Quick Hits: WWE RAW 5.8.17

-Justin C here filling in for Heather tonight. If I have to write about RAW after how bad it’s been in recent weeks (or months or years) then I may need some alcohol. Opening Segment -Dean Ambrose is walking in the back and gets a call from Kurt Angle. He then goes to the ring. […]

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Quick Hits: WWE Payback 2017

Big Cass and Enzo Amore vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson -Paint by the numbers Enzo and Cass match. The Club dominates, but Big Cass catches Anderson with a boot then Enzo rolls him up for the win. WINNERS: Big Cass and Enzo Amore MizTV With Finn Balor -Miz asks Finn if he is done […]

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WWE Payback 2017 Preview

This Sunday is the RAW exclusive Payback PPV. Right now, Payback looks like an A+ grade name for a show when you consider we are getting a show in the coming months called Great Balls of Fire. I really want to know why the WWE thinks that is a great name for a show. Well […]

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Quick Hits: WWE RAW 3.27.17

-During the opening intro a bunch of Undertaker titantron clips played. He’s hacking RAW. -Bayley comes out to talk about being excited for Wrestlemania. You know, I don’t think these promos are going to work for her in the long run. -Here comes Charlotte to rip on Bayley and tells her Sasha is the only […]

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WWE Fastlane Preview

Justin C here with a preview of WWE Fastlane this weekend. It is the last PPV before we get fully into Wrestlemania. And I would expect the final pieces of the puzzle to be put into place after this show. Of course, from what we know, it sounds like most of us won’t like the […]

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