Fantasy Booking: What WWE Needs To Do At Survivor Series

By “The Chairman” Steven Vincent

Once upon a time, Survivor Series used to be considered one of the big four pay per views every year along with Wrestlemania, Summerslam, and Royal Rumble. However, the past few years I don’t feel Survivor Series is on the same level as the other big three pay per views.

What if I told you there was a way to make the Survivor Series so important that it would affect not only the next few months in WWE, but the payoff was at the Royal Rumble?


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The HTCWrestling Podcast WWE No Mercy Review and Smackdown Live Thoughts

On this week’s HTCWrestling Podcast, Justin C and Cam review No Mercy and talk about the obvious path that Wrestlemania 34 is leading to. Is it the right call for business? Is A Shield reunion happening sooner rather than later? They also catch up on Smackdown Live. Is this the best Kevin Owens we have seen in the WWE this far? And how much longer is the Jinder Mahal experiment going to last? Give it a listen and follow us on Twitter @HTCWrestling!

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Lucha Underground: Ultima Lucha Tres Review 9.27.17

Texano vs Famous B and Dr. Wagner Jr.

-Famous B still has a broken arm. He knows he can’t win so he made a few calls and Dario is letting him have a partner. Naturally, it is Famous B’s other client Dr. Wagner Jr. I was wondering where he was.

-Texano hits a running senton to the outside. Back in the ring Famous B hits him with his cast but it is nothing more than a distraction to Texano.

-Texano tosses Famous B off the stairs after ripping off his cast. Dr. Wagner hits Texano with a metal jug to get control.

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WWE Smackdown Live Review 9.26.17 w/The Chairman

We’re just under two weeks away from Hell in a Cell and tonight on Smackdown Live, not only did another match get added to the card, but FOUR of them did.

What matches got added you ask? Find out in this recap of Smackdown Live!!!

If you’ve been out of the loop the past few weeks, Kevin Owens has had enough of Shane McMahon and his authority on the Smackdown Live brand. Smackdown Live starts tonight with a recap of the events that have occurred over the past few weeks. From Shane McMahon telling Kevin Owens what happens when you mess with the McMahon family to Kevin Owens violent attack on the WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

Smackdown Live tonight hails from Glendale, Arizona and I must say this crowd was a quiet one. There were a few instances where they came alive, but overall they were silent. The show starts off with Kevin Owens and the question that many in the WWE Universe wonder is that does KO fully understand what he’s done and what he’s getting himself into?

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WWE Raw Review 9.25.17 – with Heather



The fallout from No Mercy is happening tonight…

WHO Will be the next contender for Brock Lesnar’s Universal Title??


Where are Cesaro’s teeth?

Who will be the exciting guest on MIZ TV?


Hopefully we get all the answers to these questions and more on MONDAY NIGHT RAW!

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Justin C Watches WCW Halloween Havoc 1999

And I’m here. The first PPV of the Vince Russo Era. And boy is it a bad one. If you watch the Nitro before this show, you can tell Vince Russo has fully taken over:

-There are more backstage segments and interviews on this show then on every other Nitro before this combined. And most of the cuts have awful transitions.

-Women are being objectified. Kimberly is used to seduce David Flair. There is also an evening gown match.

-Buff Bagwell REFUSES TO FOLLOW THE SCRIPT BRO. He intentionally loses to La Parka then takes the mic and asks Russo if he did a good job.

-And to make matters worse, Jeff Jarrett debuts.

The expectations are already low going in. This is going to be a shit show.

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WWE No Mercy Review 9.24.17 w/ Heather



There was No Mercy…

Or was there?

Were Alexa Bliss’s days numbered as Raw Women’s Champion going against 4 other women?!

Has Jason Jordan ridden new Papa Kurt’s coat tails to an Intercontinental Title victory?!

How did Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose’s team work last going up against The Bar?!

Was Cena finally overtaken as the face of the company by scrappy Roman Reigns?


These questions and more answered .. under the break!

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The HTCWrestling Podcast: WWE No Mercy Preview And More!

After a three week hiatus Justin C and Cam are back with the HTCWrestling Podcast! They preview WWE No Mercy and give their thoughts on what will be and what should be the result of the Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman Universal Title Match. In addition to running down the rest of the card, Justin C and Cam also discuss Bobby Heenan, “WWE Starrcade”, possible changes to the WWE Network and a potential WWE Four Horsewomen vs MMA Four Horsewomen feud! Give it a listen!

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Quick Hits: Lucha Underground 9.20.17

-Melissa Santos and Fenix are shown training. Melissa gets on top of Fenix and tries taking his mask off but he stops her. Fenix says his mask means everything to him. She gets mad but still ends up kissing him.

Dante Fox vs Texano

-Famous B and Brenda are doing the announcing.

-Fox hits his running parkour flip off the post to the outside.

-Fox ducks one clothesline but can’t duck another as Texano takes him out.

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WWE Smackdown Live Review 9.19.17 w/Justin C

Shane McMahon Is Angry

After a great video recap of last week’s KO/Vince segment (as expected with the WWE producers), Shane McMahon makes his way out. Shane calls KO’s last week cowardly but also calls his dad one tough S.O.B. Shane tells KO to imagine being in his shoes, watching someone get beatdown by a coward while you sit at home. Shane says he will strike back with massive vengeance. At least Shane didn’t say “completely destroy.” Shane condemns KO and says he will beat him in Hell In A Cell. Kind of a weak promo in my eyes. Shane doesn’t do a good job of selling angry/pissed off.

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