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NXT UK 17.10.19

Ilja Dragunov Vs Saxon Huxley I’m not overly familiar with Huxley but based on this first minute I feel he underestimates the Russian. I know I say it a lot, but he’s so Intense. Having a break from action has definitely helped reinvigorate him. The punches and kicks he hurls at Huxley are constant. His flying knee to the face

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NXT UK 08.07.19

Noam Dar Vs Ashton Smith I’m conflicted when it comes to Noam Dar. He’s clearly talented (& loved) but there’s just something about him that really winds me up. To be fair, if his role is that of an arrogant heel then he’s clearly doing his job! But in my own personal opinion…there are more stars worthy of TV time,

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NXT UK 19.06.19

This week we’re coming live from Download Festival. Will the metal heavy (& heavy metal) atmosphere up the ante? Only one way to find out… Kenny Williams Vs Kassius Ohno Pure speed Vs strength match to kick off the show, & Ohno is all over Williams. Some brutal chops to the chest left Williams Red raw, and despite some momentum

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