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WWE RAW Review 8.19.19

Hey guys, it’s Cameron covering Raw today for the site. Here are my thoughts on the show. The Roman Reigns must die angle has been a fun watch, especially since Buddy Murphy was inserted into the story. Fully expecting a promo from Roman about what has happened and what will happen turned into Dolph Ziggler getting on tv again. Dolph

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WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 8.6.19 w/ The Chairman

Summerslam has come early this year and while the card looks pretty loaded, the road hit a massive bump on Smackdown Live tonight. Rumor has it Vince tore up and rewrote the show literally before it aired and it clearly showed.   HIT: New Day and Bryan Rowan Make Tag Team Wrestling Great These two teams have interacted quite a

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