane McMahon invites the women’s division out, which consists of Naomi, Natalya, Carmella and Becky Lynch at the moment.

-Ellsworth says everyone tunes in to see Carmella and not Naomi. Naomi tells Carmella to get her side trick in place.

-Shane does a big intro for someone but Tamina comes out. He then introduces Charlotte after.

-Sin Cara and Handsome Rusev were announced for Smackdown as well. For Rusev that was badly needed.

Aiden English vs Tye Dillinger

-English was doing his singing gimmick before he was interrupted by Tye.

-Basic match that ends with the Tye-Breaker for the win by Dillinger.

WINNER: Tye Dillinger

-A vignette aired for Lana portraying a dancer gimmick like Fandango.

Dolph Ziggler/NAKAMURA Segment

-Dolph comes out and says he will beat up every RAW guy that came over yadda yadda yadda.

-Nakamura comes out. Dolph asks who the hell he thinks he is.

-Nakamura of course says he is Shinsuke Nakamura. Ziggler goes for a kick but Nakamura grabs him and shoves him down. Ziggler bails from the ring.

-If it can’t be Miz, Ziggler is a good first feud for Nakamura. Ziggler has been around for awhile and can bump like hell for Nak.

-A promo for New Day coming to Smackdown aired.

#1 Contenders Match For The United States Title: Sami Zayn vs Baron Corbin vs AJ Styles

-Corbin gets control early. But Styles and Zayn recover and send Corbin to the outside.

-Corbin pulls Zayn to the outside and then Styles follows suit. But Zayn goes back into the ring and dives to the outside to take out both men.

-We’re back from break and Corbin is back in control.

-Sami catches Corbin charging in the corner and hits the corner suplex. Styles then delivers a knee to the head of Zayn but Corbin delivers a vicious clothesline to Styles.

-Styles catches Corbin with a knee on the outside but Zayn hits the blue thunder bomb in the ring.

-Zayn and Styles go to the top. Corbin gets Zayn on his shoulders. Styles goes for the Phenomenal Forearm but Zayn ducks down into a roll-up for two.

-Corbin hits the Deep Six on Zayn but Styles breaks up the pin.

-Styles then hits a 450 springboard splash on Corbin but Zayn breaks up the pin.

-Cool spot where Styles hits clotheslines in the corner on Zayn and Corbin. Then Corbin ducks one and hits forearms on both until Zayn ducks one and hits boots on both men. Styles finishes it with a Pele Kick.

-Zayn escapes a Styles Clash. Corbin eats a Helluva Kick on the apron but Zayn turns around into the Phenomenal Forearm to give Styles the win.

WINNER: AJ Styles- Somewhat surprised that Styles won here. It means we finally get Styles vs Owens, which is fine. But at this point Styles seems a bit above the US Title. Very good match. Zayn was put in a no win situation there because Styles and Corbin aren’t eating pinfalls any time soon.

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