WWE Raw Review 7.10.17 – with Heather


It’s the night after one of the most horrific events in WWF/E history – the attempted murder of BRAUN.  I know that everyone must be patiently waiting for an update on his condition, and to see what action will be taken against the perpetrator – the man who left the scene of his crime, Roman Reigns.  Let’s see the journey RAW takes us on. 

After a recap of what happened last night with that coward Roman Reigns, Cass hits the ring to talk about how he destroyed Enzo last night.  He also says he is the only 7 footer and is ready for Brock Lesnar.  He gets interrupted, as one does when they claim to be the biggest, by The Big Show.  Show and Cass get in each other’s faces before Show attacks!  Show has the upperhand throughout, but before he can hit his WMD, Cass slips away.

“The Drifter” Elias Sampson vs Finn Balor

Sampson does his wonderful singing in the ring only to be interrupted by everyone’s favorite Demon (I guess except the devil) Finn Balor.  So these two having a little rivalry is still a thing.  Huh.  It’s a pretty competitive match with Sampson wisely working an injured Finn’s arm for most of the match.  The announcers even sell that he has a chance to win the match!  It inevitably doesn’t work out for him of course as Finn doesn’t need his arms to pull off his coup de grace, ha ha!

Winner: Finn Balor

As Balor exits, with his music still playing even, the Hardyz come out to congratulate him and he sends them on their way with what was really close to a seig heil.  They’re here to talk about losing to Sheamus and Cesaro last night and how they know guys in the back think they should hang it up and that the nostalgia train is over (I wish).  They say they are NOT done though and they’re going nowhere!  They also HEAVILY hint at being BROKEN including emphasizing that word and OBSOLETE.  I probably would still never care about Jeff, but BROKEN MATT deserves a chance to shine in all his glory.  The Club takes exception to this and comes out because they don’t have a lot of tag team choices here.  I also hate to speculate on something that everyone speculates on every week, but it is interesting there is a growing friendship between Finn Balor and the Hardyz and then the Club came out.  The Club say that it wasn’t other teams or boys in the back saying that The Hardyz were done – it was them!

The Hardyz vs The Club

The Hardyz are the likely winners of this match until Matt gets caught from behind with a kick from outside into a pin and they lose!  It’s good to see a feud maybe move on, though The Club vs Sheamus & Cesaro would be different since both are heel tag teams.  Although, there is only one face tag team outside the Hardyz and it’s Rhyno & Slater.

Winners: The Club

After the match and The Club make their way up the ramp, the familiar tune of The Revival’s theme song hits and they make their way to the ring to beat down The Hardyz.  Yeah Top Guys are back!

The Miz and his Miztourage are out next for The Mizzies.  It’s his awards show where he presents Best Supporting Actor to both Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel who both thank The Miz for their success.  Then he gives a Most Gorgeous Beautiful etc etc award to Maryse before presenting himself with…whatever it is he calls his Best Actor award.  His GREATEST MAN AWARD.  He then cuts a pretty good promo where he says he’s not like Dean Ambrose, or Seth Rollins or The Hardyz or Akira Tozawa who run their mouths and then lose.  He does what he says he is going to do.  Dean Ambrose attacks because this feud cannot end (I love them both, I do – it needs to end).  As Dallas, Axel and Miz take control Seth Rollins runs down for the save, angry at Miz’s earlier words.

In the back after the break Dean catches up with Seth and tells him he doesn’t need him out there to fight his battles and he knows Seth has a new reputation to protect but he doesn’t trust him.  It is a heartbreaking scene.

Sasha Banks & Bayley vs Nia Jax & Alexa Bliss

I missed a good little portion of this match, but I have to say that Nia Jax could be a great powerhouse heel if she just didn’t seem so sweet.  She had the Chyna shake and destroy move going on which was nice though it would work a lot better on little Alexa Bliss.  In a surprising turn of events Bayley actually gets the pin on the champ here with a roll up after a flurry of activity.

Winners:  Sasha Banks & Bayley

We get another Goldust segment and if I didn’t really dislike R Truth and think this feud was going absolutely nowhere I might be a lot more interested in it.

After another recap of Roman Reigns hideous actions last night, the announcers discuss how he’s been missing ever since but that Kurt Angle might have information coming up.  I think.  Maybe.

Goldust vs R Truth

As much as I’m not interested in this feud, the athleticism these two display especially at their age is great.   It’s a back and forth and Goldust hits his awesome spine buster, but R Truth is wise enough to grab the ropes only to lead to his loss soon after via The Final Cut.  I guess that would be the end of this feud?  They’ll move on to…. no idea.

Winner: Goldust

The best part of this night happens up next with Kurt Angle meeting with Brock Lesnar in the ring.  While Angle starts to talk about his ideas for Brock’s Summerslam opponent Angle and Brock laugh him off until Attempted Murderer Roman Reigns hits the ring.  Angle says he’ll deal with Roman later as he certainly doesn’t deserve a title match after what he did last night.  Heyman however likes the idea of this match – but before he can get too far with that Brock interrupts and says there’s no way he’s giving Reigns a chance.  He doesn’t deserve SHIT.  HE’S RIGHT!  Samoa Joe is out next and he and Brock continue to have INSANE chemistry when they go toe to toe in the ring.  EVerything about them is intense and I wish they could just wrestle again.  I bet Brock would like that too.  Heyman says Joe will NEVER get another shot because he got bested by The Beast, but Joe keeps digging.  Soon, Reigns remembers he’s there and gets in Joe’s face who tells Roman he couldn’t beat BRAUN so why does he deserve anything.  Kurt Angle interrupts before they can brawl and makes a match for next week – Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe.  Whoever wins gets Brock at Summerslam.  We can only hope BRAUN returns still bloody and wrapped up to destroy both next week.  Kurt says if they fight before then they’ll both lose the shot and Heyman and Brock try to spur them on.  Hahaha.

As the announcers discuss what just happened Corey Graves is distracted by his phone once again and leaves the announced table.  After we get back from break Kurt is also on his phone and when Corey joins him he asks if just got the same text he did.  Corey says he did and Kurt says he has to go public with this.  When he does he could lose everything.  He says next week when he goes public with this he could be saying goodbye!  Corey reassures him for some reason and says he doesn’t think he’ll have to say goodbye – he has all the confidence in the world in him.   Kurt still looks worried..

Akira Tozawa (w/ Titus O’Neil) & Cedric Alexander vs Neville & Noam Dar (w/Alicia Fox)

I love watching all four of these guys and they don’t disappoint though they also don’t get the time they deserve.  It is mostly a match to lead into the “I Quit” Match between Cedric and Noam on 205 Live tomorrow and also to keep Tozawa in the hunt for KING Neville’s title.  The match ends much like the Neville/Tozawa match did last night reversed – Neville winds up caught on the ropes crushing the king’s jewels and after a REALLY long time hanging, Tozawa kicks him off and gets the win.

Winners: Akira Tozawa & Cedric Alexander

Backstage Seth Rollins is backstage with Chuck Caruso who makes clever eye puns.  He says that he didn’t come to help Dean Ambrose earlier just to shut Miz up. He says it’ll take more than a poke to his eyes to end Seth Frickin Rollins.  Then we get a Bray promo where he says that all the best parts of Seth Rollins are in him now.  He’s angry Seth defies him and he talks about his past betrayals.  Oh, and he’s here.

Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt

Early on Seth does some nasty work to Bray’s hand on the outside, but it’s probably only in response to Bray trying to go for his eye again keeping Seth in one of the corners.  Bray eventually gets control going into the break and holds it for a good amount of time following it, but Rollins regains control with a great dive through the ropes where he actually grabs Bray’s dreads as they hit the wall.  Awesome.  Seth just can’t get the win though!  Seth keeps control through most of the end of the match, but because they’re playing up his eye injury, he eats a headbutt from Bray Wyatt then a Sister Abigail and loses again.  Damn.  I know Bray needs a win, but I don’t want him getting it on Seth’s behalf.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

After the match The Miztourage makes their way to ringside to circle the ring like dogs (or like The Shield used to I guess) and eye an injured Seth Rollins who can only see with one eye.  He doesn’t go down without a fight though and attacks them first as they head into the ring.  It isn’t long before they get him down but he is saved by a returning Dean Ambrose who brings a chair and an attitude!  He takes down the members of the Miztourage before repeatedly hitting Miz with a chair.  He has come to save Seth Rollins!

We fade from that to the back where Kurt Angle is on the phone again.  He tells whoever he is talking to on the phone that they shouldn’t be ashamed and he wants them to come to Raw next week.  He’s proud of whoever it is. He ends with an “I Love you!”  HAVE HE AND STEPH FINALLY BROKEN AWAY FROM HHH?  We’ll find out next week!

FINAL THOUGHTS: I thought this was a very lackluster Raw after from all reports a great show the night before.  I didn’t catch the whole thing but what I did catch was great.  I loved the Joe/Brock confrontation and I really liked the last match as well.  I am intrigued with this Kurt Angle thing going on, but I honestly have no idea if it can go anywhere good.  BUt you know, keeping me coming is good.

WATCH THIS MATCH: Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt. It’s definitely the best match of the night, and as boring as I find Bray I think Seth is just so entertaining.

SKIP THIS MATCH: Eh, all the matches are fine.  They’re just not ones that caught my attention enough.  I guess R Truth & Goldust but I love Goldust so that seems cruel.

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