Quick Hits: Lucha Underground 7.5.17


-My apologies with the delay here. Family was in town this weekend and Great Balls of Fire took over my time Sunday.

-We start with a flashback video of Dante Fox that shows he was captured and almost killed until an Army unit saved him.

Cueto Cup First Round Match: PJ Black vs Sexy Star

-Sexy Star hits a hurricarrana and tilt-a-whirl head scissors early. But it just takes so long for her to get into the position to hit those moves that it makes Black look like an idiot.

-Black catches Sexy Star with a boot in the corner. But she knocks him off the top to the outside then hits a crossbody to the outside.

-Out comes Taya who tosses Black some brass knucks, but Sexy knocks them off Black then uses them on her own. But the ref sees it and DQ’s Sexy. She knocks out the ref after the match.

WINNER via DQ: PJ Black

Cueto Cup First Round Match: Son of Havoc vs Son of Madness

-Son of Madness is also from the open road.

-They brawl on the stairs to start and Havoc tosses him off.

-Son of Madness goes for a suicide dive but Havoc catches him with an enziguri.

-Son of Madness gets control on the outside. He tosses Havoc into the wall then drives his knee into the throat.

-They exchange control back in the ring. Havoc hits a springboard stunner but only gets two.

-Son of Havoc misses a shooting star press but lands on his feet. Madness school boys him for two then Havoc does the same to Madness and gets the win.

WINNER: Son of Havoc

-After the match Son of Madness beats of Havoc and takes his biker vest.

Cueto Cup First Round Match: Prince Puma vs Ricky Mandel

-Mandel says he is going to take Puma to slam town, so Puma boots him in the face.

-Puma dominates the whole match. He even wrestles in a dark hoodie the whole match and hits a modified package piledriver for the win.

WINNER: Prince Puma

Cueto Cup First Round Match: El Dragon Azteca Jr vs Dante Fox

-Rey Mysterio comes to ringside with Dragon Azteca.

-Azteca sens Fox to the outside with a springboard armdrag.

-Fox comes back and hits a swanton to the outside.

-Fox hits a leg drop off the top onto the apron.

-Azteca goes for a tornado DDT to the outside. Fox lands on his feet and hits a kick to the head. Azteca ducks a clothesline on the outside and hits a hurricarrana on the floor.

-Fox catches Azteca with a seated springboard C4 for two. Azteca then hits one of his own for two.

-The Worldwide Underground comes out and takes out Rey Mysterio.

-Azteca takes them out with a dive to the outside. Fox catches Azteca coming back in the ring with a superkick then hits the Foxcatcher for the win.

WINNER: Dante Fox

-I hope the 2nd round picks up the action in this tournament. The first round matches were pretty disappointing.

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