Quick Hits: Lucha Underground 6.28.17

-Catrina tells Mil Muertes to bring her the Cueto Cup then kisses him. Jeremiah Crane is apparently watching on. Remember Crane and Catrina had some thing in the past.

Cueto Cup First Round: Veneno vs Mil Muertes w/Catrina

-Mil spears Veneno before the bell rings and goes to work with some ground and pound.

-Mil hits a chokeslam and a Flatliner for a quick win.

WINNER: Mil Muertes

Cueto Cup First Round: Paul London vs Vibora w/Kobra Moon

-I’m still disappointed that Vibora is called “Luchasauraus” rather than Viborataker.

-Paul London goes to the outside and holds Kobra Moon hostage with a carrot. London tries jumping off the apron but Vibora uppercuts him.

-Viborataker just tosses London all over the ring.

-The Rabbit Tribe runs around the ring. London goes for a trust fall dive but over shoots Vibora and looks like he hits the back of his head on a chair.

-The other members of the Rabbit Tribe hold Vibora’s legs so he can’t get back in the ring and gets counted out.

WINNER: Paul London

Cueto Cup First Round: Taya vs Joey Ryan

-Joey Ryan offers Taya his lollipop before the match but she knocks it out of his hands.

-Ryan catches Taya with a superkick on the apron and it sounds like the sound amplifier is working overtime.

-Ryan goes to the top but Taya slaps and chops him and then slams him off.

-Taya hits a Northern lights suplex then stomps Ryan to get the win.


-Mil Muertes is in the back walking around in a pimpin suit. Jeremiah Crane attacks him with a chair and says “She’s mine!” Crane then slams another chair into Mil.

-Another Rey Mysterio/Johnny Mundo video package. I think they are hyping this match up a bit too much and raising expectations too high.

Cueto Cup First Round: Jeremiah Crane vs Killshot

-Crane and Killshot exchange various dives to the outside a minute into the match.

-Vampiro is clearly suffering from some kind of loss of voice in this episode.

-Killshot hits a senton off a raised balcony. Randy Orton would hate this match.

-Crane tosses Killshot into the railing then hits a t-bone suplex.

-The poor people in the wooden seats have to move again and Crane runs around the ring then dives into Killshot.

-I’m pretty sure we would be at a three minute count here with all the action taking place on the outside.

-Crane hits a Broski Boot in the corner. He takes too much time going for a second one so Killshot rolls into a cutter for two.

-There’s a bit of a reset. Crane spits in Killshot’s face so Killshot goes to work with strikes.

-Killshot catches Crane on the apron, then hits an AA on the apron.

-Killshot hits the Kill Stomp off the top but Crane kicks out.

-Dante Fox distracts Killshot from the top of the temple. Crane hits Cranial Contusion for the win.

-Catrina appears at the top of the steps after the match.

WINNER: Jeremiah Crane

-Dario is in his office with a guy called Son of Madness, who will face Son of Havoc next week. This guy has a bigger beard than Havoc!

-Another skippable week here. Main event was okay but too much action on the outside for my liking.

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