ALL IN: Coverage of the Biggest Independent Show In History

ALL IN: Zero Hour is live! I apologize for being a little late to the game. Zero Hour is ONLY available on WGN America and is not included with the ROH Honor Club PPV purchase. As I don’t get WGN America, it was a bit of a struggle to find which was a bit ridiculous considering how important the two matches being featured on the “pre-show” are.

Anyway, the arena and ALL IN set, graphics and ring look incredible. If you didn’t know the story behind the event, you’d be certain a large company was backing the event. Ian Riccaboni, Don Callis and Excaliber are on play-by-play with Justin Roberts on the mic for intros.

  • SCU is the first team out on this historic night. They cut a promo putting over the event, which gets the first “ALL IN” chant of the night. Briscoes are out to a nice heel reaction and take over control of the match after the babyface start with a quick flurry.
  • Fast offense from both teams with unbelievable double team moves. They’re not taking a breath in the ring.
  • The Briscoes set up Kaz for a Doomsday Device but Kaz catches Jay coming off the top rope and turns it into a powerslam/cradle for the 3 count.


  • Kenny Omega cuts a promo backstage about the importance of this event. It seemed as if they didn’t have microphones or they weren’t working so it was hard to hear. He did say tonight they make history and he would personally make sure tonight is a night to remember.

  • Most of the participants are ringside when they come back from commercial. Bully Ray makes his entrance to a round of boos.
  • The bell rings and Bully Ray immediately puts a generic luchador thru a table on the floor.
  • There’s more guys on the floor, diving thru the ropes and to the floor. Billy Gunn and Tommy Dreamer tease double suicide dives but instead just climb thru the ropes and lightly jump off the apron.
  • Marco Stunt eliminates Moose and then does the Floss dance all the kids are doing.
  • Don’t expect me to get all the eliminations, its chaos!
  • The Best Friends hit a few double team moves and then hug! Of course, then Punishment Martinez eliminates them both.
  • Brian Cage and Martinez have a stare down before exchanging flying headscissors.
  •  Tommy Dreamer is still in the match so of course he introduces the plunder. Trash can shots for everyone. Until Bully Ray crushes one over Dreamer’s head and tosses him over the top.
  • Austin Gunn, Billy Gunn’s son, starts clearing house and looks pretty impressive. Jimmy Jacobs puts the younger Gunn down and hits him with a 5 Knuckle Shuffle followed by a crotch chop.
  • Final 4 are Brian Cage, Colt Cabana, Bully Ray and Jordan Grace. And she eliminates Cage! Her and Cabana drop Bully Ray and hit him with the “Wazzup!” Bully then eliminates her and squares off with Cabana. Bully tosses the favorite Cabana and looks to have won.
  • But that generic luchador slides back into the ring and reveals himself to be Flip Gordan! He tosses Ray and earns a title shot against Jay Lethal later in the show.


Its now time for ALL IN! They had someone sing the National Anthem, complete with fireworks. She actually sang the Lillian Garcia version and got a pop from the crowd when they realized it.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman vs “M-Dogg” Matt Cross

  • Here’s the first unannounced match of the night and it should a good one.
  • MJF takes the early advantage over the veteran. He begins working over Cross’ arm and hand. He hits a sick looking package shoulder breaker I’ve never seen before.
  • Cross starts a comeback but MJF halts him by spitting in his face. MJF almost gets a pin when he hits Cross with a rope handing piledriver. Sick.
  • Cross comes back with a springboard cutter and a shooting star press for a quick 3-count. Great opening match.


  • A tuxedoed Sean Mooney is backstage with NWA Champion Nick Aldis. Aldis talks about the history that’s being made tonight.


  • ECW legend Jerry Lynn is the guest referee.
  • Amell comes out to the Bullet Club music, complete with a custom Arrow-esque/Bullet Club vest and new pants/tights. Looks much better than he did at SummerSlam a few years back. He’s actually bigger than Christopher Daniels.
  • The two exchange chops before Amell takes Daniels down with a high angle takedown. Amell follows up with a dropkick and enziguri that sends Daniels to the floor.
  • Amell then drags a table out from under the ring and slams Daniels face first off it. CD slides back into the ring without the table breaking.
  • Chicago starts a brief “Amell” chant before Daniels drops the Green Arrow with a back suplex.
  • Daniels takes over with suplexes and moonsaults.
  • Amell goes for a Cross Rhodes but its reversed. He then hits Daniels with a falcon arrow for a 2! Another “Amell” chant.
  • Green Arrow hits a coast-to-coast! A long two count!
  • Daniels counters and just hits a BME for a 2.
  • Daniels falls from the top to the floor and stumbles to the table. Amell jumps from the top for an elbow but Daniels moves. Amell thru the table!
  • “Go Green Arrow” chant! Jerry Lynn counts to 10 but instead of declaring a double count out, he rolls both guys back into the ring.
  • Daniels starts beating on Amell and Amell flips him off! Daniels tries for the Angel’s Wings but Amell counts for a terrific two count. Daniels follows it up with another BME for the three count!
  • Both guys shake hands and pose for the crowd. Incredibly impressive match!

  • Tenille Dashwood and Mandy Leon are on commentary.
  • The match is announced as a Four Corner Survival Match.
  • Britt Baker comes out to Adam Cole’s old theme music and is announced as “Doctor Britt Baker”.
  • Chelsea Green comes out with her “crazy chick” music complete with wedding music, veil and bouquet.
  • Tessa Blanchard enters without the the IMPACT Knockouts Championship but has pyro, her father Tully Blanchard and step-father Magnum TA.
  • Madison Rayne shakes hands with Baker and Green but Blanchard drops her with a right hand.
  • Green and Baker are the first two in the ring and exchange rollups and arm drags.
  • Blanchard takes over and hits Baker with a codebreaker off the second rope.
  • Tessa gorilla press slams Rayne over the top rope and onto the others on the floor.
  • Chelsea Green reminds everyone she’s in the match with a suicide dive to Blanchard and Baker.
  • Rayne climbs to the top and dives with a cross body to the floor.
  • Baker starts to dominate with sling blades to all three women.
  • Green pays homage to Zack Ryder with a “Woo! Woo! Woo!” and a Broski Boot to Rayne.
  • Green hits Rayne with a leaping Unprettier but Tessa dives with a Magnum off the turnbuckle.
  • First “This is awesome!” from Chicago.
  • Another leaping Unprettier to Baker but Baker stops the pin with her foot on the rope.
  • Green then hits a Canadian Destroyer on Blanchard for a LONG 2 count!
  • Tessa Blanchard hits Green with a hammerlock DDT and gets an awkward 3 count. It looked like Rayne and Baker broke up the count but the referee rang the bell and raised her hand.
  • All four women hug in the middle of the ring to a huge round of applause.

  • Former OVW broadcaster Brent Tarring, friend of both Cody and Nick’s, joins the broadcast team for this match.
  • Brandi Rhodes comes out in an incredible see-thru bodysuit and bikini.
  • Cody Rhodes walks to the ring with Tommy Dreamer, Diamond Dallas Page, Glacier and Pharaoh! Cody is blonde again and in tremendous shape for this match.
  • Nick Aldis makes his entrance with Jeff Jarrett, Shawn Davari, Samuel Shaw and someone else whose name I missed.
  • Earl Hebner is the referee and Bobby Cruise is the ring announcer for the match. Earl Hebner says that the only way to win this match is by pin or submission.
  • The bell rings and Chicago goes nuts!
  • Cody backs Aldis into the corner and then Stardust-cartwheels away for a nice pop.
  • The two men trade chops before Cody hits a dropkick sending Aldis to the outside. He follows it up with a suicide dive onto the champ outside.
  • Nick Aldis regains control with a suplex on the floor.
  • Cody starts a comeback with his drop down right hand and they double clothesline followed by a double crossbody.
  • Aldis escapes to the floor. Cody springboards off the top rope but Aldis counters with an elbow to Cody’s face. Rhodes looks hurt and Hebner throws up the injury X sign. DDP comes out to attend to Cody. Shawn Davari comes to the ring to attend to Aldis and shoves DDP out of the way. DDP didn’t like that and hit Davari with a Diamond Cutter.
  • Hebner sends both guys to the back and Rhodes is reveal to be extremely busted open.
  • Aldis tries to take advantage but Cody reverses into a snap powerslam.
  • Rhodes climbs to the top but misses a moonsault. Aldis puts Cody on the top and hits a fallaway slam from the middle rope. He follows it up with a splash from the top.
  • Cody kicks out at two and recovers to lock the NWA champ in a figure four. Aldis escapes to the ropes.
  • On the floor, Magnus hits a Bulldog running powerslam to the mats.
  • Back in the ring Cody struggles but delivers an Alabama slam.
  • Aldis recovers and locks in his Cloverleaf. Cody makes it to the ropes!
  • Aldis hits a sickening piledriver and the arena goes silent. Brandi slides into the ring to try to stop the match while Aldis climbs to the top rope. He jumps to deliver a elbow drop but Brandi laid over Cody to protect him. Two count while the crowd demonizes Aldis.
  • Cody with the Disaster Kick and then the Cross Rhodes for a great two count.
  • Aldis tries a sunset flip but Rhodes sits down on it. THREE!
  • The two men shake hands while the legends enter the ring to congratulate Rhodes. It has been almost exactly 40 years since Dusty Rhodes won his first NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship.

  • A video package showed all the BTE clips of Hangman Page “killing” Joey Ryan. It ended with Nick Jackson, complete with production headset on, telling Page to get to the ring but Page snaps and attacks Jackson briefly.
  • These men show how crazy they are by trading suicide dives but Page takes over with a picture perfect top rope moonsault to the floor.
  • Page hits a fallaway slam thru a chair. He slides to the outside and reveals his new weapon, a literal Cracker Barrel barrel! Janela then starts rolling it around like he’s in Donkey Kong.
  • After setting the ladder across the apron and barrel, Adam Page hits a burning hammer thru the ladder.
  • Penelope Ford attacks Page, backflipping around the ring, followed by a Stunner! She then jumps from the top of the ringpost with a crossbody onto Page on the floor. She just stole the match!
  • Janela jumps from the top of a different ringpost with a elbow onto Page thru a table!
  • Ford and Janela set up tables by the entrance ramp but Page gets the upper hand, powerbombing Janela off the stage and thru the table.
  • Page has the upper hand in the ring but Ford surprises Page with his talking boots that he thought he buried! Page snaps and superkicks Penelope!
  • Page gets the win when he hits the Rite of Passage off the top of the ladder thru a table!
  • The lights go out and giant penises come out like Undertaker’s druids (and to the same music). They pose and Joey Ryan is back from the dead!
  • Ryan makes a full entrance before hitting Page with the Penis Plex! Adam Page is then carried to the back by the crowd of penises.

  • Lethal is shown walking backstage when someone’s hand gives him a pair of Macho Man glasses. The hand then slaps Lethal on the back and something changes in him.
  • Flip Gordon enters the arena with Brandi Rhodes in his corner. Then Pomp and Circumstance plays and Black Machismo enters with Leaping Lanny Poffo! Lethal is decked out in actual old pair of Randy Savage’s tights and jacket.
  • After two Mega Power handshakes with Poffo and Gordon, Lethal hops to the outside and walks Brandi into his own corner, a la Miss Elizabeth. Brandi eventually slaps his shoulder again and Jay Lethal is back to being Lethal.
  • Flip takes over once Lethal is back to normal. Most of the match is them trading flip-style moves obviously.
  • Flip has the advantage and attempts a 450 but lands on his feet. Lethal grabs the upperhand with a Lethal combination.
  • Flip counters the Lethal Injection with his falcon arrow for a two count.
  • Lethal calls for the Injection again but Poffo slaps him again and tells him to climb to the top.
  • Machismo hits three top rope elbow drops but Flip kicks out and Hulks Up!
  • Big Boot and Star Spangled Slingblade! A couple of flips later and a top rope Spiral Tap type move for a long two count.
  • Flip attempts another Kinder Surprise but Lethal counters and nails the Lethal Injection for a three. Lethal retains.
  • Bully Ray attacks both men after the match. Lanny Poffo tries to stand up to the bully but gets a low blow for his troubles. Bully sets up a table but Colt Cabana makes the save and the 3 babyfaces perform a Shield powerbomb thru a table.

  • These two insane athletes begin at an insane pace, trading head scissors and outside dives.
  • They trade shots and chops on the floor before Penta delivers a tornado DDT on the floor.
  • Penta controls most of the match back in the ring until Omega hits his own tornado DDT followed by a springboard splash to the floor.
  • Back in the ring, Omega hits a missile dropkick and neckbreaker for a two count.
  • Omega attempts the V-Trigger but misses. Penta regains the advantage with lung blower.
  • Omega avoids a double stomp and connects with a cradle DVD for two.
  • Penta avoids a superplex and hits an avalanche double stomp.
  • Omega regains control with 3 v-triggers but only gets a two!
  • Penta nails the Pentagon Driver for a LOOONG two count!
  • Penta hits a sick looking package piledriver on the apron! He follows it with a top rope double stomp for two.
  • Omega comes back with his own package piledriver and a v-trigger. He tries for the One-Winged Angel but Penta reverses with an arm breaker and another package piledriver for another near fall!
  • After trading chops, Omega hits another v-trigger out of nowhere, reverse rana and finally a One-Winged Angel for the win!


  • The lights go out while Kenny Omega is celebrating in the ring. They come back up and Pentagon attacks Omega. He hits a Codebreaker and removes his mask to reveal himself to be Chris Jericho! He grabs a mic and tells Jericho that he’ll see him on the Jericho Cruise.

  • Tiger Hattori is the special referee. Marty Scurll is shown backstage with random fingers pointing at him saying how he’s not a heavyweight and he’s just a junior heavyweight with no business being in the ring with Okada. Scurll cuts them by snapping their fingers.
  • This is the first match that starts with some catch as catch can wrestling. They then move to Marty not being able to move Okada much cause he’s so much smaller.
  • Scurll gets the advantage with a superkick and then a suicide dive. He slides Okada back into the ring and begins working on his arm but Okada counters with a flapjack.
  • Okada starts taking full control and beating down the smaller Scurll.
  • The pace quickens and Scurll gets the advantage. Tornado DDT off the middle turnbuckle for a 2 count.
  • Marty goes for his new Graduation move but Okada counters for a spiking DDT.
  • Scurll counters and pops Chicago with a beautiful delayed brainbuster on Okada!
  • Both men trade punches on the top rope, Scurll survives some stiff shots from Okada and delivers a heavyweight superplex.
  • A sequence of cradle pins and Scurll finishes it with a cradle powerbomb for a long 2 count.
  • Okada regains control with a shotgun dropkick off the top and hits his tombstone. Okada sets up for the Rainmaker but Marty snaps Okada’s fingers. Okada with a dropkick, goes for the Rainmaker but Scurll locks in the chicken wing. Okada escapes and Hattori gets bumped.
  • Scurll grabs his umbrella, avoids the Rainmaker with his ALL IN umbrella and hits his own Rainmaker on Okada for two.
  • Okada avoids another chicken wing and hits the Rainmaker for two! Marty starts asking for more punishment and Okada obliges with a rolling Rainmaker and a ripcord Rainmaker for the three count.

  • It’s main event time but there’s only 17 minutes left of PPV time. Rey Mysterio is donning a sweet Wolverine-inspired outfit tonight.
  • These are moving around quick… damn satellite light time limits. I honestly don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up.
  • Rey Mysterio gets a “holy sh-t” chant just by tagging in the match and facing Ibushi.
  • Its damn good that The Young Bucks made their names as “spot monkeys” cause these six are fitting a 30-40 minute match in about 13 minutes after entrances. Imagine if they had all the time they needed.
  • Rey Mysterio with a Guerrero frog splash on Matt for a near fall.
  • Finally the 5-Star Meltzer Driver for the 3 count!


Final Thoughts:

This might be the show of the year. Every single match delivered and every single match brought something different to the show. There was great wrestling, hardcore wrestling, comedic moments, surprises, title changes and emotional moments. All in all, ALL IN delivered better than I believe anyone expected. Go out of your way to watch this show.


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