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The HTCWrestling Staff Answers: What Wrestler Needs To Switch Brands The Most In The Superstar Shakeup?

Cam: It’s easy to make a case for several mid card and even main event talent trading shows tonight on Raw or tomorrow night on Smackdown Live but my choice is Finn Balor/Balor Club. Raw is the A show as everyone likes to call it. All the big names hover above the big time storylines so it makes it almost impossible

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2018 Superstar Shakeup Predictions w/ The Chairman

This coming Monday and Tuesday night, WWE is having another Superstar Shakeup. For those unfamiliar with the shakeup, this is when superstars switch shows from Raw to Smackdown via trades. It’s very exciting to see which superstars are going to switch shows. Even champions and tag teams aren’t safe as they can be moved as well. The only disappointment is

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