WTF Friday: The Gobbledy Gooker


It’s Survivor Series weekend. What else did you expect today?

For weeks leading up to Survivor Series 1990, the WWF hyped up what was in this giant egg. There was all sorts of speculation about what or who it could be. Many thought it could be a debuting wrestler, possibly even Ric Flair.

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Retro Theme Thursday: It’s The Survivor Series!


I mean what else did you expect the theme to be this week?

I will say one thing: I miss the days of old themes like this. But the WWE likes to have random bands for theme songs now.


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Retro Theme Thursday: The Greatest Faction In Wrestling History


Wrestling fans love to debate things. Everyone always has an opinion about who is the greatest something of all time.

When it comes to the greatest faction of all time, I personally think there is no debate. That honor belongs to the Four Horsemen. No faction can touch them. They meant so much to the success of Jim Crockett Promotions and the NWA.

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Women Crush Wednesday: Paige vs Emma

woman crush wednesday

People always try to pin point where the entire “Women’s Revolution” started.

Just so you know, it DID NOT start with Stephanie McMahon. Don’t let the WWE fool you. Stephanie McMahon was involved in exactly ONE segment to introduce Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Charlotte. And she never cared ever again.

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The Monday Night Wars: Pillman’s Got A Gun

Monday Night Wars

Twenty years ago this past weekend, one of the early signs of the WWF’s new “edge” took place.

It happened on November 4 1996. Brian Pillman was in the middle of a feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Pillman was at home with an ankle injury caused by Austin. But Austin vowed to get Pillman.

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