Quick Hits: WWE Smackdown Live 5.16.17

Kevin Owens Highlight Reel

-KO has taken over the Highlight Reel! He said what happened to Jericho is only half as bad as what will happen to AJ Styles.

-KO goes to introduce his guest but AJ Styles interrupts. KO asks what Styles is doing here because he would never invite Styles to his show.

-Jinder Mahal comes out. KO says Jinder was his original guest.

-Jinder says before you find yourself, you must lose yourself. Do we have to lose ourselves in the moment?

AJ Styles vs Jinder Mahal

-Jinder tosses Styles hard into the corner then lays the boots to AJ.

-KO on commentary says he can’t tell Byron and Tom apart. Good for KO for not seeing race.

-Styles blocks a suplex from the apron and hits a modified Phenomenal Forearm.

-The Singh brothers distract AJ, allowing Jinder to drop him on the ropes.

-Back from break and Jinder is still in control. And his veins are still popping out of his body.

-Styles escapes a superplex but then runs right into a Jinder boot. But Styles catches Jinder with a dropkick as Jinder comes off the top rope.

-Styles keeps trying a comeback but Jinder keeps shutting it down.

-Styles is finally able to get some offense going. He hits a Pele Kick then a baseball slide dropkick.

-Styles goes for the Phenomenal Forearm but the Singh Brothers distract the ref. KO hits Styles in the knee with the U.S. Title. Jinder then hits the Cobra Clutch Slam for the win.

WINNER: Jinder Mahal

-Fashion Police segment. They have the McMahon Mugshot Photo on their wall. They look at the Usos shirt and Fandango says “Day One Is H” and asks what that even means.

The Fashion Police vs The Colons

-The Colons dominate Tyler until he hits an enziguri and makes the hot tag to Fandango. The Fashion Police pick up the win. The Usos come out and cut another great promo. They took about Backlash being their prison and the Fashion Police are out of their jurisdiction.

WINNERS: The Fashion Police

Six Women Tag Contract Signing

-Natalya calls the three faces a bunch of fakes and that they aren’t really friends.

-Why are all these women in their wrestling gear? It’s a contract signing damn it!

-All the faces run down the heels. Charlotte says she is still coming for the Title after Backlash.

-Ellsworth takes the mic. He says Becky may gaze at him but he’s putting out her straight fire. She has no chance. He says Charlotte wants him to be her king, but he is the prince to the princess of Staten Island. He then says Carmella will steal Naomi’s glow and gold. Naomi shoves Ellsworth, Carmella slams Naomi’s head onto the table. Shane makes Naomi vs Carmella. So that’s why they are in their gear! And Ellsworth was funny there.

-Slow moving action early on. Ellsowrth pulls Carmella out of the ring to avoid the Rear View and gets tossed.

-Carmella pretends like she is going to leave but kicks Naomi in the head instead.

-The ref tosses Natalya and Tamina but they start to brawl with Charlotte and Becky. Naomi gets distracted and Carmella rolls up Naomi for the win.

WINNER: Carmella

-Dolph Ziggler shows a video package of Nakamura’s accomplishments, which shows nothing. Dolph shows one of him with all his Title wins etc. It should have just said “Over hyped, overrated, over seller.”

-Sami Zayn is beat up by Baron Corbin during an interview.

Randy Orton vs Baron Corbin

-Orton goes for the typical early RKO but Corbin escapes,

-Orton slams Corbin into the corner but Corbin bounces right off with a clothesline.

-Corbin is still in control back from break. He catches Orton with a boot to the face after Orton ducks a clothesline.

-Orton moves out of the way of a Corbin charge and Corbin goes into the post.

-Orton hits a DDT and goes for the RKO but Corbin hits the Deep Six for two.

-Corbin slides under the ropes again but eats a RKO coming back in the ring. I’m surprised Corbin took a clean pin there.

-Jinder Mahal comes out after the match. The Singh Brothers jump Orton from behind. Orton fends them off but Jinder eventually attacks from behind. Jinder hits the Cobra Clutch Slam as the show closes.

WINNER: Randy Orton

OVERALL: Not a bad show but nothing great on it. I thought Jinder Mahal came out of this show looking strong. He pinned AJ Styles (with help from Kevin Owens) and stood tall over Orton to close the show. It was probably Jinder’s best showing in the WWE. The Usos and Fashion Police have gotten limited time to build their match but have made the most of it. The women’s feud lost me a bit this week. Everything else was okay. Backlash looks better then Payback build up wise. Hopefully it delivers in the ring as well.

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