JC’s Top Rope Report: Random RAW Thoughts For 6.1.15

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-You know, maybe if the WWE had booked Wade Barrett a little bit better since he won King of the Ring I would have taken him as a threat to Roman Reigns. But instead they have treated him like a jobber. So while he had a competitive match against Reigns, I never once bought into Barrett beating him. That was probably the best Barrett has looked since winning King of the Ring. But when you are pinned twice by R-Truth in one week, it is tough for me to take you seriously.

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JC’s Top Rope Report: Random RAW Thoughts For 4.27.15

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-A Bray Wyatt/Ryback feud does nothing for either competitor involved. It is a step down for Bray, and this is coming from someone that is a Ryback supporter. And as far as Ryback goes, he is over with the crowd and needs a proper feud. But assuming he loses to Wyatt, would good does this feud do for him? It is a bad pairing of two guys who desperately need a win from their next feud. And unfortunately, one of them won’t get that now.

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JC and The Top Draw’s 2015 Extreme Rules Predictions

Extreme Rules 2015

WWE Tag Team Championship: Tyson Kidd and Cesaro (c) vs New Day

Justin “JC” Czerwonka: Cesaro and Kidd are two of the most over acts in the company. The New Day is almost at the point of X-Pac heat, where people just want them to go away. And that’s the WWE’s fault for booking them the way they did. Cesaro and Kidd retain the Titles here.

Matt “The Top Draw” Harrak: The only way The New Day wins here is if the WWE is really high on them turning heel. I don’t see that as being the case.

WINNERS: Cesaro and Tyson Kidd


Kiss My Arse Match: Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler

JC: Remember when we thought Dolph’s big win at Survivor Series was going to be the start of a big push? Haha. Now Dolph seems like an after thought yet again and is put in a match with a terrible stipulation. Sheamus has just returned, and I’m going to guess he picks up the win here. Although I very much doubt we will see the bare arse of Sheamus on the show. There will be some kind of chicanery after the match so we don’t have to see it.

Draw: I know I’m in the minority here but I like Sheamus’ return as a heel. The sole reason: he hasn’t been booked as a “chicken shit” heel. He’s come off as a bully and a badass which is good for the entire heel roster since now Sheamus stands out. And shut up about his look already! What kind of makeover would you have preferred for him? This fits his character and is a rather drastic turn from what we’ve known to be the “Sheamus-look” for the last 7 years.

WINNER: Sheamus


Divas Championship: Nikki Bella (c) vs Naomi

JC: Here’s how much the WWE thinks ahead. They give Paige the win in the Divas Battle Royal. But she’s going to film a movie, so they have Naomi turn heel and beat up Paige. But that then turns the Bellas, the top heels in the Divas Division, face by default. And what happens when Charlotte gets called up soon? I’m all for giving Divas a chance, but think ahead before you book this stuff.

Draw: As Justin pointed out, there’s little to zero consistency in the Divas Division. And if the powers that be can’t be bother to pay attention to the women, why should we? There’s such a big market and fan base for a strong Divas Division and a strong female hero but if the WWE can’t be bothered to book them properly than the women will never be looked at seriously.

WINNER: Nikki Bella


Street Fight: Dean Ambrose vs Luke Harper

JC: As much as I hate the stipulation in Sheamus/Ziggler, I’m still happy they are getting some sort of a mid-card feud. The same could be said for these two here. Harper has taken out Ambrose multiple times so Ambrose wants his revenge. Simple and to the point. Problem is, both of these guys REALLY need a win to gain some steam. I’m going to give Ambrose the win here. I think he needs it a little more.

Draw: Well this match came out of nowhere and I like it. I’ve enjoyed their brawls on TV lately and I’m glad they’re getting some PPV spotlight for their mini-feud. As much as I enjoy Dean Ambrose, his character is completely directionless and has been for a while. Plus he was given a brief shot to prove himself to the upper-midcard and main event ranks and came up a little short. Luke Harper on the other hand is riding high from a stellar WrestleMania ladder match showing and now his most recent work with Ambrose is marking him as a guy to watch. I think it’s Harper’s time for a bit of the spotlight and I think it starts on Sunday.

WINNER: JC – Dean Ambrose/Draw – Luke Harper


Intercontinental Championship: Daniel Bryan (c) vs Bad News Barrett

JC: We don’t even know if this match is going to happen. Going off of reports, I don’t think it will. My guess is Bryan won’t be able to defend the Title and be forced to forfeit it. However, I could see a Shawn Michaels/Dean Douglas/Razor Ramon situation play out. Bryan gives up the Title, but Barrett is forced to defend against a new guy. My guess? Neville. And Neville wins the Title. And we establish a new player in the mid card.

Draw: What Justin said. I’m just glad he had to type that up and not me.

Result: Bryan gives up Title, but Neville wins it in a match against Barrett


Last Man Standing Match: Roman Reigns vs Big Show

JC: Whoever decided to have this match in Chicago has a big set of balls on them. There’s a high chance this match gets crapped on. Although I still think that is unfair to Roman Reigns. If I was booking this, I would make it a Roman Reigns squash to get him over. But we know the WWE won’t do that. So we will get a lot of slow-moving moves and rest spots with long counting. Reigns will pick up the win and hopefully move away from Big Show as quickly as possible. Reigns needs to be built back up and a win here is a start, but an absolute squash of Big Show would be even better.

Draw: Whomever booked this match has never been to a WWE event in Chicago, Illinois. This match will be a riotous mess and unless Reigns & Show start trying to murder one another, Chicago will eat them alive.

WINNER: Roman Reigns


Russian Chain Match for the United States Championship: John Cena (c) vs Rusev

JC: Doesn’t Rusev know that a chain is one of John Cena’s favorite weapons? Or does he feel that because it’s Russian that it won’t help Cena? This feud hasn’t really been much of anything. Cena has been facing other people, and Rusev has kept to himself except for the last couple weeks. I hope it’s not the beginning of a de-push for Rusev. As far as Cena goes, these open challenges have resulted in good wrestling. But we all knew he was going to win until he got to Rusev. So after this, I hope both men move on. With this match not having any pinfalls, I could see Rusev winning. But I think Cena retains here and both men go on to new feuds.

Draw: If Cena hadn’t been doing the “US Open” gimmick every week, I would expect him to retain here. The thing is, the open challenge idea is only good for a month (if that) in today’s wrestling. Cena doesn’t need to get pinned here and he won’t. Rusev will squeak out a victory and move on to feud with Roman Reigns (if Bray Wyatt doesn’t take out Reigns first).

WINNER: JC – John Cena/Draw – Rusev


Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship: Seth Rollins (c) vs Randy Orton

JC: Once again, Kane is playing a prominent part in a main event feud. And we all know how much I hate that. The RKO is banned here, but you have to assume Orton will sneak one in at some point. Kane is the gatekeeper in the match, and the WWE has tried to plant a seed of doubt in the minds of the fans as to whose side he is on. These two should have a good match, but the steel cage stipulation won’t keep others from getting in. J & J gets taken out and Kane comes into the ring. He chokeslams Rollins but then also delivers one to Orton. Kane then pulls Rollins out the cage to give him the win. On RAW, Kane says he’s always been for the Authority but had to teach Rollins a lesson.

Draw: Seth Rollins has been a decent success story since his win at WrestleMania and Randy Orton is in this match to deliver a RKO from the top of the cage (and yes I know the move is “banned”). The addition of Kane is boring and very much pointless when a cage match for the WWE title should sell itself. People like Orton and they want to see the sleazy Rollins get his ass kicked. That equation has worked for 100 years and adding a bore like Kane to the match is overkill.

WINNER: Seth Rollins

WWE & DraftKings Announce A New Partnership For SummerSlam

DraftKings Logo

STAMFORD, Conn., and BOSTON – March 18, 2015 – WWE (NYSE:WWE) and DraftKings Inc., a leading destination for daily fantasy sports, today announced a new partnership, which will offer one fan a chance to win the ultimate trip to SummerSlam®, WWE’s biggest event of the summer. Beginning today and running through April 15, 2015, fans will compete in the “Ultimate SummerSlam Experience” through select professional basketball contests in order to win unique WWE prizes on DraftKings.

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WWE Total Divas Binge-Watch: The Second Half Season 3

WWE Total Divas Header-2014

[With the finale just airing this past week, I figured it was just easier to post all of my thoughts from throughout the season in one giant “binge watch” article instead. Remember, these articles are in the “live blog”-style where I comment on the happenings of the show as it happens.]

Episode 11: Her Highness

– Landing a spot on Total Divas may be even better than winning the Divas title now – money and exposure wise at least.

– I wonder what season will end with the long awaited Bella/Cena wedding.

– It’s amazing how many women I’ve met wearing the “Brie Mode” shirt who’ve never seen another WWE show besides this one.

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JC’s Top Rope Report: The RAW Truth Review For 12.22.14

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RAW Is Reruns

Ho Ho Hogan came out to start the show. He ran down the matches for the night before John Cena came out. He said if there is one man as iconic as Santa Claus it is Ho Ho Hogan. Cena said all he wanted for Christmas was a Frozen sing-a-long playset, until last week happened. The crowd chanted “We Want Lesnar” and Cena said he does too because he wants to kick his teeth down his throat. Cena said he changed his wish list, and he wants a match with Seth Rollins.

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Harrak’s Thoughts: WWE RAW 12.1.14 (Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, John Cena)

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#1~ John Cena tries to kill of the Anonymous GM, Dolph Ziggler is put over AND Seth Rollins brings up Sting all in the first 5 minutes of the show’s start. I guess someone on Creative actually read the reviews of RAW last week.

#2~ Seth Green is a good choice for the Slammys host. It’s definitely not Dennis Miller and finally someone who is a huge wrestling fan plus one who knows the WWE audience. I’m looking forward to next week instead of dreading it.

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JC’s Top Rope Report: The RAW Truth Review For 12.1.14

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A Long Rambling Promo Without Triple H?

After a recap of RAW last week, Michael Cole started with an e-mail from the Anonymous RAW GM. He said the future of the WWE can’t be left in the hands of washed up old veterans and he had an announcement to make. Before Cole could say it, John Cena came out. Cena said both the anonymous GM and WWE Champion Brock Lesnar only show up once a year. Cena went on to talk about his team at Survivor Series but the e-mail noise just kept going off. Cena closed the laptop. Seth Rollins came out with J & J Security. Rollins mocked Cena’s hand wave gesture and called him a little kid. Rollins said Cena’s become quite proficient at letting the crowd know how much he sucks on a nightly basis. Rollins said Cena is good at taking credit that he is not due. He said Cena didn’t win at Survivor Series and he pinned Cena. Seth said he would have been the sole survivor and the Authority would still be in power if it wasn’t for Sting. Cena said Dolph Ziggler single handily won the match and got the Authority out of power. Rollins said after a week, everyone had to honestly ask themselves if the WWE was better off with the Authority not in power. The crowd chanted YES.

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Harrak’s Thoughts: WWE Survivor Series 2014 (Team Cena vs Team Authority)

wwe-survivor-series-2014-wallpaper-1600x900{Thanks to  KupyWrestlingWallpapers.INFO for the Survivor Series match card. – MJH}

#1~ St. Louis just went ape-shit for Bad News Barrett! It was refreshing to see him back on TV & the tease of him being the “general manager” was fantastic!

#2~ I was just spit-balling ideas and storylines with the “Wrestling Wife” while preview the main event of Team Cena versus Team Authority & two scenarios popped into my head. One, which I said on the Pulsecast, is that Dolph Ziggler or Sheamus would turn on John Cena to cost him the match. The second came when the rumor of Roman Reigns being backstage in St. Louis surfaced. That would be Cena getting beatdown unfair while the referee is down, Reigns storming the ring and giving the win to John Cena. This then sets off a feud between Reigns and Triple H who will now “have” to be a wrestler since The Authority would be out of power.

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