Five Thoughts: NJPW G1 Special Night 2 w/Justin C

Hello All. My fellow HTC counterpart Cam wrote about the first night of the NJPW G1 Special in the USA. I’m here to give you mt thoughts on night 2. Please keep in mind that I am very new to the world of New Japan. So don’t crucify me if my opinions or thoughts aren’t agreeable with yours!

1. Could New Japan Really Not Do Better Than Billy Gunn To Face Hiroshi Tanahashi?

-I understand that New Japan wanted to get some famous American names for their firs trip into the USA. But could they really not get anyone better than Billy Gunn? Personally, I don’t think that New Japan even needed someone like Gunn. Anyone in the USA going to see these shows is there to see the talent. And they know the talent that New Japan has. This wasn’t an Indy show that brings in guys like Billy Gunn to sell tickets. And then Gunn put on a very subpar performance against Tanahashi. There were so many other choices on New Japan’s roster to have face Tanahashi. There were also better American options than Billy Gunn to use.

2. Breaking Up Roppongi Vice Is Both Good And Bad

-Kind of a go nowhere opinion right? But I honestly think that is the truth. As far as a Junior Heavyweight Tag Team, there was pretty much nothing left for Roppongi Vice to do. They weren’t going to be facing the Young Bucks again any time soon. But I don’t see a lot of room for Beretta moving up to the heavyweight division. There is just too much talent ahead of him to find a good spot to shine. I think Romero has a better shot making it as a Junior Heavyweight.

3. I’m Not A Young Bucks Fan, But I Get What They Bring To Pro Wrestling

-Every wrestling fan has their own tastes. And I know that I am in the minority, but I am just not a fan of the Young Bucks. I just never clung to them like a good majority of other wrestling fans. But I can 100% see why people love the Bucks. They are different. They put on great matches. And they absolutely have a place in the world of pro wrestling. They are huge moneymakers and that is evident by the deal they have with Hot Topic. Just because I’m not a fan doesn’t mean I don’t know their worth (like Jim Cornette). The Young Bucks are and will continue to be good for the world of pro wrestling, I’ll just be booing them if I ever see them in person.

4. I Fucking Love Tomohiro Ishii

-I know everyone will be talking about Kenny Omega after this weekend, but I think Tomohiro Ishii was the star of the weekend. And that is especially the case for Night 2. Ishii put on a great match with Zack Sabre Jr., and then he naturally went to top it by having another great match with Omega. And of course on night one he had another great match with Naito. Ishii’s hard hitting style is fun to watch. You always worry that at some point it will catch up to him, but until then he is super fun to watch. After this weekend he jumped into my three favorite wrestlers in NJPW so far. (If you must know, the other two are KUSHIDA (because I love Back to the Future) and Kenny Omega.)

5. New Japan Is Overloaded With Titles

-With Kenny Omega winning the United States Championship on Sunday, it gives New Japan a total of 8 Titles across the board. That is a lot under one promotion. At least the WWE now has separate brands to spread their Titles across. But New Japan is one promotion and that is a lot to have for one promotion. I’m glad Kenny Omega is finally a Champion in New Japan, but does winning a new Title really help elevate him even higher than he already was? The goal for Omega has always been the Heavyweight Title. If he stays with New Japan I’m sure he will get there. But in my opinion, making a United States Title pretty much just for Omega is Title overkill.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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