Quick Hits: Lucha Underground 6.21.17


-In storyline, it is revealed that Fenix is in a relationship with Melissa Santos. But Marty the Moth was creepily watching them from an alley. Creeper.

Cueto Cup First Round: Vinnie Massaro vs Cage

-Cage doesn’t wrestle with his warrior glove on. Why not?

-Vinnie Massaro is your stereotypical Italian bumb. He slaps Cage and Cage has none of it.

-Vinnie gets one hope spot in, but he goes for Cage’s glove so Cage messes him up and gets the win.


-After the match Cage puts the glove on and hits Massaro with it. He’s busted open. Why didn’t Cage punch him so hard that his head exploded?

-They show a Rey/Mundo video package similar to last week. Really hyping up this match.

Cueto Cup First Round: Marty “The Moth” Martinez vs Saltador

-Saltador tries to get in Marty’s head early, which is obviously tough to do.

-Marty rolls to the outside near Melissa. Saltador dives over the top rope and goes for a hurricarrana, but Marty catches him and powerbombs him into the railing.

-Marty spits in the refs face and the distraction allows Saltador to start a comeback.

-Saltador does a little too much weird stuff. So Marty gets Saltador up and hits a Codebreaker for the win.

WINNER: Marty “The Moth” Martinez

-The Rabbit Tribe thinks Mascarita Segrada is their leader and he is confused.

-Marty has a worship wall with pictures of Melissa Santos and a lock of her hair. Mariposa comes in and says don’t forget what father said: Family First. They share a creepy moment. Apparently tonight is nothing but weirdness.

Cueto Cup First Round: Pindar vs Mascarita Segrada

-I just realized Pindar is announced as being from “When reptiles ruled the earth.”

-Pindar looks way too robotic selling for Mascarita. Watching Pindar go over the top after a miss in the corner was comical.

-This match is going on way too long as Pindar is now dominating and Kobra Moon lands cheap shots with the ref’s back turned.

-Mascarita head scissors Pindar to the outside then hits one from the top to the outside. Still looks way too fake.

-Pindar kicks out of a moonsault, then drops Mascarita face first for the win.

WINNER: Pindar

Cueto Cup First Round: Mariposa vs Fenix

-Mariposa ducks scared of a Fenix superkick. So Fenix then rolls and hits a dropkick.

-Mariposa catches Fenix with a tilt-a-whirl DDT then dropkicks him to the outside.

-Fenix jumps out of the way of a Mariposa charge. She ducks out of the way of a kick again, so this time Fenix hits an enziguri.

-Fenix goes for a powerbomb but Mariposa reverses into a sunset flip powerbomb.

-Fenix catches Mariposa off the top and hits a Fenix Driver for the win.


-Marty attacks after the match. Fenix ends up dumping him and his sister to the outside. Melissa Santos “showed” concern for Fenix on the outside. But it was really bad acting.

-This was a very skippable episode. Could have just easily read the results.

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