Justin C’s Alternate WWE Universe: Week of 6.3.19

I’m on my own build to Stomping Grounds. Remember, I’m not going to Saudi Arabia so I don’t have a blood money show to promote this Friday.

Last week’s RAW was a Memorial Day Night of Champions, where the Tag Titles changed hands and there was controversy in the Universal Title Match! And The Usos returned after being gone for weeks due to The Revival’s vicious beat down on them!

On Smackdown, Randy Orton is the new #1 Contender for the WWE Championship. And we had the seeds planted for a Charlotte/Mandy pairing.

Lets get to it!

WWE RAW 6.3.19

8:00-8:10: The Usos start the show. They come out all hyped up. I can do a good Usos promo justice because quite frankly I can’t talk as well as them. The nuts and bolts are that the Usos are done playing games. And they want the Revival to know they want them anytime, anywhere. And The Revival have until the end of the night to answer their challenge.

*commercial break*

8:15-8:35: Ricochet vs Cesaro. Just let these two go twenty minutes. Ricochet wins the match as Mr. Money in the Bank continues to rise up the card

*commercial break*

8:40-8:55: Miz vs EC3. Right as Miz is about to go for the Skull Crushing Finale, the lights go out. EC3 disappears and Bray Wyatt shows up in his creepy clown outfit. Bray lays out Miz and leaves the ring.

*commercial break*

9:00-9:20: Seth Rollins comes out to address what happened last week. He wants AJ Styles to know that he had nothing to do with Paul Heyman helping him last week. Out comes The Club, who stick up for their buddy AJ. Karl Anderson challenges Rollins to a match which Rollins wins.

*commercial break*

9:25-9:40: Alexa Bliss vs Natalya. Alexa lets it be known that she’s back in the ring. She beats Natty. As Alexa is walking back up the ramp, Lacey Evans comes out to congratulate her. Alexa lets Lacey raise her hand as the possible formation of a new team forms.

*commercial break*

9:45-9:55: Sami Zayn is interviewed backstage. Zayn says he’s been informed he will get his Title shot at the July PPV. Zayn lets everyone know that now that he’s earned his opportunity, he is going to remind the world of just how good he is. We also get a quick Lashley vs Corbin match that doesn’t start as they brawl around ringside.

*commercial break*

10:00-10:20: Out comes AJ Styles. He thanks The Club for sticking up for him, but he has to deal with Seth Rollins on his own. AJ says he doesn’t believe a word coming out of Rollins mouth. He turned his back on his Shield brothers, so AJ can’t trust Rollins. Out comes Robert Roode, who says AJ should be more worried about their match next. At the end of the match, Cesaro comes out to help Roode. This prompts Rollins to come out. The ref gets rid of Cesaro, but Roode ducks a Rollins superkick and Rollins hits AJ. Roode gets the win. AJ is pissed and him and Rollins have a shoving match broken up by officials.

*commercial break*

10:25-10:40: Drew McIntyre vs Cedric Alexander. Alexander puts up a fight early on but McIntyre wins. Drew says he is sick of being overlooked and continues to beatdown Cedric until Braun Strowman comes out to make the save.

*commercial break*

10:45-End: Mojo promo. He’s waiting Rey. He’s waiting for you to return so he can finish what he started. We also get a War Raiders promo talking about how they are the team of the RAW Tag Team division, and no one is taking the Titles from them.

The Usos come out and tell The Revival they are waiting. The Revival are shown backstage and tell the Usos to come and get them. The Revival jump the Usos right when they get behind the curtain. They brawl to the ring as security, refs, and officials try to break them up. The show goes off the air with chaos.

Smackdown Live 6.4.19

8:00-8:10: Kofi promo. Kofi says he and Randy Orton have history. We get some videos of their past feud. Orton comes out. He lets Kofi know that there’s a reason Kofi took so long to get to where he is, because he was never any good. And come Stomping Grounds, he’s going to prove to the world that Kofi still isn’t any good. Kofi challenges him to come into the ring right now, but Orton shakes his head and walks away.

*commercial break*

8:15-8:40: Semifinals of the Smackdown Live Tag Title Tournament with Rusev and Nakamura vs Finn Balor and Ali. Rusev and Nakamura pick up the win with Nakamura pinning Ali.

*commercial break*

8:45-8:55: Buddy Murphy walks by Finn Balor backstage. Murphy lets Finn know that he better regain his focus, because he wants to beat the best Finn Balor there is come Stomping Grounds.

Daniel Bryan Promo. He runs down Heavy Machinery for being out of shape and says they will make easy work of them next week.

Ember Moon promo. She lets everyone know that she will not be an afterthought and her time is coming.

*commercial break*

9:00-9:15: Kevin Owens defeats Matt Hardy. KO lets it be known that he blames Roman Reigns for his loss last week, and he will get his revenge on Roman. Roman comes out and says why wait, lets settle their differences tonight. KO shrugs him off and says they will settle their differences come Stomping Grounds and leaves.

*commercial break*

9:20-9:35: Aleister Black promo. Then Andrade vs Apollo Crews with Andrade picking up the win. Have to keep building up Andrade.

*commercial break*

9:40-End: Becky Lynch and Bayley vs Charlotte Flair and Mandy Rose. The heels score the upset win after Mandy rolls up Becky.

And that’s that folks. I’ll be back next week!

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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