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Ruthless Reviews: A Retrospective Look…Series 2 Ric Flair

One of the biggest aspects of wrestling fandom is action figure collecting. If you’re not already aware, they aren’t just for kids. The popularity of collecting has soared over the last few years and will only get bigger thanks to the mainstream success of The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast (a show hosted by WWE superstars Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins)

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Justin C’s Alternate WWE Universe: Week of 5/13/19 And How I’d Book Money in the Bank

If you don’t remember my thoughts or my “rules” for this last week, you can view my booking from 5/6/19 here: Justin C’s Alternate WWE Universe 5/6/19 WWE RAW 5/13/19 8:00-8:25: After a recap of my announcements from last week, we start with Sami Zayn coming to the ring. He goes to grab a mic but stops himself from going

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