Quick Hits: WWE Smackdown Live 4.18.17

Opening Women’s Segment

-Charlotte says it’s been seven days since she came to Smackdown Live and she’s already lost her patience. She wants to know why she hasn’t gotten a Women’s Title match yet.

-Charlotte asks if Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon were binge watching Fast and the Furious. Well now, Charlotte is FURIOUS.

-Naomi came out and said she had to see Charlotte begging in person. Naomi said she is never scared and attacked Charlotte.

-Shane McMahon comes out and says if Charlotte beats Naomi tonight then she will get a Title match next week. Both brawl again after Shane leaves.

-Natalya, Carmella and Tamina all end up in Shane’s office complaining about not being #1 Contender. Natalya tells them she has a plan and they go to discuss.

Six Pack Challenge For The #1 Contender Spot For The WWE Title: Jinder Mahal vs Erick Rowan vs Luke Harper vs Dolph Ziggler vs Mojo Rawley vs Sami Zayn

-Something fishy is going to go on here right?

-Mojo superplexes Ziggler, Harper does it to Rowan, then Sami sunset flip powerbombs Jinder.

-Ziggler superkicks Harper, but Harper bounces back with a discus clothesline.

-Harper dives to the outside to take out Jinder, then does it again to take out Mojo and Sami.

-Ziggler dropkicks Harper off the apron. Rowan catches Ziggler with a spin kick for two.

-Rowan powerbombs Ziggler to the outside onto all four men.

-Mojo catches Ziggler with a right but Jinder tosses Mojo out. Sami breaks up the count.

-Ziggler pushes Rowan into Harper, who gets crotched. Ziggler hits the Zig Zag on Rowan but only gets two.

-Sami pushes Jinder into the post. He swantons to the outside onto Harper then springboards onto Mojo.

-Sami hits the exploder suplex. Sami goes for the Helluva kick, but the Bollywood Boys grab the legs of Sami. Jinder hits his finisher for the win.

-Orton comes out and says that Jinder won’t be winning the Title. Then Bray Wyatt interrupts with a BOOGITY BOO PROMO.

WINNER and NEW #1 Contender to the WWE Title: Jinder Mahal- The match was good. The result? Eh, I’m all for giving everyone a shot. But Jinder has been treated as a jobber forever. I would have much rather seen Harper, Sami Zayn or even Mojo win. I have to think something is up with this and it will change. Jinder Mahal fighting for the WWE Title at Backlash is just weird. Also, they should have had Jinder attack Orton after Bray’s promo. Kind of cut his balls off by having him just disappear.

-Shinsuke Nakamura video package.

-Baron Corbin interrupts AJ Styles. They end up agreeing to a match later.

-Natalya, Tamina and Carmella with James Ellsworth confront Charlotte in the back. They let Charlotte through then Natty bumps her. Was that Natalya’s big plan?

Naomi vs Charlotte

-Chain wrestling early on from these two. Okay?

-Charlotte gets the upper hand and slams Naomi’s face into the mat.

-Naomi lands a barrage of kicks then one to the back of the head for two.

-Charlotte is back in control after commercial. She lands a knee to the face then breaks up a counter with a knee to the back.

-Naomi starts a comeback as she lands a hurricarrana then a crossbody.

-Naomi goes for the Rear View but Charlotte kicks Naomi in the back mid-air, then hits Natural Selection for the win.

WINNER: Charlotte- So Charlotte gets a Title match next week. I just wasn’t feeling the match at all. Something didn’t click for me. And the big plan for the three women was to “confront” Charlotte in the hallway and do nothing else about it? Lame.

-Charlotte walks by the three women again then winks and WOOS at them. Seriously, Natalya is coming off as really stupid here.

Primo and Epico Colon vs American Alpha

-If there is one thing Smackdown Live has screwed up, it is American Alpha. They won the Tag Titles then did nothing.

-Primo and Epico just aren’t the same without Rosa Mendes.

-The Colons work over Gable until Jordan gets the hot tag.

-Jordan gets poked in the eye, and the Colons win. Okay?

WINNERS: Primo and Epico- Too short and a dirty heel finish. Looks like we will get a rematch soon. Match had no heat.

Face of America Open Challenge: Kevin Owens vs Gary Gandy

-Don’t let Donald Trump know that KO is Canadian.

-KO makes quick work of Gary.

-KO says he will continue to be the Face of America, then joins the commentary booth for the main event.

WINNER: Kevin Owens

Baron Corbin vs AJ Styles

-Back and forth exchange on the apron leads to Corbin dropping Styles face first on it.

-Corbin slides Styles across the mat and into the post.

-Styles catches a charging Corbin with a kick to the face then Styles moves out of the way and Corbin goes into the post.

-Styles hits a Pele Kick. But Corbin comes back and hits a chokeslam into a backbreaker for two.

-Corbin escapes the Calf Crusher then hits the Deep Six for two.

-The action spills to the outside where Corbin launches Styles into Owens.

-Styles hits a Phenomenal Forearm off the apron onto Corbin then beats the 10 count back into the ring for the win.

WINNER via Countout: AJ Styles- Obvious finish to protect both men from not taking the pinfall. Baron Corbin is going to be a huge benefactor from the current Smackdown roster. And Corbin can only improve because of it.

Overall just a basic episode of Smackdown. They have more talent then you think they do, which is a positive thing going forward.

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