Quick Hits: Lucha Underground 6.7.17

-Rey Mysterio tells Prince Puma that Vampiro is only out for himself and his own agenda, and that he really isn’t Puma’s master. Puma says so he’s just like Rey and Konnan. Puma tells him to stay away. Vampiro appears in the mirror and tells Rey to stay away from him, or he will send him to hell just like Konnan.

All Night Like OT For The Lucha Underground Title: Johnny Mundo (c)  vs The Mack

-Next fall wins here.

-Dario Cueto comes out and makes it falls count anywhere.

-Mack hits a standing moonsault. He goes for a dropkick in the corner but Mundo catches him in the face with a boot.

-And the poor fans in the seats on the floor are forced to move for the first time this season. Mack puts Mundo on the seats then jumps onto a seated Mundo.

-Mack pulls out a bunch of chairs from under the ring and bodyslams Mundo onto them for a two count.

-Mack misses a few chair shots and Mundo bails into the crowd. Ricky Mandel comes out and grabs the chair from Mack, then Mundo hits a corkscrew swanton onto Mack.

-Sexy Star comes out and takes out Mandel.

-Mack tries to pull a table out. But he gets hit in the face with something and out comes PJ Black.

-Mack recovers and hits a Stunner on the apron and Black bounces off and goes through the table.

-Mundo catches Mack coming back into the ring with an enziguri kick but Mack gets his knees up when Mundo goes for the End of the World. Mack hits a sitdown powerbomb for two.

-Mack tries to slam Mundo on the chairs on the outside. Taya comes out and pulls Mundo down then Mundo hits a sunset flip powerbomb on the chairs for the win.

WINNER and STILL Lucha Underground Champion: Johnny Mundo- I liked this part of the match. The ending was weak but the action before it was very good. I actually would have been fine with this ending last week. But in OT from last week I didn’t like it.

-Dario Cueto introduces the Cueto Cup. It will be a single elimination tournament, with the winner winning the Cup and a Title match at Ultima Lucha Tres. Cueto says Mundo will defend the Title the same night of the Cueto Cup finals. Dario says it won’t be his brother since he embarrassed his family. It will be Rey Mysterio.

Trios Championship: Aerostar, Fenix and Drago (c) vs Kobra Moon, Pindar, and Vibora

-Aerostar gets the better of Pindar early until Pindar catches Aerostar with a boot to the face then takes in Viborataker. (His real name is Vibora, but he looks like Undertaker)

-Fenix gets the hot tag but he eventually eats a Tombstone from Viborataker.

-Aerostar goes to tag Drago but he moves away and crosses over to the heel side. Drago then tags in (?) and hits a splash onto Aerostar and the heels win the Titles.

WINNERS and NEW Trios Champions: Drago, Pindar and Vibora- Too short to amount to anything. It was more of a storyline to turn Drago heel.

Boyle Heights Street Fight: Mil Muertes w/Catrina vs Prince Puma

-Puma catches Mil from behind then takes him to the outside where he hits a dive over the top.

-Puma sets a table up against the wall but turns right around to Mil spearing him through it.

-Mil and Puma brawl at the top of the building for a bit then come back down. Whole lot of nothing.

-Puma hits Mil with a garbage can then stomps Mil’s head into it.

-Mil knocks Puma off the railing then throws him into the Dario’s office. Dario tells him to get out.

-Puma hits Mil with a wrench, then no sells it to hit a charging Puma with a powerslam.

-Back in the ring Puma hits Mil with the garbage can lid multiple times in the head. Puma then hits Mil with a Van Terminator but he flips at the same time. Cool spot but only gets a two.

-Puma hits the senton but Catrina hits Puma with the stone. Vampiro hands Puma a brick and he hits Mil with it for the win.

WINNER: Prince Puma- Fun street fight. I know Mil is suppose to be an unstoppable monster but I thought the Van Terminator should have been the ending.

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