10 Thoughts: WWE SmackDown 6.13.14

SmackDown Header Image 6-9-14

1. I would like to watch Dean Ambrose promos all day. I have actually spent a good chunk of certain days watching old Jon Moxley promos and FCW promos just so I could be prepared for when something made Ambrose just crazy enough to give us golden moments. He was better on Raw, but I mean you wouldn’t give your best on the B show either, so it’s to be expected. He’s just believable when he talks – you can see in his eyes how intense he is and I appreciate that as a fan. I think it’s probably because he might legitimately be out of his mind outside the WWE, but if so he’s managed to harness it well in his chosen profession. Roman Reigns has gotten better on the mic, but has barely bitched about Rollins at all in these in-ring promos. Was he not as attached as Ambrose was? He just keeps talking about how he’s going to beat up Randy Orton and Triple H. I appreciate that you didn’t forget you had a problem with them, but remember when Seth hit you with a steel chair effectively earning himself a nice spot on the great heel turns list? I guess he’s just leaving that problem to Dean. If it gives me a Rollins/Ambrose match and MiTB I’m fine with it.
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My Thoughts: WWE Raw 3.17.14 (Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton – No DQ/Triple H & Daniel Bryan Face Off)

WWE Raw 11-13 Header

1. The backlash about how “Triple H always finds a way into the main event” is bound to be ridiculous. Maybe, just maybe, Triple H is trying to garner as much as heat as possible for himself and by extension, a massive babyface reaction for Daniel Bryan? The crowd should already be solidly in Bryan’s corner but where’s the harm in ensuring that fact a little bit more?

2. Thank the wrestling gods that Batista is a heel again though. And not just any heel but his “better than thou, Hollywood-elite persona” which was just perfect before he left in 2010. The shoot comments from Orton about Batista’s return “flopping” could turn out to be false if his heel momentum picks up the way it was before he left.

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JC’s Top Rope Report: The RAW Truth Review for 3.17.14

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Triple H For Everybody

After a recap of the Occupy RAW Movement from last week, HHH started the show. He said that when this is all set and done it is the audience’s fault. He said it didn’t have to come to this, but he is going to end the YES Movement and Daniel Bryan and the crowd forced his hand. He said he’s cooled down, and he is going to beat down Daniel Bryan without remorse. He said he had some things to say to Daniel Bryan’s face later tonight.

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From The Mind Of A Wrestling Wife: My Perspective on the WWE Tag Teams Division

From The Mind Of A Wrestling Wife LogoI thought the world might like to know how I view the WWE’s tag teams division, so here is my list as follows:

The Shield:

Seth Rollins – What you want your first boyfriend to look like, edgy and yet sweet; who than turns out to be way too clingy and insecure.

Dean Ambrose – What you want your college boyfriend to look like: edgy and dangerous; who then turns out to be a psychopath.

Roman Reigns – Who you want to marry because he has strong arms, a disarming smile and looks like he plays the ukulele and if not, will learn in his old age (hey, you need to be entertained when you’re old somehow.)

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Random Thoughts: WWE Raw 12.23.13 (Can Sexual Chocolate Save Christmas?)

The SaGood Santa vs Bad Santa 2013

{Ed. Note: Happy Holidays to those readers who celebrate. In an effort of full disclosure, I completely underestimated the excitement & joy a three-year old feels around this time and the word “exhausted” can’t even begin to describe the shape I’m in. I apologize if my Thoughts are briefer than normal but right now my main struggle is keeping my eyes open.} 

<- “Good Santa” vs “Bad Santa” might actually put me down for a KO.

<- What a bitch it must be getting through security with those two titles. Randy Orton’s bus has paid for itself by now.

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JC’s Top Rope Report: The RAW Truth Review For 11.11.13

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From DDS to DOO

RAW started with Randy Orton. He said Big Show blackmailed his way into the WWE Title Match at Survivor Series. He said last week’s beatdown showed he will be victorious at Survivor Series and remain the face of the WWE. He said while HHH and Stephanie McMahon are on vacation, he’s in charge of RAW. Brad Maddox came out and said with all due respect, he is the GM of RAW. Before he could say anything else, Kane came out. Kane said as Director of Operations, he is in charge. Maddox said since Kane is the new guy in town, Kane should follow his lead. Maddox said it will be fighting Cody Rhodes. Kane said no, that Orton will be fighting Goldust. Orton said to make up their mind because he can’t fight both of them. As they argued, Vickie came out. She said The Authority would have full confidence in Orton’s wrestling ability and said that she liked Orton’s idea of a 2-on-1 handicap match.
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10 Thoughts: WWE Hell In A Cell 2013 (Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, John Cena, CM Punk, Paul Heyman)


1. It was nice of R-Truth to wear the same suit that’s been featured in all of the Hell In A Cell promo packages and posters. And did anyone else notice that Dolph Ziggler seems to be towing the company line a little more than usual on the Kickoff panel? I know there were rumors that he had begun “living his gimmick” but it didn’t really feel like it was Ziggler up there.

2. Damien Sandow versus Kofi Kingston felt like “Superstars 101”. It was nice to see a Money In The Bank holder get a clean win for once though.

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10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 7.15.13 (John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton)

Raw (Hartford 2013)

1. I’m truly curious to learn what the WWE sees in Brad Maddox. Sure I’ve seen the random bits he’s been in and have heard him on commentary during a few NXT shows & he wasn’t bad in those roles but he wasn’t overly good either. I hope he can adapt and grow extremely quickly because he’s pretty much been tossed right into the fire.

2. Fandango really held his own with a strong main-eventer in Randy Orton and I’ll be honest, it surprised me! It’s about time they tried to inject some credibility into the Fandango character and even in a loss he looked good being able to hang with a guy who has held the World Championship so many times. Oh & holy crap is Orton over in Brooklyn tonight!
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