WWE Raw Review 7.24.17 – with Heather



What is the fallout from Kurt Angle and Jason Jordan’s big reveal last week?

Who IS the Number 1 Contender for Brock Lesnar’s Universal Title?

Will Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins be able to coexist together to take on common foes?

Will Bayley and Sasha be able to hold their friendship together in the quest for Alexa Bliss’s Women’s Championship?

Could ANYONE care about Enzo Amore?

What is Renee Young doing here??

Will Finn Balor walk with the Drifter?  or will he Follow the Buzzards?!

We’ll look to get all the answers to those questions and more TONIGHT…on MONDAY NIGHT RAW

We open with Jason Jordan’s father Kurt Angle coming to the ring to discuss recent events and the fact that he’s been so distracted what with his surprise son and all.  He’s happy he did it though, and now that Jason is the newest member of the Raw roster (weird how Smackdown is just kind of fine with that).  He’ll even have a match later!

Kurt then decides it’s time to talk business and who will be the #1 contender for Brock Lesnar’s Universal Title.  It obviously should be BRAUN but I guess we have to entertain whatever these bozos think.  Before Kurt can say who he’s decided BRAUN hits the ring!  He says what we’re all thinking – he should be the one chosen.  He won his match at Great Balls of Fire and the other two didn’t.  ALSO, he’s a monster among men and Brock is a beast so….  He also says that Lesnar fears him which would be smart of Brock.

Samoa Joe out next to get in BRAUN’s face, says he certainly is not afraid of BRAUN (should be) and that he just nearly beat Brock so he deserves the shot.  Too bad for him close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades and this is not either of those things!  Next up comes ol’ Big Dawg Roman Reigns to say he deserves a shot for some reason based on accomplishments he’s gained in the last 5 years.  TOO BAD FOR HIM, this is the here and now and all he’s done is lose to BRAUN and then attempt to murder him because he is a sore loser.

Kurt makes the obvious decision and says the match at Summerslam will be a Fatal 4 Way.  He leaves after this, but the three men in the ring brawl with Joe and Roman briefly teaming up to beat on Strowman who gets the upper hand on everyone when the security team and then the wrestler brigade come down to cool everyone’s pies.  BRAUN stands tall after the wrestlers hold Roman back and he gets a chance at a running powerslam.  BRAUN for president.

NO DQ Match: Finn Balor vs Elias Sampson

Elias is in the ring asking who wants to walk with him, and you know what?  I do.  Let’s go!  He sings a lovely song but is predictably interrupted by Finn “Abs” Balor.

This is a pretty good match that gets a good amount of time.  I know that people don’t like Elias Sampson, but I think the heat he’s getting is great and these matches with Finn have not been bad.  Finn has the upper hand through the first commercial break, but once Elias starts working on his shoulder the tables are turned.  Eventually Finn gets a chance at grabbing a chair, but Elias hit him hard in the back.  Back from a second break, Finn manages to take advantage of a chair Elias put in the turnbuckles and slam him into it face first.  With Finn firmly in control and nearing a win, Bray “suck the life out of every feud” Wyatt hits the ring after his cutaway to Sister Abigail Finn.  Elias crawls over for the win.  After the match Wyatt did his spider walk over to Finn and tells him to follow the buzzards.  I would lose those directions.

Winner: Finn Balor

Renee Young is backstage (on Raw for some reason??) and interviewing Kurt Angle about his big reveal last week.  He’ll have a match with Curt Hawkins later and Kurt has butterflies in his stomach!  What a weird interview.  Emma interrupts, because we do sometimes need to be graced with her presence, and asks Kurt when some focus can be on her – she who started the women’s revolution and is looked up to by people like Sasha and Bayley.  She mentions maybe she’ll start dating Jason Jordan for attention.  Kurt apparently doesn’t like Aussies though because he puts Emma in a match with Nia Jax for her trouble.

Backstage Big Show tries to talk Enzo out of fighting Cass next, but I say bring on the massacre.

Enzo is out and he cuts a weird promo talking about running on the people and that Cass is running on E.  There was a Drake thing about the finish line and I just could not care.

Enzo Amore vs Big Cass

This is absolutely a massacre and I LOVE IT.  I don’t love it as much as I could because I don’t think Cass has much charisma in ring, but I like seeing Enzo just tossed around.  The crowd hates it, but Cass wins easily.  After the match he continues his beating until Big Show comes out.  Cass straight up says he’ll break Enzo’s neck if Show gets in the ring, but he does anyway and Cass does not, he just destroys Big Show too.  Big Show is not a final boss anymore, he’s just the only big guy they have in the back they drag out when they need someone to look powerful.  But you know, Cass is going over so.

Winner: Big Cass

Renee is backstage with Alexa Bliss who cuts a monster promo on her potential Summerslam opponents.  She says Sasha’s ego will get the best of her, and if Bayley loses she’ll be at home eating twinkies.  She’s the real winner.  She is right.

Emma vs Nia Jax

This is a sad squash match.

Winner: Emma (No but wouldn’t that be fun?)

Chuck Caruso is still with us!  She’s interviewing Akira Tozawa who was further brutalized by Ariya Daivari on 205 Live so he has another match tonight.  Or he thought he did before his man Titus O’Neil got it cancelled because of his injury.  Tozawa isn’t having it and marches to the ring anyway, demanding his match.  He calls Daivari out, but KING Neville answers instead and mocks Tozawa, telling him he tried to warn him about Titus.  Before he can call him a shell of his former self, Tozawa punches Neville.  He gets a senton splash on Neville but is hurting and gets attacked by Davairi.  He stands tall for…reasons.

Bayley and Sasha have a chat backstage.  Sasha is upset about what Alexa Bliss said about them earlier, but Bayley tells her not to let her get under her skin.  It’s a fun little promo with Bayley trying to keep them friendly while telling Sasha not to overlook her tonight in their match.  Sasha seems to think she has this in the bag, and Bayley is not pleased with that line of thinking.  Sasha strongly hinting at the heel turn she’s been hinting at for months.  Since I think Dean Ambrose goes heel tonight, this one probably still isn’t happening.

Renee Young is backstage again this time with Jason Jordan.  He says he’s so excited, got butterflies just like Kurt. One of his wildest dreams has come true and he will win his match later tonight!

Dean Ambrose is backstage getting ready for his match tonight when an excited Seth Rollins comes in.  He’s pumped to fight with his former partner tonight.  Seth says they have three guys to worry about so they need a game plan but Dean says he’s not interested, he has four guys to worry about.  I definitely sense a heel turn, come on Dean!

Sasha Banks vs Bayley

Alexa Bliss is out on commentary.  Great reactions for both ladies.  The announcers dumb arguing bothers me for the beginning of this match, but watching these two is always a great time.  Especially when they’re given the airtime to give us a great match.  It’s pretty back and forth for a majority of the time and the crowd is back and forth with them.  As they both continue to one up the other, it gets more aggressive between the two best friends.  Sasha gets the Bank Statement on Bayley, but Bayley manages to roll out of it.  After a massive drop face first from the top rope, Sasha hits a Frog Splash off the top rope and goes for the pin.  She only gets a two though and Bayley rolls her over for a pin of her own and gets the win!  Definitely didn’t see that coming which is fun.  Sasha looks like she might cry after the match (finally go heel now!) and Alexa comes down to the ring to hold her belt up in Bayley’s face.

Winner: Bayley

Backstage Curt Hawkins is actually getting some promo time but it’s just to talk more about Jason Jordan.  He seems as sick of it as probably a lot of people.  He says he’s going to ruin his big debut and beat him.  Well, probably not.

Jason Jordan vs Curt Hawkins

Well the crowd is…not that hot for Jason Jordan but sure it’ll be great.  Michael Cole says Jason Jordan is tossing Kurt Angle around so that’s fun.  Maybe it’s foreshadowing.  This is basically just a squash so that Jason can show off to the Raw audience.  It’s the smart thing to do but I honestly think it should have been even quicker.  He wins with a new finisher so that’s interesting.  Kurt is watching his pride and joy from backstage.

Winner: Jason Jordan

Chuck Caruso is in the ring to interview TOP GUYS The Revival!  They excuse Chuck from the ring because they say they are professionals who know exactly what she will ask.  They then decide to tell everyone how special they are.  They go on about their accomplishments on NXT and how they’re bringing their talent to Raw now.  Out comes Gallows & Anderson to tell The Revival they’ve done a lot themselves since coming to Raw and list names of teams they’ve beat.  Not in awhile though….

The Revival vs The Club

I like both these teams but it’s a little weird to see them fighting.  I am always looking for some unpredictability though and not the same old thing, so who am I to argue though?  It’s a solid hard hitting match that makes both teams look really strong.  Both display their experience as a team, and are evenly matched throughout.  The Club seem like they might squeak out a win, but Dash manages to hit Gallows hard as he runs the ropes, leading to Dawson clipping his knee and both moving to hit the shatter machine on Anderson.  The Hardyz music hits though to distract The Revival who are for some reason thrown out of the ring by Gallows & Anderson who decide to jaw at The Hardyz themselves.  This leads to The Revival getting back into the ring, tossing Gallows out and hitting Shatter Machine on Anderson for the win.

Afterwards, The Hardyz hit the ring and clean house standing tall over both teams.  Matt is wearing a hoodie while Jeff is wearing crocs.  Okay.

Winners: The Revival

Backstage the Miztourage discuss their match tonight.  Miz asks why The Mummy was destined to be a flop and Maryse says its because Hollywood has no original ideas and just keeps making sequels and remakes.  Miz says it’s just like what Seth Rollins is trying to do with Dean Ambrose, and that it won’t work.

Miz & Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel vs Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins

Dean and Seth show some monster team work at the beginning reminding myself and the rest of this audience of their wonderful Shield days.  It doesn’t last long though because Seth Rollins gets thrown to the wolves and is held at bay by the Miztourage.  They work him over for a good portion of the match reminding me of the old Shield days with that too.  Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel have really taken to this push if you ask me and are performing like champions.  Seth is easily kept at bay by all of them while Dean stews on the outside.  Finally he gains an upper hand and he gets Dean in there.  Ambrose cleans house really laying into the Miz on the outside, but eventually the numbers game overwhelms him and despite Seth trying to help the Miztourage takes control again.  Seth is on the outside after being smashed into the barricade by Curtis Axel and on the inside Miz gets one over on Ambrose and hits him with a skull crushing finale.  Seth breaks up the pin though and after some shenanigans we get a great Shield call back with the double suicide dives through the ropes.  Miz gets away but Dean finds him in the ring for a Dirty Deeds and the win!

After the match, there are some touching moments with a riled up Dean and a happy Seth who share a hug in the ring.  Seth goes for the Shield fist bump though and Dean struggles for a minute while shaking his fist then just leaves the ring, leaving Seth cold.  It is so sad as the show ends.  It’s probably sadder than the split I really expected.

Winners: Dean Ambrose  & Seth Rollins

Final Thoughts: This show had 4 really good matches, and that is enough to make a good Raw.  There was a little too much focus on Jason Jordan and Kurt Angle but with the big reveal just last week that was to be expected.  I don’t mind Bayley being the unexpected opponent for Alexa at Summerslam, but I really do hope it leads to Sasha finally being able to go full boss.  The Fatal Four way set up for The Universal Title was to be expected, but they set it up nicely (Outside the fact that only BRAUN really deserves a shot), and I thought the tag match was great too.  I just don’t want that to ALSO lead to a Fatal four way.  Too many multi-man matches I think if we go that route.  I really did think Dean would turn on Seth tonight and it’d lead to that match at Summerslam but I was wrong.  I think there is still time.

WATCH THIS MATCH: Miztourage vs Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose though you could watch Finn vs Elias  or Sasha vs Bayley  or The Club vs The Revival  and be happy.

SKIP THIS MATCH:  Emma vs Nia Jax .  Nia looked great, but I don’t like how they’re treating dear Emma.

As always you can find me at hm_pufnstuf on twitter!  Happy Raw watching.