Lucha Underground: Ultima Lucha Tres Review 10.18.17

Cage Match: Matanza vs El Dragon Azteca Jr. -Matt Striker sounds like he is losing his voice. So the show is already off to a great start. (no sarcasm) -El Dragon starts by hitting a moonsault off the top of the cage. -Matanza regains control and just starts tossing Dragon around into the cage. Advertisements

Quick Hits: Lucha Underground 9.6.17

Match For An Aztec Medallion: Drago vs The Mack -Drago starts with a dropkick in the corner then a nice tilt-a-whirl DDT off the top. -Mack balances himself on his head in the corner then shakes his gut, which distracts Drago. -Mack catches Drago in the corner with a running kick then a Saito suplex.