WWE Raw Review 6.12.17 – with Heather

Last week’s Raw had me all amped up, and I went to Smackdown this past week so I am loving Wrestling!  I wonder how that will stand up against tonight. Continue reading


WWE Raw Review 5.15.17 – with Heather


This is a rough week.  I don’t know how to process the news I received just mere hours ago.  I don’t know if anyone who has been enjoying Raw in recent weeks can really deal with the fallout of the latest tragedy to befall us.  Our beloved BRAUN is finished with Roman – for now – as he’s the latest superstar taken down by injury.  Initial reports said weeks, and now we’re moving onto months.  6 months.  6 months of agony.  Maybe, just maybe.  We’ll all be able to get through this together.

Raw starts with Angle informing us of BRAUN’s injury, and then about who will challenge the absentee Universal Champion Brock Lesnar.  It’ll be decided at Extreme Rules with the usual suspects who all, if you can believe this, hit the ring soon after to say why they’re going to win or why the title shot belongs to them.  Roman Reigns who enters to MASSIVE boos – deserved for taking out our champion (kidding), Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Bray Wyatt, and then Seth Rollins who says nobody here wants to hear them talk (those are the rules though Seth that can rarely be broken!  opening promo with 80 participants!).  Seth says he’s here to fight Samoa Joe and he runs to the ring to do just that and then there’s just chaos.  Finn Balor stands tall at the end of it all, but don’t worry I’m sure he isn’t being fed to Brock.  Yet.

Backstage after the break Angle tells Seth, Roman and Finn to let their aggression out in the ring in matches tonight.  Seth vs Bray and Roman vs Finn.

Jeff Hardy vs Sheamus

Well because we have this Hardys/SheaSaro feud going on, OF COURSE we have to see them wrestle in various mixed matches for the next 3 years.  Jeff Hardy wrestles so I…don’t pay much attention.  I’m a bad Raw coverage writer.  My long standing grudge just cannot let me care.  I do watch Matt be wonderful on the outside though, and that’s nice.  Jeff wins with a swanton bomb and looks like he could keel over at any second after.  That ain’t sellin.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Sasha Banks vs Alicia Fox

After an apparent cheap victory over Sasha Banks last week (Foxy kicked out!), they’re wrestling again here tonight.  I’m happy for Alicia to get TV time so that’s just fine.  And uh, not only does she get TV time – she picks up the win!  ALICIA FOX JUST BEAT SASHA BANKS.  And nobody cared.  The announcers didn’t even hype that it was an upset victory or anything.  I don’t know if the story here is the Alicia win or how it seemed like Sasha was the jobber.  She and Noam Dar celebrate post match and it is a lot of fun.  Still.  This is strange.  The match wasn’t bad though not very long, and hey – we do always want surprise winners so accept it I must!

Winner: Alicia Fox

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Dean Ambrose (c) vs The Miz

This is a great match with a lot of near falls.  I know some people are sick of these two wrestling each other, but I think it’s always a lot of fun.  Dean even manages to kick out of a skull crushing finale, devastating Miz and his lovely wife Maryse.  At one point Maryse blocks Miz from a top rope assault from Dean, who decides he doesn’t care and jumps anyway – narrowly missing her when she moves out of the way.  After they both re enter the ring, Maryse distracts the referee while Miz goes for a low blow, only to be caught by Dean and kicked in his own family jewels for his trouble.  The referee sees this one though, and disqualifies Dean.  This feud had to continue, so it’s an understandable finish.

Winner: The Miz (by DQ)

When I asked my friend Justin what the point of watching Raw was anymore without BRAUN, he sent me a gif of Alexa Bliss.  And he was right, so I picked myself up and here we are.  Alexa cuts a pretty good promo in the ring about how terrible Newark is and how great she is only to be interrupted by Bayley who says she is invoking her rematch clause against Alexa at Extreme Rules.  Alexa tells Bayley she doesn’t have what it takes to be extreme, and as she criticizes her, Bayley attacks.  Alexa gets the upper hand and takes control – finding a kendo stick and hitting Bayley with it.  She stands tall at the end. Bayley was AWFUL on the mic in this segment.  It’s uncomfortable to listen to her sometimes, and it hurts my love of her character.

Miz confronts Kurt Angle backstage and says he wants a match against Dean Ambrose where the title can change hands via DQ.  Angle agrees but tells Miz to watch his tone, resulting in a French tirade by Maryse.  Angle butchers his response, and she starts again before The Drifter drifts in and the couple leave in disgust.  Angle asks if he can help him, but The Drifter plays on.

Austin Aries & Jack Gallagher vs TJ Perkins & KING Neville

Seems we get a combination of these four every week, and as much as I think all 4 guys are talented – there are others in the division.  The crowd is at about an 11 on the annoying scale chanting whatever they want, including CM Punk and then This Is Boring.  These assholes.  This was a match typical of all 4 guys who are all great, and I do get that we’ve seen them a lot but they are SO talented.  This match was worthy of this Raw, and this crowd is worthy of the dumpster BRAUN threw Kalisto in.  TJ Perkins picks up the win for the team over Gallagher.  Ugh this crowd.

Winners: Neville & TJ Perkins

Backstage Kurt tells Bayley if she wants her rematch at Extreme Rules it’ll still be a fair match, but Bayley says she owes Alexa some pain and she is ready to get EXTREME.  Really pushing EXTREME tonight too.

Goldust and R Truth are backstage, and Goldust is telling Truth that he may have fallen last week, but teams need to build each other up!  They have a match with The Club later.  Goldie is so turning on Truth.

Roman Reigns vs Finn Balor

Right before this match starts they show a video package of Roman putting BRAUN out of action so how the heck are we supposed to cheer the guy now?  This is a good match, Roman really is good as a powerhouse, I just wish I could boo him and know it’s for the right reasons.  AKA he’s recognized as a bad guy!  Roman hits a superman punch and does not get the win! He sells his injury wonderfully and so does Finn as Roman concentrates on his injured back.  Both these injuries prevent the guys from hitting their moves at crucial points of the match.  Finn’s comes at the more inopportune time as his back prevents him from getting to the top rope fast enough for a coup de grace and after Roman puts him on the floor he hits a spear and picks up the win.  Unsurprising, really.  The match was good, but it’s hard for me to see a bandaged up Roman Reigns beating Finn.  I guess if I could see rib taped DDP do it for years, I should just expect it.

Winner: Roman Reigns

It’s time for mumbo jumbo time with Bray Wyatt.  He’s cutting a promo on Brock and says he recognizes him as the Beast he is.  He’s kind of starting to remind of that Gate Keeper from Nightmare.  He didn’t really scare me either, just showed up at inopportune times.

Goldust and R Truth are out to wrestle The Club but it doesn’t happen as my prophecy from earlier comes true and Goldie turns on Truth.  Crowd chants Thank You Goldust because they’re disgusting.  Announcers say they’ve never seen this side of Goldust, but I assure you there are worse sides.  Look up Goldust & Luna Vachon.

Enzo & Cass come out to hype up New Jersey and just generally annoy me I think, and they are quickly interrupted by new favorite pairing Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews.  Titus copies Enzo’s shtick and it is pretty funny.  He talks up Apollo beating up Enzo tonight but he seems to have missed a memo because the match is actually him vs Cass.  He’s in a suit for godssake!

Titus O’Neil vs Big Cass

It’s a squash match basically, and Cass gets the win.  Afterwards Enzo mocks Titus by trying to take a selfie with his fallen body, but Apollo Crews takes exception to that and kicks Enzo in the back of the head.  AWESOME.

Winner: Big Cass

Backstage Evil Neville continues to corrupt TJP over to the dark side.

Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt

The match is fine, but it’s obvious from the beginning that we haven’t seen one man involved in the 5-way at Extreme Rules all night, and he’s definitely gotta show up during this match.  Bray also just bores me at this point, though Seth Rollins deserves all of my attention.  It ends when Samoa Joe does leap from the crowd and attack Rollins on the outside giving him the victory.  There’s a brief alliance between Joe and Bray, but it ends quickly when Bray Sister Abigails Joe, giving him almost nothing to do tonight.  He then does the same to Seth Rollins and reminds us all – Follow the Buzzards.  Yeah, okay, whatever.

FINAL THOUGHTS:  I thought for the most part all of the matches tonight were good, and I didn’t really think any of the segments dragged either.  Unfortunately the crowd was awful.  They had okay moments, but their chanting during the pretty good cruiserweight match, after the Goldust beat down, and their general act of trying to get themselves over got old.  As it always does.  THIS IS NOT YOUR SHOW.  ENJOY IT BY CHEERING AND BOOING WHEN IT IS RIGHT.  Or being quiet.  gosh.  I think you should watch it, but you could probably do so on mute outside the talking segments.  Which you shouldn’t skip.  Alexa was great and I really enjoyed the Titus stuff.  I thought it ended as I expected it to, but still a decent show.  Not as good as a couple of weeks ago.

WATCH THIS MATCH:  The Miz vs Dean Ambrose Shady ending aside, this match was a lot of fun, and I love watching these guys go at it.  I like them feuding.  I know I complain about other people doing the same, but to be honest I miss a lot of Smackdown so maybe I’m just not over it yet.

SKIP THIS MATCH:  Jeff Hardy vs Sheamus I’m sure you’ll see it again.  I would have said Big Cass vs Titus as it was a nothing match, but everything surrounding it is worth a watch so I won’t do that.  You can skip the match I mostly did.

You can catch me on over at hm_pufnstuf on twitter where I am known to talk about wrestling and other assorted ventures, though I assume you’d only come for the wrestling.  Which is fine by me!  Next week I’m getting my wisdom teeth out on Monday so either I’ll not be here, or it’ll be a weird ride throughout.  For now, FOLKS WE ARE OUTTA TIME!



WWE Raw Review 5.1.17 – with Heather


After last week’s Monday Night BRAUN we start with Monday Night Alexa! She’s getting a red…ring apron celebration with all the other women of Raw.  She even has a podium in the middle of the ring where she can look down on all her puny subjects.  Lovely.  Except she’s not a queen.  She’s a goddess.  She does a pretty good job here of talking down to the other people in the ring, Mickie James, then Sasha then Bayley.  Nia Jax gets a weird pop when Alexa bumps into her, but I don’t know if that says something about Nia’s face potential or how much everyone hates bratty Bliss.  It delves into chaos when Alexa rubs into Bayley’s face that her nephews were crying ringside when she lost but at least now they have a real role model to look up to.  Bayley attacks, they all attack, and the spirit of Teddy Long gives us a tag match.

Bayley & Dana Brooke & Sasha Banks & Mickie James vs Alexa Bliss & Nia Jax & Emma & Alicia Fox

This isn’t as big of a mess as these matches usually are, but it’s because they mostly keep it to one on one action.  We see a LOT of Alicia Fox in this which is nice because she doesn’t get a chance to show she can actually work really hard out there too.  Sasha Banks gets most of the action for the face side, and looks pretty strong even against Nia Jax.  There’s a big skirmish in the ring that leaves Bayley and Alexa alone in the ring.  Bayley really does get a great pop from the crowd who are ready for her to get her win back from the dastardly Alexa, but in a twist, there is no 50/50 booking and Alexa hits the DDT after a rake to the eyes to get the win.  Really nice.  Good match, solid opening, the women have got me reenergized on Raw thanks to Alexa.

Winners: Alexa Bliss & Nia Jax & Emma & Alicia Fox

Enzo (w/ Big Cass) vs Luke Gallows (w/ Karl Anderson)

This match starts with Enzo and Big Cass getting attacked by Gallows and Anderson AGAIN.  They are never ready for this, they are too busy playing to the crowd.  You gotta learn your opponents guys!  I just think they need to shake one of these teams up a bit.  Seeing the same people wrestle every week even when they try to switch them up is just not exciting when I think the shows have been pretty good lately.  This doesn’t help.  Gallows has the advantage for most of the match before Enzo gets some momentum going.  He showboats too much pretending he’s playing baseball though and Gallows takes advantage.  After Kalisto’s victory last week I’m almost convinced Enzo has it with a roll up, but intelligent minds prevail and Gallows picks up the win after a slight distraction from Anderson on the outside.

Winner: Luke Gallows

Backstage with Neville and TJ who says people are saying Neville had to resort to escaping with his title by using the referee and getting himself DQ’d.  Neville tells TJ he’ll never get a shot at his title while Austin Aries is around, so he needs to start pulling his own weight. TJ concurs.  End Scene.  I love Neville.

Seth Rollins is out to talk about how he’s beaten the King of Kings and then he took out Samoa Joe and now he’s moving on.  He wants Brock Lesnar!  It’s a pretty good call out until he’s interrupted by Finn Balor who says he never lost the Universal Title and he was the one armed man who BEAT Seth Rollins so he’s first in line.  Then Dean Ambrose is out to say Brock isn’t really into fighting so his title is the #1 title on Raw and he loves to fight.  The Miz is out to say what a bad champion Dean is, that Finn Balor cheap shotted him and that Seth Rollins is a gimpy guy who used to be The Man.  Dean says everybody likes to beat up The Miz so he calls up Kurt Angle and makes a match for later tonight to become #1 Contender for Dean’s IC Title.  Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins vs The Miz.

Gentleman Jack Gallagher & Rich Swann & Akira Tozawa vs Tony Nese & THE Brian Kendrick & Noam Dar

This is a solid match that is mostly focused on Tozawa getting beat up in the ring.  Tony Nese has a strong showing which is good because I like him and think he deserves to get some attention.  I feel like we haven’t seen any of these guys in awhile with the focus being on Austin Aries right now.  They are all super talented guys, and while I’m glad they get time to show that off on Raw, I wish it wasn’t so often in these tag matches.  I guess that’s the best way to show us as many as possible. The faces have a great series at the end of the match, with THE Brian Kendrick nearly getting the win before a shining wizard from Tozawa then a dropkick in the corner from Gallagher to get the win.  Really good match.

Winners: Gallagher & Swann & Tozawa

Sheamus & Cesaro have cool heel jackets now!!  They’re out to talk about why they attacked Jeff and Matt Hardy after the match last night.  They’re mad about how the Hardys, a god damn nostalgia act, came back and stole their thunder!  They’re not wrong.  Even I got caught up in it and I’ve hated the Hardy Boyz for over 15 years.  They’re going to get the titles back though, because they set the bar!  The Hardyz interrupt and try to attack in the ring, but SheaSaro just abandon because they don’t have time for this right now.

Chuck Caruso in the back with Miz and Maryse asking Miz about his match later tonight.  He tries to play up how Finn and Seth should not get along so he’ll win, Dean interrupts and is fun.

Heath Slater (w/ Rhyno) vs Apollo Crews (w/ Titus O’Neil)

This isn’t as bad of a match as I would have expected them to book it to be.  Both of these guys are really talented, and I want them to have a chance.  This worked well to establish Apollo as leaning heel, especially because the crowd kind of likes Heath.  Titus gives an assist and Apollo gets the win.  Big boos when Titus assists too.  Or something happened in the crowd.  I wanted to believe in the guys!  Instead of being angry after, Rhyno just photo bombs the selfie Titus and Apollo take.  Okay.

Winner: Apollo Crews

Kurt Angle is out, surprisingly here despite Dean doing his job earlier, to give us an update on BRAUN and Roman, both are pretty hurt, but they’re not done with each other yet!!!  Before he can get too far, Bray Wyatt interrupts.  He waxes poetic for awhile and then asks Kurt Angle if he’s going to stand beside him or in his way.  This is Kurt’s show he says!  Bray responds that this is his world.  I have no idea what’s going on.   It’s over.

Seth Rollins is backstage and Dean Ambrose comes in saying he’s there to do an interview because it’d be weird if there was just a camera in a locker room and nobody did an interview (lol).  It’s a really fun back and forth where Dean talks about hosting a morning show and then asks if Seth thinks he can beat Dean if he wins tonight. Seth says he can, they have a fun banter and Dean throws it back to Gorilla.  I love him.

Austin Aries vs TJ Perkins (who may just be TJP now?)

I haven’t always been so high on TJP and I’m still not loving him more than a lot of other guys, but he seems much more comfortable now.  This is a great, great back and forth match.  Each guy looks really strong, and TJP’s aggression since kind of teaming up with Neville has been awesome.  This is a hard hitting match, and as good as TJP is, Aries is just killing it.  He’s so crisp and smooth and every move looks like it could destroy someone.  TJP almost has the win, but Aries reverses into Last Chancery and TJ taps immediately.  Aries is favoring his knee and taking his anger and Neville’s words to him into account – TJ snaps and attacks Aries after the bell.  He works on the knee hard, and it takes the ref way too long to break this up!  It was really intense though, and the cruiserweights are killing it tonight.

Winner: Austin Aries

Backstage Finn Balor is on his way to the ring for his match when Dean interrupts him to ask about his chances at winning tonight then the IC Title.  Finn says the IC Title is coming to Balor Club.  Dean picks up a donut and tells Finn to eat it.  He takes a bite and leaves as Dean finishes it, getting down to the dulcet tones of The Drifter coming by!  Dean asks if he knows any Pearl Jam.  Hahahaha.

Goldust is alive and is backstage talking about a Shattered Dream production: “The Golden Quest” with Kurt Angle.  R Truth is there too, and what they’re discussing is challenging the Hardy Boyz to the tag team titles.  For some reason Kurt Angle implies wins and losses matter, so he says they don’t have a good enough record for a title match.  But Goldust appeals to him, and next week there will be a tag team turmoil match to find the #1 Contenders.

Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins vs The Miz (w/ Maryse)

Of course this match is great.  It starts great with Miz trying to be smart and let Finn and Seth fight it out, but they go after that little weasel before too long.  I love Maryse and how she gets in front of Miz, not a wilting flower, but a fierce lady.  Miz is a heat seeking missile and I love it.  People can hate on him all they want, but I don’t know that anyone gets the heel heat he does.  He’s also fine in these matches with guys that are widely considered some of the best in the world, and carries his own.  These three look great together.  There’s a cool spot with Miz doing the Daniel Bryan kicks, only to get thrown into Seth who gets kicked down by Finn and takes Miz with him for a DDT.  All three guys are going non stop, and while i’m ready to watch a Finn/Seth feud, having Miz here is a treat.  Everyone concentrating on the other guys weaknesses, and them having to overcome.  Near falls, high spots, fast paced action.  Seth Rollins showing why he is my favorite wrestler.  He almost has this, but of course Samoa Joe much like BRAUN is not finished with Seth yet.  He costs him the match, and before Finn Balor can take the win himself the lights go out and we find out exactly what Bray Wyatt was talking about earlier, as he hits the ring and takes out Balor.  That leaves Miz to win, and end this AWESSOME Match.  This is seriously the best match they’ve had in a long time on the show and you’d be remiss if you didn’t watch it.

Winner: The Miz

FINAL THOUGHTS: I loved this Raw.  I feel like lately I’ve been saying I like them so much, and later I hear how much people did not like them.  This one was fun from beginning to end, and even the stuff I didn’t particularly care for wasn’t as bad as it could have been.  Raw is KILLING IT.  I am having so much fun as a fan of WWE right now.  I unfortunately missed Payback, but I hear even that was great outside maybe one match. If you are deciding whether or not to watch this show, I’d do it and keep away from the DVR.  The biggest issue I have now is that we get Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt and BOTH guys need a win to make themselves look like formidable opponents for title holders.  I am keeping the faith.

WATCH THIS MATCH: Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins vs Miz.  The rest of the matches are just fine too, but this match is by far the highlight of the night and belongs in the main event.  All three guys looked great, and it was non stop action.  Check this out if you watch nothing else.

SKIP THIS MATCH: Enzo vs Gallows.  Because we’ve seen it so often now.  It isn’t a terrible match, but it isn’t necessary.  The rest are genuinely pretty good.

 You can always find me at @hm_pufnstuf on twitter, and I do love talking wrestling.  Also, most things.




WWE Raw Review 4.3.17 – with Heather


It is the night after Wrestlemania, meaning we should all be able to find some enjoyment in tonight’s festivities! Last night’s WRESTLEMANIA had a couple of surprises, a couple of letdowns, but I thought it was an overall enjoyable evening. I’ve only gotten to watch it once, and it was a happy atmosphere, but that first half was pretty good to great in my estimation. Let’s get this party started! Continue reading