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My Thoughts: WWE RAW 6.23.14 (Stephanie McMahon, Vickie Guerrero, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns)

    #1~ That was an unexpectedly exciting opening segment. Not only did we finally see Vickie Guerrero turn babyface for the first time in her on-screen career & referencing her late husband to a well-deserved pop. And if that wasn’t enough, Stephanie McMahon is getting back in the ring? Her matches were always “must-see TV” and while a match

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JC’s Top Rope Report: Random Thoughts From This Week’s News

We are less than one week away from the Royal Rumble, and there are a lot of interesting news pieces and rumors out there. ***WARNING: This piece does contain some spoilers for the week ahead regarding TNA.*** Daniel Bryan’s Concussion Shouldn’t Effect His Wrestlemania Status -If you haven’t read by now, Daniel Bryan suffered a pretty serious concussion at the

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Random Thoughts: WWE Raw 12.23.13 (Can Sexual Chocolate Save Christmas?)

The Sa {Ed. Note: Happy Holidays to those readers who celebrate. In an effort of full disclosure, I completely underestimated the excitement & joy a three-year old feels around this time and the word “exhausted” can’t even begin to describe the shape I’m in. I apologize if my Thoughts are briefer than normal but right now my main struggle is

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