Quick Hits: Lucha Underground 5.31.17- All Night Long!

Lucha Underground Championship: Johnny Mundo (c) vs The Mack

-I’m pretty sure this match was suppose to air during the first half of the year. At least it makes an easy first show to review.

-Matt Striker is trying to talk about how Mundo’s finisher, the End of the World, is a devastating signature move. I’m trying not to laugh.

-Mundo catches Mack with an enziguri then lands a couple kicks to the head.

-They go to the top. Mundo slips down the post and holds onto it, eventually kicking Mack off the second rope. He then hits the End of the World to go up 1-0.

***Johnny Mundo Up 1-0***

-And there is the first “This Is Awesome” chant, ten minutes in to the first match. One of my biggest pet peeves with LU.

-Mundo rolls through and rolls up Mack and holds the ropes for leverage. Mundo gets the pin.

***Johnny Mundo Up 2-0***

-Matt Striker: “Is there enough time for the Mack to get two pinfalls?” Well, considering Mundo just got two pins in ten minutes and there is 30 minutes left I’d assume so.

-Mundo goes for a crossbody but Mack rolls through and hits a sitdown powerbomb for a pin.

***Johnny Mundo Up 2-1***

-They exchange chops and kicks. Mack bounces off the ropes and goes right into a standing C4 but Mundo only gets two.

-Mundo knocks Mack off the top to the outside. Mundo hits a spinning crossbody to the outside, but then sells an injury to the right leg.

-Paramedics come out and bring out a backboard. Mack comes over to shake Mundo’s hand. When Mack turns his back, Mundo jumps up and kicks Mack in the nuts. Mundo then hits a DDT on the backboard to get a pin.

***Johnny Mundo Up 3-1***

-Mundo goes up the stairs with the backboard after Mack threw it at him. They brawl up top. Mack bodyslams Mundo on the backboard then straps Mundo to it and slides him down the stairs.

-Mack flips Mundo over on the board. Mundo sells it like death. Mack hits a Stunner in the ring to come within one fall.

***Johnny Mundo Up 3-2***

-Mundo crawls under the ring. It looks like he runs out. But then Mundo reappears. It was actually PJ Black that Mack was chasing. Mundo then hits Mack with a kendo stick.

-Vampiro defends Mack doing that, but was against Mundo using the paramedics as a distraction.

-Son of Havoc comes out to even the odds and hits Mundo and Black with a kendo stick.

-Son of Havoc goes to Dario’s office. Dario gives him water, but Havoc wants beer and gets it. Havoc uses it to revive Mack.

-Mack uses the kendo stick but eventually Mundo and Black regain control. Mundo asks the band to play some victory songs.

-The maraca player stops playing and dives off the top onto Mundo and Black.

-There are two tables set up on the outside. Mack jumps off the apron and hits a sit down tombstone through them. Mack gets the pin to tie things up.

***Tied 3-3***

-Both men go to the outside. Mundo brings in a table and Mack grabs a ladder. Mundo tries to go for a baseball slide but Mack lifts it and hits Mundo.

-Mack brings the ladder into the ring but Mundo took off a piece of the announce table and hits Mack with it.

-Mack reverses Mundo but Mundo jumps over the ladder set up horizontally in the corner. But Mack slides out and pulls Mundo’s feet out and Mundo goes face first into the ladder.

-Mundo recovers and goes for the End of the World on the ladder but Mack moves.

-Ricky Mandel comes out but Sexy Star and Son of Havoc come out to get rid of him. Mack dives off the ladder through the table onto Mundo. But Mack can’t get the pin as the clock expires before the ref’s hand hits for 3.

-Dario Cueto comes out and says that next week the match restarts and the first person to score a pin or submission wins.

-Fun match to start the season. You could see that finish coming one the time started to run down.

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