WWE RAW News and Notes For 11.20.17



After an… interesting Survivor Series which gave us a great Brock Lesnar/AJ Styles Match and a headscratching 5 on 5 Men’s Raw vs Smackdown match, Monday Night Raw is riding high after a 4-3 victory over their Tuesday night competition.  Here are the big things we saw go down on Monday night!

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5 Thoughts On WWE Survivor Series w/Justin C

1. Once Again, It Is Time For Some McMahon Family Drama

The main event 5-on-5 match had so many big stars in it that everyone thought there was no way it could be a let down. Well the WWE decided to prove all of us wrong. The ending turned into an awkward McMahon Family Drama storyline. Triple H turned on Kurt Angle to help Stephanie McMahon, and then he turned on Shane. So now we will have RAW’s up until Wrestlemania filled with constant bickering between Triple H and Kurt Angle, along with the ever so annoying Stephanie McMahon. Everyone else was made to be an afterthought in the entire match. Nothing mattered until the end sequence. And even BRAUN going over Triple H at the end to close the show just didn’t have the same impact.

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WWE RAW News and Notes For 11.13.17


We are 6 days away from the now most least enjoyed show of the WWE Big 4 – Survivor Series!

What will Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose do now that they’ve been beaten for the Raw Tag Titles??

Will Stephanie McMahon have anything to say about a second “invasion” of Smackdown??

Who will be the fifth member of the Raw Women’s Survivor Series team??

How exciting will Miz TV be?

Does Brock Lesnar have a response to AJ Styles beating Jinder Mahal??  (Maybe not…but Paul Heyman does…)


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Justin C Watches WCW Starrcade 1999

We are right in the heart of Russo Land in WCW. This show would be one of the nails in the coffin for Russo’s first run in the Company. The buyrate was the worst in Starrcade’s history. And how can you blame people for not buying this? They butchered the build to what should have been a dream match between Bret Hart and Goldberg. Every other storyline written for the show was awful. I couldn’t tell you one match I’m actually looking forward to. The Nitros leading up to this have all been awful.

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WWE RAW News and Notes For 11.6.17

Pete Dunne Appeared On The Show, Defeating Enzo Amore

-Kurt didn’t say Dunne was an official signing to the RAW brand. It seemed like more of a one off appearance. Although the U.K. Division will be appearing on 205 Live tomorrow. Dunne would be a great addition to the RAW brand and would be a great heel on the show. Of course, that doesn’t factor in the likely mis-use of Dunne by Vince McMahon.

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Quick Hits: New Japan Pro Wrestling Power Struggle 11.5.17

Titan and Dragon Lee vs The Young Bucks

-The Bucks go for a quick Meltzer Driver on Titan, but he head scissors Matt into Nick then Titan and Lee hit duel dives to the outside.

-Nick recovers and hits a Facebuster on Dragon Lee then goes back to the apron and just connects on a moonsault to the outside on Titan.

-Matt holds Titan in the ropes and Nick hits a senton off the top for two. See, that looks better then when people sit in the ropes on their own, waiting for a move to happen like idiots.

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WWE Raw Review 10.30.17 – with Heather


LAST WEEK Raw was HASHTAG UNDER SIEGE!  How will the roster respond to that this week??

How are Kurt’s spirits after teasing Shane and his Smackdown crew and getting played for it??

Has someone found our missing Superstars?? (Spoilers: A few of them!!)

WHO is going to Captain Team Raw?

Who is even on Team Raw…


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WWE Raw Review 10.23.17 – with Heather


Last night at TLC a lot of exciting things happened!

ASUKA debuted – did she keep her streak alive and defeat the wonderful EVIL Emma?

AJ Styles and Finn Balor fought for the first time to a great match.  What’s next for Finn with Bray still out with an illness?  Has AJ gone home to Smackdown?

Kurt Angle had his first match back in a WWE ring in over a decade.  Did he survive?  Will he be here tonight to discuss it?

Under this tag you will find the answers to these question.  Mostly.  This is…


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WWE TLC Review 10.22.17 w/Heather

E983F099-7A54-42F2-8F14-560176BD5B5C.jpegTables and Ladders and Chairs- Oh My!

After a week where many WWE superstars have been struck down with a ~ mysterious virus (talk is viral meningitis but as I don’t claim to know anything we will stick with a mystery virus), there was quite a shake up to the planned TLC Card here.

A dream match featuring AJ Styles vs Finn Balor was suddenly thrown together- and in almost impossible bigger news – Kurt Angle returned to the ring to team with the two members of the reunited Shield who had already been reunited prior to this show being planned out.  Oh well.

On top of all that there was the much anticipated debut on the Raw roster of Asuka.  Did she live up to the hype?

Did the show exceed the limited expectations people had before the shake up?  Did it manage to stand up to the heightened ones after?  What oh what happened at TLC?

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Lucha Underground: Ultima Lucha Tres Review 10.18.17

Cage Match: Matanza vs El Dragon Azteca Jr.

-Matt Striker sounds like he is losing his voice. So the show is already off to a great start. (no sarcasm)

-El Dragon starts by hitting a moonsault off the top of the cage.

-Matanza regains control and just starts tossing Dragon around into the cage.

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