Live In Person Thoughts From WWE Smackdown Live 6.6.17

So you probably noticed I didn’t have a Smackdown Live write up last night. That’s because I was there! I took the 90 minute ride from Buffalo to Rochester to attend the show.

I pretty much went because I wanted to see Shinsuke Nakamura in person. I’ve also never seen AJ Styles wrestle so I knew I had a high chance of seeing that happen as well.

Before I get to the show I want to point out my one complaint of the night. See that security guard in the first picture? Have you ever worked with someone who takes their job super seriously and doesn’t try to have fun at all and squashes other people’s fun? It is that guy. He flashed his little LED flashlight in the face of anyone who had their phone up for more than 3 seconds. Then when 205Live started and people left, he refused to let people move up. Seriously, you are a security guard for a small arena. Calm the fuck down.

The dark match saw Luke Harper, Tye Dillinger and American Alpha beat Erick Rowan, Aiden English and The Ascension after Harper pinned English. The crowd was pumped for this match. Why you ask? Well Luke Harper is from Rochester. At least he got to win, but it sucks that it was a dark match and not on TV. Although if it was on TV he probably would have lost.

The opening segment and subsequent women’s match was fun. Lana appearing got a good pop. No idea why she didn’t have a titantron though. It took people a few seconds before they realized who was coming out. The crowd loved Lana and cheered for her. If I had any faith in Lana’s wrestling ability, I would say they could have a potential new star in the women’s division on their hands. But until she proves she can hold her own in the ring, my hopes aren’t high.

Next was AJ Styles vs Dolph Ziggler, which saw Styles get his win back from last week. It was a nice little match. Styles was super over and the crowd sang along to his theme song. There were guys a few rows back from me cheering for Ziggler. No idea why. Maybe if I told that security guard they were filming the show he would have kicked them out?

Mojo Rawley vs Jinder Mahal. You guys should know by now I’m a Mojo mark. And I can’t believe I got to see Jinder Mahal, WWE Champion in person. Someday I’m going to tell my grand kids about this night. And they will probably look at me and want to put me in a nursing home. Say what you want about Jinder, but at least he is getting the crowd to boo him and chant USA.

New Day vs The Colons was next. One thing I like to do at live events is get on the referee if they are doing an awful job and that was happening here. I was chastising the ref for allowing New Day to stay in the rain past the five count after they tag. This was a bad job by the ref. But outside of Little Naitch losing control of the women’s tag match, the officiating tonight wasn’t too bad.

The main event of Smackdown saw Shinsuke Nakamura defeat Kevin Owens in a solid match. One thing I was worried about with Nakamura coming to the main roster would be how he would get over in small towns like Rochester. Well the answer to that is quite well. The crowd loved Nakamura. With Kevin Owens taking three straight losses to Nakamura, I’m starting to think KO might win Money in the Bank.

I would say about 80% of the crowd stuck around for 205Live, and the crowd was into the show. And they were really into the main event. I’m surprised the crowd cheered for TJP as much as they did. And I have to give mad props to Neville. He interacts with the crowd great. He was getting on people for booing him and cheering him. Then when the match was over, and presumably after the cameras stopped rolling, he went up to 3 kids no older then 10 in the front row. And he just stared them down for about 30 seconds. To the kids credit they didn’t move either. I thought it was great.

There was a dark match main event that saw Randy Orton beat Jinder Mahal via DQ. I actually think more people left after 205Live then before, which surprised me.

Overall I had a fun time and thought it was another decent Smackdown Live show.

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Justin C

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