WWE Raw Review 5.22.17 – with Heather

New-Raw-Logo-645x366Due to unforeseen circumstances this good night, I was unable to watch Raw.  I did however get consistent updates and if there is someone out there who only has my sweet ramblings to say what happened on the show, I’ll give a rundown of matches and events.

Roman Reigns beats Bray Wyatt by DQ following a Bray Wyatt opening promo where he talks about getting to the Beast. Roman interrupts, Angle makes this match.  It is ended when Samoa Joe interrupts then Seth Rollins to even the odds.  Here’s a quick “what followed” from my friend Karen:

“They clear the ring, just them standing and the crowd, confused by their head and heart, softly chant: ‘Shield'”

haha awesome.

Akira Tozawa beats Ariya Daivari

The Drifter beats Dean Ambrose  by DQ after Miz (who was on commentary) attacked The Drifter so Ambrose would lose.

Finn Balor beats Karl Anderson

Sasha Banks gets revenge after her weird loss last week to Alicia Fox

Kalisto somehow beats Apollo Crews despite his Titus Brand affiliation.

Matt Hardy (who Karen says was kind of creepy tonight) beats Sheamus and gets to pick the stipulation for their tag match at Extreme Rules: Cage Match!

Austin Aries beat back Tony Abs (nee Nese).

Alexa Bliss beats Mickie James then tries to kendo stick her only to be stopped by Bayley.

Bray Wyatt & Samoa Joe beat Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns when Joe chokes out sweet Seth.

in other events:

Goldust gets to cut some kind of promo

Paul Heyman had a lot to say regarding Brock’s possible opponents and apparently thinks Finn is the one who can take on The Beast.

Also, and I know I said I had prior engagements but I promise it was NOT to take out Enzo Amore who apparently got his bell rung and it is a mystery who did it!  (I totally have a solid alibi..)

THAT’S IT! I think… either way, it all sounds like it wasn’t a terrible show, but the main event scene is a weird mess with no champ around.  You can find me and talk wrestling at hm_pufnstuf!