Supporting Indy Wrestling: Empire State Wrestling Brawlfest 5.20.17

Just so everyone knows, there is more to pro wrestling than just the big times companies like the WWE, New Japan and Ring of Honor. And a good amount of wrestlers you see on TV nowadays started somewhere small and worked their way to where they are today. There’s a local Indy promotion somewhere near you and you should go support them.

Saturday night I went to my third Empire State Wrestling show. ESW is my local promotion in the Western New York area. This was the first ESW show I was able to get to since last year’s Brawlfest. It was standing room only in the fire hall that I was in. Are you going to get the same high quality production you get in the WWE? No. But are you going to get guys going out there and busting their asses to do something that they obviously love to do? Absolutely. And that is all you can ask for when you go see a wrestling show. You want to be entertained and seeing the passion these guys have for pro wrestling helps with the entertainment.

So, on to some quick thoughts on the show! I’m doing a good amount of this from memory. I wanted to live tweet the show but got zero reception in the building. I also had problems with my phone overall. I wanted to take notes but couldn’t. So if my early thoughts on the show seemed brief that is the reason why.

Oh and I met Pentagon El Zero Miedo tonight, so win for me!


We start the night with ESW Heavyweight Champion Bill Collier in the ring. He’s scheduled to defend the Title against Michael Elgin.


Out comes RJ City. I like RJ City. First of all, he comes out to the “All That” theme song. That’s great. I know you couldn’t get away using that on the national level because of royalty payments, but it fits RJ City perfectly. Plus, I think RJ City is ESW’s best mic guy from the shows I’ve seen.

Anyways, RJ City is the holder of the Ilio DiPaolo Cup. It’s ESW’s version of Money in the Bank except its a trophy. He attacks Collier from behind with it and cashes it in! After a couple of near falls, RJ City picks up the win and becomes ESW Champion! That’s a fun way to start a local Independent show. And kudos to RJ City.

The job of the first few matches is to get the crowd into the show so they stay hot the whole night. We see a team of Marek, Wes Adams and James Sayga take on the Patron Saints of Wrestling consisting of Terrell Kenneth, Steve Gage and Mikey Everynite. Mikey Everynite appears to have a problem with his fellow group members after the loss. It looks like he doesn’t like their way of doing things. This plays a part in things later in the night. Kevin Blackwood wins a Fatal 4 Way also involving Cloudy, Vince Valor and Dick Justice. Dick Justice runs a full on American gimmick. Anthony Gaines beats Ryan Cassidy and these guys have done their job of getting the crowd into things.

Time for the ESW Interstate Title to be defended, as champion Coconut Jones defends against Alex Daniels. Alex Daniels calls himself the “Real Life Ben Affleck.” And I can see the similarities. His tights say “Gone Girl.” And before the match he takes off four different Ben Affleck shirts. This is great. Another perfect Indy gimmick. Although half way through the match Daniels promises us Justice League won’t suck. Now I have doubts about his credibility. Coconut Jones retains. I guess this means Alex Daniels has to go back to the Bat Cave and regroup.

Four Corners of Carnage Match between Ron Falco and Big Cat Lemmer. From what I can get, Big Cat has Ron’s son Jordan working for him or under his control. Falco takes a spot onto some thumbtacks. There’s a nice ladder breaking spot. Jordan comes out and super kicks Big Cat to give Ron the win and reunite him and Ron. After the match Big Cat Lemmer gives a retirement speech with his son in the ring. You can see the passion Big Cat Lemmer had for this and the fans show him proper respect with a standing ovation.

The ESW Tag Team Titles are on the line as the Champs the Oliver Street Express defend against the Hate Brigade, Rochester Wrecking Crew and Colin Delaney and Cheeck. The Oliver Street Express look like the super early Hardy Boyz with their look, minus the long hair. They are the faces here but the crowd cares more about Delaney and Cheech. The Rochester Wrecking Crew has mis-communication throughout the match and they exchange words after. The Oliver Street Express retains.

Asylum returned from injury to beat “The Captain” Nick Ando. Asylum was suppose to fight RJ City but City said winning the Heavyweight Title will be all he does tonight. Asylum looks like a more jacked Dean Ambrose and picks up the win in this one.

“The Remix” Kevin Bennett beat the leader of the Patron Saints Brandon Thurston. Thurston suffered a nasty cut to the back of his head early in the match but he trekked through. He even did the whole “wipe the blood on your chest” spot. If I had to pick one of the regular guys in ESW that you could see on the big stage someday, it would be Kevin Bennett. He has a good look and is very crisp in the ring. The other Patron Saints try to help out. But Mikey Everynite continues to have problems with his Patron Saint brothers and alerts the ref to the outside interference. Kevin Bennett picks up the win. Afterwards, Mikey Everynite is beaten up by Thurston and appears to get kicked out of the group.

Here comes Grandmaster Sexay Brian Christopher to team with Frankie Feathers against Cesaro and Jerk Cockins with their rather large manager Superbeast. Brian Christopher welcomes a young fan into the ring to give him his goggles. Then he pants him. Umm, okay? The kid tries to do the same to him but can’t. Christopher then takes down his own pants. What is going on? Superbeast comes in during the match and Christopher takes his belt off and pants him, something I never needed to see. Christopher and Feathers pick up the win.

The main event is Braxton Sutter vs Pentagon El Zero Miedo. Braxton Sutter is from the Buffalo area and formerly known as Pepper Parks. If you ask me he’s an underrated wrestler and a solid hand to have around. He’s found a good spot in Impact Wrestling. I’d love to see him in NXT some day. A kid next to me, probably six years old, won a raffle to lead Sutter to the ring. Another great thing about Indy shows. I bet this made the kids day. Michael Elgin comes out and wants to make this a three way dance and it is on. Nonstop action throughout. Sutter pins Pentagon to close the show and all three men thank the crowd after as the crowd gives them a standing ovation.

If your local Indy promotion knows how to do things right then every show is a fun show. This is my third ESW show and every one has been fun. You have to appreciate the guys that go out there and do this for the fans that show up. While it is nice to support the big global promotions, you should also go out and support as many local Independent promotions as possible, as you never know what Indy stars might show up there. Hopefully I can start going to more ESW shows on a regular basis. They know what they are doing and always put on an entertaining show.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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