Quick Hits: Lucha Underground 9.20.17

-Melissa Santos and Fenix are shown training. Melissa gets on top of Fenix and tries taking his mask off but he stops her. Fenix says his mask means everything to him. She gets mad but still ends up kissing him.

Dante Fox vs Texano

-Famous B and Brenda are doing the announcing.

-Fox hits his running parkour flip off the post to the outside.

-Fox ducks one clothesline but can’t duck another as Texano takes him out.

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WWE Smackdown Live Review 9.19.17 w/Justin C

Shane McMahon Is Angry

After a great video recap of last week’s KO/Vince segment (as expected with the WWE producers), Shane McMahon makes his way out. Shane calls KO’s last week cowardly but also calls his dad one tough S.O.B. Shane tells KO to imagine being in his shoes, watching someone get beatdown by a coward while you sit at home. Shane says he will strike back with massive vengeance. At least Shane didn’t say “completely destroy.” Shane condemns KO and says he will beat him in Hell In A Cell. Kind of a weak promo in my eyes. Shane doesn’t do a good job of selling angry/pissed off.

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Quick Hits: Lucha Underground 9.13.17

-Apparently Ricky Mandel changed his name to Ricky Mundo. Should’ve changed it to Ricky Nitro. Ricky gets excited because Johnny tells him there is only one Mundo in Worldwide Underground, meaning he is officially in.

The Worldwide Underground vs Prince Puma, Cage, Fenix and Sexy Star

-Ricky Mandel is hurt, so Mundo picks Fenix’s Ultima Lucha opponent Marty “the Moth” Martinez as his replacement.

-Fenix and Black double crossbody each other. Fenix tags in Cage and the referee makes him take his gauntlet off and Cage reluctantly agrees.

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WWE Smackdown Live Review 9.12.17 w/Justin C

Kevin Owens Show

Kevin Owens comes out and welcomes us to the Kevin Owens Show. Kevin Owens said he didn’t fight back last week because he respects authority. He said he is suing everybody in the WWE as a result of the attack last week. KO said he will make changes when he runs the show. The first person he will fire is Sami Zayn. He is going to make Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton wear the same suit. And he is cancelling the Fashion Files! What a heel! That’s Hogan turning heel levels heat. KO calls out Vince. Shane’s music plays but it is Dolph Ziggler dressed as Shane. KO compliments him then Dolph leaves.

Daniel Bryan comes out. KO says Bryan will be the resident janitor when he takes over Smackdown. Bryan says he isn’t opposed to hard work and manual labor, KO should try it. Bryan says Mr. McMahon will be here soon. Bryan says KO won’t like what Vince has to say. KO says Vince won’t like what he has to say. So a promo to set up a promo for later.

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WWE Raw Review 9.11.17 – with Heather



BROCK LESNAR IS HERE!  Will he have a run in with The Monster Among Men?

Are Roman Reigns and John Cena going to continue their “REAL TALK” fights in the ring?

How will Miz deal with Enzo for more than 30 seconds?

How’s the Women’s Division faring?


All this and more TONIGHT…ON MONDAY NIGHT RAW!!!

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Quick Hits: Lucha Underground 9.6.17

Match For An Aztec Medallion: Drago vs The Mack

-Drago starts with a dropkick in the corner then a nice tilt-a-whirl DDT off the top.

-Mack balances himself on his head in the corner then shakes his gut, which distracts Drago.

-Mack catches Drago in the corner with a running kick then a Saito suplex.

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WWE Smackdown Live Review 9.5.17 w/Justin C

Kevin Owens Goes There

We start with Randy Orton in a dark hallway. He says no one will get in his way of taking down Jinder Mahal and winning the WWE Title. Why the fuck is Orton just chilling in a dark hallway? Nakamura says he respects the legend of Randy Orton but is still chasing his goal of becoming WWE Champion. And tonight his pain will be felt everywhere.

Kevin Owens interrupts James Ellsworth and Carmella. He says he will be the referee of the upcoming Carmella/Natalya match. Shane McMahon comes out and says this isn’t happening. All KO wants to do is uphold the law and order of the WWE! Shane loses his place then says KO needs to stop blaming him for his losses. KO says he never wanted to be on Smackdown Live and if he could he would still be on RAW. KO asks if Shane didn’t get enough attention from his daddy when he was a kid. KO is probably right. KO brings up Shane’s kids and Shane tells him to never do it again.

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Quick Hits: Lucha Underground 8.30.17

-We start with Dario Cueto talking to Matanza. Dario tells Matanza that he realizes now he needs Matanza by his side after what Rey did to Dario last week. Dario says in two weeks, Matanza will face Rey on the 100th episode of LU. And Matanza must destroy him.

Son of Madness vs Mascarita Segrada

-Madness attacks Mascarita right as he turns his back in the corner.

-Typical Mascarita Segrada match. He gets a few hope spots in and goes for a dive to the outside but gets caught with a forearm. Madness finishes him quickly after.

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