WWE Raw Review 9.25.17 – with Heather



The fallout from No Mercy is happening tonight…

WHO Will be the next contender for Brock Lesnar’s Universal Title??


Where are Cesaro’s teeth?

Who will be the exciting guest on MIZ TV?


Hopefully we get all the answers to these questions and more on MONDAY NIGHT RAW!

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WWE Raw Review 8.7.17 – with Heather



Bayley is injured!  Is she OUT at Summerslam?!  Who will replace her?!

Who will be the LAST MAN STANDING when BRAUN meets his arch rival Big Dog Roman Reigns?

Are Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins still at odds?  Or will they finally squash their differences to become brothers once again?

How is Titus Worldwide doing now that Tozawa has a shot at KING Neville again?!

With Finn moved on to Bray Wyatt has The Drifter….drifted away?!

We’ll look to get all the answers to those questions and more TONIGHT…on MONDAY NIGHT RAW

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WWE Raw Review 7.24.17 – with Heather



What is the fallout from Kurt Angle and Jason Jordan’s big reveal last week?

Who IS the Number 1 Contender for Brock Lesnar’s Universal Title?

Will Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins be able to coexist together to take on common foes?

Will Bayley and Sasha be able to hold their friendship together in the quest for Alexa Bliss’s Women’s Championship?

Could ANYONE care about Enzo Amore?

What is Renee Young doing here??

Will Finn Balor walk with the Drifter?  or will he Follow the Buzzards?!

We’ll look to get all the answers to those questions and more TONIGHT…on MONDAY NIGHT RAW

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WWE Raw Review 7.17.17 – with Heather



What is Kurt Angle’s big secret he and Corey Graves are hiding?

Who will win the battle between Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns for the right to fight Brock Lesnar at Summerslam?

WHERE IS BRAUN?  Is he finished with Roman?

Will Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins continue to join forces to battle the force of the Miztourage?

Will The Hardyz…be broken?

Will Titus Worldwide continue to expand?

Hopefully we get the answers to these questions and more on MONDAY NIGHT RAW!

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WWE Raw Review 7.10.17 – with Heather


It’s the night after one of the most horrific events in WWF/E history – the attempted murder of BRAUN.  I know that everyone must be patiently waiting for an update on his condition, and to see what action will be taken against the perpetrator – the man who left the scene of his crime, Roman Reigns.  Let’s see the journey RAW takes us on.  Continue reading

Quick Hits: WWE Great Balls of Fire 7.9.17


Goodness Gracious I wonder how many people are using that to tell a lame joke about this PPV.   I missed most of the show but got entertaining commentary throughout and watched a man commit attempted murder so I’m not sure I could have handled anything else. Let’s take a look at results and important moments:

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WWE Great Balls Of Fire Preview

Welcome to the HTCWrestling Great Balls of Fire preview! This was meant to be done in podcast form this week. But Skype decided to fuck with Cam and I and not allow us to do a Skype to Skype call like normal, which is suppose to be free. And of course their support/customer service is the drizzling shits. So if you have any ideas why it made us ask for money for the call, let us know!

This show has been built up rather well for the most part. Now I said the same thing about Money in the Bank and that show ended up being a dud thanks to some awful finishes. RAW has been entertaining the last couple weeks and hopefully they can keep that momentum going into SummerSlam.

Now on to the preview!

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WWE RAW 9.12.16: Five Thoughts w/Justin C


1. Charlotte Generates Good Heat, But Her Way Of Speaking Is Weird

-I know that there are a good amount of critics of Charlotte. People have criticized her pretty much since she turned heel. I’m always quick to defend her. She was sloppy during the SummerSlam match with Sasha Banks. But she isn’t as bad as people make her out to be.

Charlotte does a good job of generating heat during her promos. Did you hear the crowd pop when Dana Brooke slapped Charlotte? People want to see her get beat up and get what is coming. And the material that Charlotte has for her promos is good. People boo her when she talks. But her cadence is all out of wack. Like, she can’t control the volume of her voice. It is almost like she was just unfrozen and has trouble controlling THE VOLUME OF HER VOICE. How has she not figured that out yet?

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