Quick Hits: Lucha Underground 7.19.17

-Prince Puma is on top of the Temple. Vampiro comes up and says that if Puma doesn’t win the Title, he will keep having the flashbacks he has been having.

Cueto Cup 2nd Round Match: Pindar vs Cage

-The ref asks Cage to take off his metal Aztec arm. But Cage shoves down the ref then hits Pindar with it. The ref then DQ’s Cage. Cage then hits a spike brainbuster on the ref.

-If Dario Cueto wants Cage to be this new warrior, shouldn’t he come out and restart the match?

WINNER: Pindar

Cueto Cup 2nd Round Match: Dante Fox vs Son of Havoc

-So apparently the bracket listed above is wrong. My bad.

-Oh wait, Son of Madness attacks Havoc on his way to the ring. They brawl on the bleachers. Son of Madness catches Havoc with a steel chain to the face.

-Dario Cueto comes out and tells Havoc he either has to forfeit or fight. Havoc obviously chooses to fight. Duh.

-Fox knocks Havoc out of the ring then hits a flying senton over the corner/post onto Havoc on the outside.

-Fox is in control until Havoc stops a body scissors on the outside then slams Fox into the railing.

-Havoc hits a springboard stunner for two.

-They battle for position on the apron. Havoc catches Fox and hits an AA off the apron to the floor.

-Havoc goes for the Shooting Star Press but misses. Fox hits the Foxcatcher for the win.

WINNER: Dante Fox

-The Worldwide Underground introduces some guy named Benjamin Cooke as their representation.

Cueto Cup 2nd Round Match: PJ Black vs Prince Puma

-Puma is now wrestling in all black jeans. Puma catches Black in the air and hits a backbreaker.

-Puma is showing a more aggressive side. It gets him in trouble though when he charges at Black and Black moves and applies a Dragon Sleeper.

-Puma goes for a rear naked choke but Black reverses into a DDT.

-Black catches Puma in the corner and hits a cutter followed by a front slam for two.

-They exchange punches and kicks. Black knocks Puma down then hits a springboard moonsault for two.

-Puma crotches Black on the apron and hits a revers-ranna. Puma then hits a standing top rope frankensteiner but only gets two.

-Puma finally finishes off Black with the 630 splash for the win.

WINNER: Prince Puma

-Black ends up in Dario’s office. Dario tells him next week he will face Rey Mysterio. Cooke continues to keep calling Dario so he throws away his phone.

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