Quick Hits: WWE Payback 2017

Big Cass and Enzo Amore vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

-Paint by the numbers Enzo and Cass match. The Club dominates, but Big Cass catches Anderson with a boot then Enzo rolls him up for the win.

WINNERS: Big Cass and Enzo Amore

MizTV With Finn Balor

-Miz asks Finn if he is done because Finn’s entrance took 5 minutes. Miz then wonders why the crowd liked that.

-Miz asks if he and Maryse can join the Balor Club. Finn says no.

-Miz says Finn was a first round pick in last year’s Draft. Miz asks if Finn thinks he is a failure for not living up to that. Finn says if fighting through an injury and becoming the first ever Universal Champion is a failure, then he guesses. But he doesn’t consider that a failure.

-Finn says he is going to get back his Title. Miz says since he could wipe the floor with Finn, Brock would destroy him.

-Finn says he will be the bigger man and walk away since MizTV always ends with Miz getting his ass kicked. Miz screams at Finn for walking away so Finn then hits the Slingblade.

United States Championship: Kevin Owens (c) vs Chris Jericho

-Is Donald Trump aware that two Canadians are fighting over the US Title yet?

-Owens baits Jericho outside the ring, but Jericho catches him in the ring with a dropkick.

-KO slams Jericho’s face on the turnbuckle, then hits the cannon ball on the outside into the barricade.

-Jericho finally starts mounting a comeback. He hits an enziguri for two.

-KO catches Jericho with a superkick in the corner.

-KO gets his knees up on the lionsault then hits another cannonball for two.

-Jericho counters the Popup Powerbomb with a hurricarrana then applies the Walls. KO gets to the ropes.

-Jericho puts Owens hand in the steps and Jericho slams into it.

-Owens pokes Jericho’s eye, but can’t do the popup powerbomb because of his hand. Jericho then applies the Walls of Jericho and KO taps.

WINNER and NEW United States Champion: Chris Jericho- I think I called this the lock of the night in my predictions. Ooops. I don’t get this one unless Owens wins it back on Tuesday. Plus, this makes Kurt Angle look stupid for agreeing to have this match and let Jericho leave if he wins. Match was fine.

Cruiserweight Championship: Neville (c) vs Austin Aries

-Aries takes Neville to armdrag city early on. He knocks Neville off the apron then swantons over the ropes to the outside.

-Neville recovers back in the ring and knocks Aries off the apron.

-Aries hits a gut buster followed by an elbow from the second rope to the back of the neck.

-Aries hits a suicide dive. That always scary watching him do that knowing he still hasn’t recovered from his orbital injury.

-Aries hits a running forearm in the corner. Neville rolls out of the way of a 450. Neville charges at Aries but Aries knocks him off the ropes and hits a sunset flip powerbomb. Aries applies the Last Chancery but Neville grabs the ref and shoves him down. The ref calls for the DQ.

WINNER via DQ: Austin Aries- Another good match between these two. I hate that particular DQ finish. If you’re the ref, wouldn’t you want to see Neville stay in that hold and lose the Title as punishment?

RAW Tag Team Championship: The Hardy Boyz (c) vs Sheamus and Cesaro

-Matt toys with Cesaro early on until Cesaro eventually hits an uppercut and tags in Sheamus.

-Matt tags in Jeff and he hits some quick offense until Sheamus throws Jeff out of the ring.

-Jeff tries a couple times to make a tag but Sheamus stops him numerous times, including one with a hard kick to the body.

-Jeff catches both Sheamus and Cesaro with the Whisper in the Wind and finally makes the tag to Matt.

-Matt hits the Side Effect but misses on a moonsault. Cesaro comes back with a corkscrew elbow. He then swings Matt around then applies a Sharpshooter but Matt gets to the ropes with the help of Jeff.

-Sheamus hits White Noise off the second rope but Jeff breaks up the pin.

-Matt and Sheamus awkwardly battle for a bit because Jeff was in the wrong corner. Jeff gets to the right corner and makes a blind tag. Sheamus has a pin but Jeff hits a Swanton off the top and pins him for the win.

-Both teams shake hands after the match. But Cesaro and Sheamus come back after they leave to take out the Hardy Boyz.

WINNERS and STILL RAW Tag Team Champions: The Hardy Boyz- Good match, better post match angle with Sheamus and Cesaro going full heel. I thought that team needed to do that and it was well done. Even Booker T had a brief moment of greatness going all in for the turn on commentary. You have to wonder if Cesaro and Sheamus might have BROKEN the Hardyz there.

RAW Women’s Championship: Bayley (c) vs Alexa Bliss

-Bayley hits a running bodyslam then slams Alexa’s head into the turnbuckle ten times.

-Alexa comes back with a nice hard sounding forearm.

-Alexa starts pulling and standing on Bayley’s hair.

-Alexa taunts some ringside fans allowing Bayley to come back and drop Alexa’s head on the ropes.

-Bayley hits three suplexes then a flying elbow.

-Alexa blocks the Bayley to Belly then throws Bayley face first into the turnbuckle.

-Alexa misses the second of her double knee drop and Bayley hits a nice running knee. She follows it up with the Macho Man Elbow Drop for two.

-Bayley sits down on Alexa and goes for the pin but Alexa kicks out and Bayley goes into the post.

-Bayley tries a roll up but Alexa kicks out, then hits a DDT for the win.

WINNER and NEW RAW Women’s Champion: Alexa Bliss– To this day I never get the losing in your hometown mentality. It is just so stupid. I didn’t think Alexa needed the win there. It just makes me think the hot potato scenario is going to come back with this Title. Seems like the WWE is really trying to stretch out the start of the Bayley/Sasha program until the summer.

House of Horrors Match: Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton

-Orton shows up in a limo, WEARING PANTS. There’s a ghost tractor too.

-Bray jumps Orton in the living room. Why does Bray have sheets on one of his couches but not the other?

-Orton goes into a room of creepy dolls and is jumped again.

-Bray tries to attack Orton in the kitchen but Orton sees it. The dishes aren’t done and that is really pissing me off the most right now.

-Bray drops the fridge on Orton. He leaves the house and magically turns his house lights red from the outside.

-Bray leaves in the limo. I really hope Bray has good home owner’s insurance.

Samoa Joe vs Seth Rollins

-I feel really bad for these two having to follow that.

-Rollins hits a crossbody to the outside then a dive off the barricade onto Joe. Rollins then hits a couple of suicide dives.

-Both men exchange punches in the ring but Joe takes out Rollins knees with a leg sweep.

-Joe hits a seated senton right on the knee of Rollins. Joe continues to work over the knee.

-Rollins tries a comeback but Joe catches him off the top and drops him on his knees. He follows it up with a kneebar submission but Rollins gets to the ropes.

-Joe drops Rollins with a hard powerbomb then turns it into a half crab but Rollins again gets to the ropes.

-Rollins catches Joe in the corner with an enziguri then the blockbuster neckbreaker for two.

-Joe knocks Rollins off the ropes but Rollins comes back with a Falcon Arrow and Frog Splash for two.

-Joe applies the Coquina Clutch. Rollins rolls through and gets Joe on his shoulders for the pin and the win, even though it looked like Joe’s shoulder was up.

WINNER: Seth Rollins- Well they did a good job of getting the crowd back into the show. Solid wrestling psychology with Joe working over the injured knee of Rollins. Rollins needed the win more so I’m glad he ended up winning.

House of Horrors Match, PART TWO!!!

-Bray returns in the limo and magically got his lantern back too.

-Orton magically appeared when the lights turned on with a chair because reasons.

-Orton hit a DDT off the table then hits Bray with a chair.

-Back in the ring Orton goes for the RKO but the Bollywood Boyz/Singh Brothers attack. Orton hits the RKO but Jinder Mahal attacks Orton with the WWE Title. Bray then hits Sister Abigail for the win.

WINNER: Bray Wyatt- Orton was protected, Jinder looked strong, and Bray looked bad in defeat. Lets never talk of this match again.

BRAUN Strowman vs Roman Reigns

-Roman comes out with his left arm tapped up.

-Reigns strikes quickly. He ducks a BRAUN charge then hits a diving clothesline off the steps.

-BRAUN blocks the Drive-By then tosses Roman into the barricade and chokeslams Reigns on the announce table.

-BRAUN just continues to dominate Reigns. BRAUN tosses Reigns into the steps.

-Reigns moves out of the way of a few BRAUN charges then hits a Samoan Drop.

-They go to the outside. Reigns finally hits the Driveby then runs BRAUN into the post twice.

-BRAUN beats the ten count back in the ring but eats a Spear. Reigns only gets two.

-Reigns hits two Superman Punches but BRAUN blocks another one and applies a triangle submission to the shoulder then a running power for two. BRAUN hits another powerslam for the win.

-Post match, BRAUN drops Reigns on the steps shoulder first then drops the steps on the chest of Reigns. Reigns is spitting up blood as he walks off, refusing to get on a stretcher. The crowd chants “You Deserve It.”

-BRAUN tried attacking again but Reigns moved and went through the ambulance door. Reigns then slammed the other door on BRAUN three times,

WINNER: BRAUN Strowman- Perfectly acceptable match between these two. The post match angle would be a good way to get sympathy for a face, but Reigns is dead in the water at this point when it comes to that. Not even this angle could save Reigns even if they put their best effort into it. BRAUN continues to look like a monster, and he really should be the one to take the Universal Title off of Brock.

OVERALL: If you subtract the House of Horrors match, this might have been the best PPV of the year so far. But that will forever drag this show down. The wrestling was very good on the show. Some of the winners left me scratching my head. I didn’t think Alexa Bliss needed to win right away. And I didn’t get Jericho winning unless there is another angle to write him off for his tour. Cesaro and Sheamus turning was fine by me. Don’t be afraid to turn people heel. If the WWE did that with Reigns they probably wouldn’t have an issue with him like they do now. But this was a good night of wrestling, and if you skip the House of Horrors match you will really enjoy this show.

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