WWE Smackdown Live Review 11.7.17 w/ The Chairman

Survivor Series is less than two weeks away and last night on Raw we seen Cesaro and Sheamus get crowned Raw Tag Team Champions meaning they’re taking the place of Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose to challenge the Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions The Usos. Now it’s the Usos turn to defend their titles against Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin. Will the Usos survive and represent Smackdown Live as tag team champions or will Gable and Benjamin rise up and face The Bar instead? Also Shane McMahon announced that due to the attack to AJ Styles at the hands of Jinder Mahal, Mahal would be putting the WWE Championship on the line against Styles. Does Mahal keep his title and match against Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series or did AJ Styles win the top prize of Smackdown Live? To find out this and more keep reading.

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WWE Smackdown Live Review 10.31.17 w/ The Chairman

On this Halloween edition of Smackdown Live, Shinsuke Nakamura and Kevin Owens battle in the main event with the winner joining Randy Orton on the Smackdown Live Survivor Series team. Also on this edition of Smackdown Live, Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler face off in a two out of three falls match where the winner will also join the Survivor Series team. We also learn who will be the captain of the Smackdown Live team as well. To find out this and much more, keep reading this review of Smackdown Live.

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WWE Smackdown Live Review 10.17.17 w/ The Chairman

Tonight on Smackdown Live, another chapter in the Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler is written. After this match was booked last week, tonight these rivals look to settle things in the ring. Find out who was victorious? Also rumors were running wild that WWE Champion Jinder Mahal was going to issue a challenge at Survivor Series. Keep reading to find out who? Finally, best friends reunited Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn take to the ring to challenge some of Smackdown Live’s top superstars in the main event. If you’re curious to see who they faced and how they did, keep reading!

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WWE Smackdown Live Review 10.10.17 w/ The Chairman

Hell in a Cell has come and gone, but there are many questions still lingering in the landscape of Smackdown Live. The big one many in the WWE Universe want to know is why did Sami Zayn help Kevin Owens? Also on Smackdown Live tonight we learned who is next in line to challenge the Usos for the Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship and whether or not Baron Corbin was successful in his first United States Championship defense? The answers to these questions and more will be covered in this very review.

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Hell in a Cell Review w/ The Chairman

Ladies and gentlemen, we just went to Hell and back! Hell in a Cell has come and gone and if you missed it, make sure you check out the replay. Both Hell in a Cell matches were excellent in their own ways and there even were a few titles changing hands tonight. Not to mention there was a match transformed into a triple threat and a potential heel turn as well. If you’re curious what I’m talking about then keep reading.

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Hell In A Cell 2017 Odds & Predictions


Bobby Roode vs. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler is trying so hard to make something work that just isn’t working. I know he’s at the point in his career where something needs to click or he’s better off perusing another line of work but this isn’t it. It’s a horrible situation because Ziggler truly is one of the best in-ring performers of this generation. That said, this is former NXT Champion Bobby Roode’s first feud on the main roster. Look for him to come away with a clean win after a stellar match.

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The HTCWrestling Podcast: WWE Hell In A Cell Preview, Shield Reunion And More!

Justin C and Cam are here to preview WWE Hell In A Cell. What will happen in the Shane McMahon/Kevin Owens Hell In A Cell match? Will Jinder Mahal really retain the WWE Title again and defeat Shinsuke Nakamura? Justin and Cam also talk about the Shield reunion and whether it is good for the WWE in the short and long term. They dive into the latest with the Bray Wyatt and character and start the show with a breaking NXT spoiler!

Give it a listen and follow us on Twitter @HTCWrestling!

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WWE Smackdown Live Review 10.3.17 w/The Chairman

We’re five days away from Hell in a Cell and tensions are at an all time high on Smackdown Live.  Some superstars were left standing while others were left down for the count. If you want to know who has the momentum going into this Sunday’s pay per view, then check out my recent review of Smackdown Live.

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Fantasy Booking: What WWE Needs To Do At Survivor Series

By “The Chairman” Steven Vincent

Once upon a time, Survivor Series used to be considered one of the big four pay per views every year along with Wrestlemania, Summerslam, and Royal Rumble. However, the past few years I don’t feel Survivor Series is on the same level as the other big three pay per views.

What if I told you there was a way to make the Survivor Series so important that it would affect not only the next few months in WWE, but the payoff was at the Royal Rumble?


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WWE Smackdown Live Review 9.26.17 w/The Chairman

We’re just under two weeks away from Hell in a Cell and tonight on Smackdown Live, not only did another match get added to the card, but FOUR of them did.

What matches got added you ask? Find out in this recap of Smackdown Live!!!

If you’ve been out of the loop the past few weeks, Kevin Owens has had enough of Shane McMahon and his authority on the Smackdown Live brand. Smackdown Live starts tonight with a recap of the events that have occurred over the past few weeks. From Shane McMahon telling Kevin Owens what happens when you mess with the McMahon family to Kevin Owens violent attack on the WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

Smackdown Live tonight hails from Glendale, Arizona and I must say this crowd was a quiet one. There were a few instances where they came alive, but overall they were silent. The show starts off with Kevin Owens and the question that many in the WWE Universe wonder is that does KO fully understand what he’s done and what he’s getting himself into?

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