The HTCWrestling Podcast: Cena/Reigns Fallout, Sexy Star, Mayweather/McGregor, Top 3 Summer Moments And More!

Justin C and Cam are here this week and they talk about the fallout from the Roman Reigns and John Cena promo on RAW. They also discuss the hot potato game that is going on with the RAW Women’s Title and more when it comes to RAW and Smackdown Live. They also dive into the Mayweather/McGregor fight, the Sexy Star Incident and their Top 3 Moments from this summer!

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Quick Hits: WWE Smackdown Live 8.29.17

Jinder Promo

-Jinder comes out and cuts literally the same promo you’ve seen before so nothing new.

-The Singh Brothers begged for forgiveness from Jinder and wanted to kiss his feet to show their devotion. Just as they were about to Shinsuke Nakamura came out.

-Nakamura fought off all of them for a bit until the numbers took over. Randy Orton came out to make the save until Rusev came and took him out.

-They announce Orton vs Nakamura for next week, with the winner getting a future WWE Title match.

The Ascension vs Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable

-Benjamin gets a pretty good pop coming into the ring. Gable gets the rope pulled down on him allowing the Ascension to gain control.

-The Ascension works over Gable the entire commercial break until Gable makes the hot tag to Benjamin. Benjamin hits some nice offense and they finish off the Ascension for the win.

WINNERS: Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable

United States Championship Open Challenge: AJ Styles (c) vs Tye Dillinger

-Dillinger answers the challenge but Corbin stops him on the ramp. They push and shove. Corbin slams Dillinger into the barricade. Dillinger recovers and knocks Corbin away and gets the match.

-The match starts and it is super quick. Styles escapes Dillinger’s finisher and gets Dillinger to tap to the Calf Crusher in under a minute.

-Corbin attacks Dillinger after the match but Styles makes the save for him.


Bobby Roode vs Mike Kanellis

-Another quick match which sees Roode pick up the win. Not surprising since they want to get Roode over. It is still weird to see Roode as a face. It just doesn’t seem right.

WINNER: Bobby Roode

Kevin Owens Promo

-Aiden English is out there singing when Kevin Owens comes out. KO tells English that these Arkansas hillbillies don’t appreciate his music and asks him to leave. English agrees.

-KO goes over the events of last week and says this would have never happened on RAW.

-Shane comes back and KO says that once again Shane makes it all about himself.

-Shane tells KO that the fans are sick of hearing KO complain and that KO has no one to blame for his failures other than himself. Shane tells English to get back in the ring and he has a match against Sami Zayn.

Aiden English vs Sami Zayn

-Zayn sends English to the outside and hits a running swanton to the outside.

-KO says he is sick of referees not doing their jobs and comes in to put the ref’s shirt on.

-Zayn argues with KO then KO hits him with a pop-up powerbomb and English wins with a fast count.

WINNER: Aiden English

-Shane tells Renee that the match is stricken from the record.

-Dolph Ziggler said we will get his new look, next week. At this point I don’t care anymore.

The Usos vs The New Day- Winner Picks the Stipulation For Their Tag Title Rematch

-The match starts during commercial. Big E misses a splash on the apron then gets dropkicked into the barricade.

-Big E blocks a charge in the corner and makes the hot tag to Kofi.

-Jey goes for a Samoan Drop but Kofi counters into a Dragon Sleeper but Jimmy breaks it up.

-Jimmy makes the blind tag and rolls up Kofi and grabs the tights for the win.


-Tamina squashed some jobber with Lana as her manager. It is just like her pairing with Rusev.

-FASHION FILES SEASON 2! They are trying to figure out the “Two B” message. They hold of new gadgets including a pants belt. Fandango says he knows what that is it’s a Title not a belt! They find arrows where it says “Or Not To B” under the original message and believe it leads them to Aiden English.

Rusev and Jinder Mahal vs Shinsuke Nakamura and Randy Orton

-The match starts with a brawl and the faces send the heels to the outside into commercial.

-Back from break Jinder is slowly and painfully working over Nakamura.

-Orton gets tagged in. He goes for a quick RKO but Jinder bails. Orton clotheslines him on the outside then backdrops him on the barricade.

-The Singh Brothers jump on the apron. Jinder sends Orton to the outside and Rusev shoves him into the post.

-Now it is time for the heels to work over Orton. Orton eventually side steps Jinder and tags in Nakamura.

-Jinder breaks up Nakamura’s armbar. Orton goes for the DDT but Jinder falls out of the ropes. Nakamura eventually hits Kinsasha for the win.

-After the match Orton catches Nakamura with the RKO.

WINNERS: Shinsuke Nakamura and Randy Orton

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Justin C

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WWE Raw Review 8.28.17 – with Heather


ONE WEEK REMOVED from a lackluster Raw following what I thought was a pretty good Summerslam WE ARE IN MEMPHIS and so so is Jerry Lawler while Booker T deals with the Hurricane situation at home (we’re with ya, Houston!).  While Booker is gone, we still have questions…

BRAUN is the #1 Contender for Brock Lesnar’s Universal Title and Brock is HERE TONIGHT.  Will these two monsters clash?

With Miz continuing to live his best life, will he be given a quality storyline heading into No Mercy?

Will Sasha Banks FINALLY get a win while defending her coveted women’s title?  Or will THE GODDESS rip it off her as has been done so many times?

Will we end the night with the ever exciting CONTRACT SIGNING? of John Cena and Roman Reigns?


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The HTCWrestling Podcast WWE SummerSlam and NXTTakeover Recap

Justin C and Cam are back to recap everything WWE from this past weekend’s NXTTakeover, SummerSlam, RAW and Smackdown. We recap the main event scene on all three WWE shows and chart the path of the coming months for all three brands. We also talk about the breaking news of Asuka vacating the NXT Women’s Title and the crowd reactions from all three main roster WWE shows this past weekend.

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Quick Hits: Lucha Underground 8.23.17

Mask vs Mask: Sexy Star vs Veneno

-Dario Cueto made this match last week if you recall.

-After Sexy Star stomps on Veneno on the ropes, Joey Ryan comes in and rips off Veneno’s mask, revealing him to be Cortez Castro.

-They brawl on the outside. Castro goes to put Ryan through the table but Ryan low blows him.

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Quick Hits: WWE Smackdown Live 8.22.17

Opening Segment

-AJ Styles comes out and says he is reinstating the AJ Styles United States Title Invitational.

-Kevin Owens comes out and says that AJ did not beat him. A McMahon screwed a legendary Canadian out of a Title yet again.

-Out comes Shane McMahon. He said he called the match right down the middle, and AJ won fair and square.

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WWE Raw Review 8.21.17 – with Heather


After last night’s Summerslam, that yours truly attended, there are many questions to be answered!

Will we get a new #1 Contender for REIGNING, DEFENDING, UNDISPUTED STILL UNIVERSAL CHAMPION Brock Lesnar, or is he peacing out til the New Year?

Has Alexa Bliss stopped throwing a tantrum about her loss last night?

Can Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins continue to co-exist even with the probably very angry former Champs SheaSaro nipping at their heels?

Will we get to walk with The Drifter?

Does anybody care about Jason Jordan?

And…wait a minute…THAT’S JOHN CENA’S MUSIC!

TONIGHT: On MONDAY NIGHT RAW!…and in short form in this review

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Roles Reversed: John Cena Gets Surprised By His Fans

If you remember last year, John Cena teamed up with Cricket Wireless to surprise fans in a store in Los Angeles. That video can be found here: John Cena Surprises Fans In Cricket Wireless Store.

This year Cena had the roles reversed on him. Cena sat down to read some thank you notes from fans that told Cena how he inspired their life. What Cena didn’t know is that those fans were in the room behind him, listening to him read the notes and watching his reactions. One of those fans was Tyler Schweer, who caught a Cena “Never Give Up” wristband at a live event and gave it to his mom. Tyler’s mom was battling breast cancer and survived.

This is just another example of how great a guy John Cena is outside the ring.

Quick Hits: NXT Takeover Brooklyn 2017



The past few NXT Takeovers have been less than par for the course as far as NXT specials go but things quickly changed on Saturday. With the addition of Adam Cole, Kyle O’Riley and Bobby Fish plus the Mae Young Classic set to air on the WWE Network the NXT brand has once again become the hottest wrestling promotion in the world. You know the last sentence is true when Kassius Ohno Continue reading