Quick Hits: WWE No Mercy 2016

-I’m joining this already in progress since the Bills game didn’t end until after 7. Curt Hawkins came out and said he is having a match on Smackdown next week. Not on the PPV. Clearly, the WWE just transferred the Eva Marie gimmick to Curt Hawkins.

-Alexa Bliss was told Becky Lynch can’t compete. I guess she will get her Title match in Scotland on November 9. Because reasons.

-American Alpha and the Hype Bros defeated The Ascension and Vaudevillains.

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WWE Smackdown Live 10.4.16: Five Snarky Thoughts w/ Cameron Dougharty

New Smackdown Logo

Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton Play Skype Phone Tag

  1. Randy Orton is that bad ass city boy who knows buying a house in a back woods town would save him millions but then he would have neighbors like Bray Wyatt. The two simply just can’t see eye to eye or video package to video package. These two have taken this role as the ‘top guys on Smackdown with nothing to do so let’s pair them together’ and have turned water into wine. Has Randy seen the lack of light using Wyatt’s own tricks against him? Bet you weren’t counting on that call back Sister Abigil angle to bite you, did ya Randy?


Hard Times, Nikki Bella

      2. Nikki Bella is the longest reigning Divas Champion in WWE History. Immediately after that the Women’s Championship was rebranded, not because of such dominance from Nikki, it was simply because there was a laundry list of women ready to take her place. While Nikki was the champion she became a better overall wrestler, created a new finishing move, which ultimately led her down the path of injured WWE Champions. Those were much simpler times for Nikki. After she returned I expected Nikki to become the first Smackdown Live Women’s Champion but truly Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss had passed her up. Out with the sorta old, and in with the NXT crowd.  Continue reading

WWE RAW 9.12.16: Five Thoughts w/Justin C


1. Charlotte Generates Good Heat, But Her Way Of Speaking Is Weird

-I know that there are a good amount of critics of Charlotte. People have criticized her pretty much since she turned heel. I’m always quick to defend her. She was sloppy during the SummerSlam match with Sasha Banks. But she isn’t as bad as people make her out to be.

Charlotte does a good job of generating heat during her promos. Did you hear the crowd pop when Dana Brooke slapped Charlotte? People want to see her get beat up and get what is coming. And the material that Charlotte has for her promos is good. People boo her when she talks. But her cadence is all out of wack. Like, she can’t control the volume of her voice. It is almost like she was just unfrozen and has trouble controlling THE VOLUME OF HER VOICE. How has she not figured that out yet?

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WWE RoadBlock Results and Quick Hits

The New Day Defeated Wade Barrett and Sheamus To Retain the Tag Team Titles

-Basic match here. Barrett caught Big E with a kick to the face, but Xaiver Woods ended up distracting the ref. Sheamus chased Woods around until Kofi caught Sheamus with a face plant on the floor. Big E then hit the Big Ending on Barrett to pick up the win. I’m assuming the result is to set up a rematch at Wrestlemania. It was weird to see the New Day use heel tactics to come up with the win.

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10 Thoughts… WWE RAW 2.15.16 (Fastlane, Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens, AJ Styles)

10 Thoughts - RAW Logo (2016)


1. Now that’s an exciting way to kick off RAW. I was wondering what path the Intercontinental title was going to take now that Dean Ambrose is in the main event picture and by putting the title on the line on the RAW before Fastlane I believe it gives fans MORE faith in an Ambrose title win on Sunday since he won’t be “weighed down” by also being the IC champion. Go ahead, name all of the other secondary champions that won the “big one” at the same time as holding the Intercontinental or United States Championship not named the Ultimate Warrior. I’ll wait.

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WWE TLC Live Results

TLC - WWE World Heavyweight Champion

Sasha Banks Defeats Becky Lynch

-They tried turning Team B.A.D. into New Day before the match, and well it didn’t work. The match was okay, nothing like their NXT matches. But it wasn’t a bad match for the kickoff show. Kind of surprised to see Sasha pick up the win, especially because I assumed Becky was going to be in line for a Divas Title shot next. Maybe they are going to start the build up for Sasha going into Wrestlemania now?

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JC’s Top Rope Report: Random RAW Thoughts For 11.2.15

JC Top Rope Logo 2

-I love that it seems like Cesaro is in the “give no fucks” mode when it comes to his on screen character. The guy is clearly over, despite the WWE’s best efforts to stop it. I just don’t get why the WWE doesn’t give him one strong push. If he is a bust, then so be it. It’s not like the WWE hasn’t had people not work out for them before. If Ryback can get a WWE Title match, there is no reason Cesaro shouldn’t be able to get one.

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Harrak’s Thoughts: WWE RAW 11.10.14 (John Cena, Ryback, Seth Rollins, Luke Harper)

WWE Raw Header - 2014

#1~ I never thought I would put Ryback in the headline of a RAW report again. It’s amazing what removing a beanie that makes you look like a steroid-pump condom can do for a guy.

#1 ~ Ryback, Mark Henry, Triple H, Kane and John Cena opened RAW. Yea that really makes me want to stay awake for the rest of this show. Not to mention that suddenly Jack Swagger is relevant again.

#2~ Ah it seems that Stephanie McMahon heard the online criticism of last week’s “Vladimir Putin” line from Lana. At least this interaction felt more like how things would happen backstage (even the tongue-in-cheek comment about politics in the WWE).

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JC’s Top Rope Report: The RAW Truth Review For 10/13/14

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Wait, A New Match Not Involving The Same Five People?

After recapping last week’s events, Dean Ambrose came out. He said there is nothing he would like more in this world than to be inside Hell In A Cell with Seth Rollins. But before he gets there something else is in his way that is really pissing him off, and that is the face of the WWE John Cena. He said it is clear that The Authority wants him and Cena to tear each other apart so they can protect their golden boy Seth Rollins. He said at Hell In A Cell, he will take down the contract and then the pole and beat John Cena with it. Then he will bounce Seth Rollins head around the Cell like a basketball.

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