WWE Great Balls Of Fire Preview

Welcome to the HTCWrestling Great Balls of Fire preview! This was meant to be done in podcast form this week. But Skype decided to fuck with Cam and I and not allow us to do a Skype to Skype call like normal, which is suppose to be free. And of course their support/customer service is the drizzling shits. So if you have any ideas why it made us ask for money for the call, let us know!

This show has been built up rather well for the most part. Now I said the same thing about Money in the Bank and that show ended up being a dud thanks to some awful finishes. RAW has been entertaining the last couple weeks and hopefully they can keep that momentum going into SummerSlam.

Now on to the preview!


Cruiserweight Championship: Neville (c) vs Akira Tozawa

-I love what the WWE is doing with Titus O’Neil and the Titus Brand, or Titus Worldwide. Whatever it is called it is the best use of Titus since the Prime Time Players. And I thought he was great in his role with Apollo Crews on RAW this past week. But come on Titus, couldn’t you have gotten your boy Tozawa on the main card and not the preshow? Neville continues to be great as Champ. And while I like Tozawa linknig up with Titus, I don’t think he takes the Title off of Neville. At this point I have no idea who that can be. Maybe it’ll be Gran Metalik when the WWE finally decided to debut him. But until then Neville keeps the Title.

WINNER: Neville

Intercontinental Championship: The Miz (c) vs Dean Ambrose

-Now here is a feud that just needs to die already. It feels like this feud has been going on for years. They teased some tension between Miz and Maryse but it looks like that is a thing of the past. For some reason, I feel like there will be someone in a bear suit involved in this match. I like that they added Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas to Miz’s Entourage. It gives two guys who had nothing going on something to do. And it also gives the RAW brand another tag team. Similar to the Titus Brand, Miz’s Entourage can be good if they don’t treat Axel and Dallas as goobers. Dean Ambrose is going to get lost in the RAW shuffle if he doesn’t get out of this feud soon. They need to keep the Title on Miz for a little bit and not play hot potato with the Title again. Miz retains with the help of Bo and Axel.


30 Minute Ironman Match For The RAW Tag Team Title: Sheamus and Cesaro (c) vs The Hardy Boyz

-I’m not digging Sheamus and Cesaro as Tag Champs. I just don’t think they’ve elevated their game since winning the Titles. If they are the bar like they say they are, the bar hasn’t moved since they won the Tag Team Titles. The Hardyz are still over, but something needs to happen with their broken characters soon. I think I said this during our preview of the last RAW PPV too. But similar to the IC Title feud, this is another feud that needs to end this Sunday. Conveniently enough, Sheamus is set to star in a WWE Studios movie that will begin filming soon. What a perfect time for Sheamus and Cesaro to lose the Tag Titles! The Hardyz regain the Tag Titles with a 2-1 advantage.

WINNERS: The Hardy Boyz

Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt

-I’m keeping this one short. Why? Because I just don’t care. I loved seeing everyone on Twitter draw the parallels to Bray being in the desert and his WWE career. Seth Rollins deserves much better than a feud with Bray Wyatt. Of course, I don’t know what else he could be doing on RAW with everyone else taken up in feuds. Bray should win this match, but I kind of hope he loses and disappears into obscurity. But I’m picking Bray here with Seth winning the rematch at SummerSlam.

WINNER: Bray Wyatt

Enzo Amore vs Big Cass

-If the outcome of this match wasn’t so obvious, I’d be heavily invested in this feud. I still am now, but it is pretty clear that Big Cass is winning. But Enzo’s promo on RAW this past Monday was great. Calling Cass a Casshole is something that could stick with Cass throughout his heel run. No matter how much I didn’t like Enzo and Cass as a team, Enzo can spin magic on the mic if given the right material and he did on RAW. The Big Cass turn was well done. I thought anyone who fell for the reunion in the second week was either a complete idiot or was watching wrestling for the first time. Enzo will put up a fight for the first few minutes but then suffer a beatdown from Big Cass for a good few minutes before Cass decides to end it.

WINNER: Big Cass

RAW Women’s Championship: Alexa Bliss (c) vs Sasha Banks

-While Bayley gets made an afterthought for some reason, Sasha Banks rises to the occasion here to face Alexa Bliss. The main event the women had on RAW a couple weeks ago was good. it was the best job they did with Nia Jax since she came up to the main roster. And it allowed Sasha Banks getting the win over her to feel like a big deal. At this point it seems like Sasha is moving in to the featured face role of the women instead of Bayley. I don’t think that will last for long. There’s still money in Bayley. It is just up to the WWE to get it right. Alexa Bliss hasn’t cooled off at all and has recovered nicely since the disastrous “This Is Your Life” segment with Bayley. I think Nia comes down to help Alexa but Bayley comes out to even the odds. This leads to either Sasha getting distracted, or Bayley getting shoved into Sasha. This allows Alexa to pick up the win and retain.

WINNER: Alexa Bliss

Ambulance Match: Roman Reigns vs BRAUN Strowman

-These two have been feuding for most of the year and you know what? The feud still seems fresh to me. Sure there were breaks in the build to Wrestlemania and when BRAUN was injured. But they’ve been going at each other nonstop and it is still fun to watch. And it is the best use of Reigns in a long time. Of course, the crowd loves BRAUN and is cheering him over Reigns. BRAUN is the best booked character currently in the WWE and in quite some time. This match should be a fun brawl. The question of who wins goes to who is facing Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. The original plan was BRAUN, but there are rumors now that it will be Roman. Hell, I’d do a triple threat if it was up to me. All three men deserve to be in the main event and I still think BRAUN deserves a Title reign this year. Even if it is only for a month or two, not giving BRAUN a Title run will be a giant waste. I’m giving BRAUN the win here. Roman doesn’t take a pinfall so he won’t be hurt too much from it. And a loss does more damage to BRAUN than Roman in the long run.


Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar (c) vs Samoa Joe

-Back in the lead up to Extreme Rules, I said that Samoa Joe would be the wrestler to benefit the most from a program with Brock and not be hurt because of a loss. And look at what has happened. Joe has been built up as a serious threat to Brock. Hell, I would argue that he is the most credible built threat to Brock since Brock returned to the WWE. Joe looked like a complete badass in the entire buildup. And as long as this isn’t a squash match, he will still look good coming out of it. The WWE could have a new star on their hands with Samoa Joe if he is handled properly after Sunday. But we all know that Brock is retaining the Title here and going into SummerSlam as Champ to feud with either Roman or BRAUN.

WINNER: Brock Lesnar

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